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My sister lives in Memphis and I don’t know if it’s the memory of Elvis or tasty BBQ or the music in that city but something is happening there because her kids are ridiculously advanced. For example, her son Matej is 3 but acts more like a mature 27.

When Matej was about a year and a half, he was talking like crazy. Complete complex sentences. Now that I think back, he was probably making jokes that were going over my head.

My twins, who are 9 months older than him, were saying — not a lot at the time. A “mama” here. A “dada” there. And shrieking “na-na” when they wanted a snack.

Here is the three of them back then….


Well, we spent a week with Matej at the beach that summer and afterward, my twin Chase must have turned to his sister Harlowe and said, “Holy crap! Did you hear our cousin Matej? He is kicking our baby asses in the speech department. We have got to start talking! Like now.”

And shortly after that vacation, they did start talking. Big time. And they have never stopped.

Well, now my sister has another son Callum who is about six weeks younger than my baby Cash. I was talking to my sister this weekend and she mentioned that Callum is clapping and waving.

Hmm… 11 month old Cash does NOT clap or wave.

But dammit, we will not be outshined again but that superpower family.

So here is a video of all the things Cash CAN do….

If you are at work and can’t play the video or you are trapped under something heavy and can’t press play, here’s the list:

1. ride an exercise bike

2. box

3. jumping jacks

4. Saturday Night Fever dance moves

I think we can crown Cash the champion baby.

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