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Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?

Like maybe run a marathon.

Or learn to  play the guitar.

Or take a trip to Paris.

Or switch careers.

Or audition for community theater.

Or learn to cook.

Or knit a sweater.

Or learn to play the piano.

Or watch every old episode of Saved by the Bell.

Whatever it is… why haven’t you done it? Wait, let me stop you. Before you tell me about how you have no time and no money and it’s just not possible. And before you say, maybe if you were younger or thinner or smarter… let me give you just a little bit of inspiration.

Because it’s never too late.

Last night, my 69-year-old mother graduated from NYU with a Masters in Social Work.

She didn’t let age, or a major accident, or any other personal challenges stand in her way.

She just kept plodding along. Step by step.

Now admittedly, my mother is a bit of an overachiever. She now has three master’s degrees and a PhD. You might not choose to do that exactly.

But you certainly could sign up for a guitar class. Or finish that degree. Or take that knitting lesson. Or DVR those Saved by the Bell reruns.

So c’mon. Just do it.

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