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You all are good. A bunch of you correctly identified me. I must give special recognition to Tully’s Mama who not only got the most bumps right but was also sweet enough to compliment me on having a nice rack these days. Here are the baby bumps revealed…..

Contestant #1: Jenna Elfman

Contestant #2: Isla Fisher (I’m still in awe of Lisa who was able to recognize Andy Samberg’s hand.)

Contestant #3: Kelly Rutherford (I had to pay homage in some way to the return of “Gossip Girl.”)

Contestant #4: Jennifer Garner (Clearly a fellow crackberry addict.)

Contestant #5: Halle Berry

Contestant #6: Me! Me! Me!

Contestant #7: Heidi Klum

Contestant #8: Demi Moore (Somehow she still looks the same today. But replace the belly with rock hards abs and a hot young husband.)

I really wanted to include this picture in my baby bump guessing game but I just couldn’t stop wincing every time I looked at it.

mama bird notes:

A special thank you to Mom in the City for highlighting The Mama Bird Diaries on her “Top 30 NY Mom Blogs That I Love.” She wrote such sweet things about me that I’m sure she made them up. Thank you Kimberly!

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