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I’ve been thinking that Rick and I are going to need to name these twins (a boy and a girl).

You know, sooner or later.

Rick and I are not so good at agreeing on names. We once had such a bitter dispute over names at the West Village restaurant, The Spotted Pig, that I’m sure you can now order the “Marital Discord Over Baby Names Burger.”

I pretty much throw out names that are super fabulous and he gives me the thumbs down.

And then he offers up some mediocre names and I’m like, I don’t think so.

Like the name Georgia. I just love this girls name. So one day, I brought it up. “Honey, I just adore the name Georgia for a girl. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous. Don’t you think?”

But he didn’t. Something about there being a lot of traffic in Atlanta or something.

See, a few less cars in the Peachtree State and I’d have myself a girls name by now.

Summer came up with “Mushie” and “Smushie” for the twins but I don’t know, I feel like there will be a million of those at the playground.

The girls also offered to both go by “Emma” and give their names,Β  “Dylan” and “Summer,” to the twins but that sounds a hair complicated.Β  Although I like that they’re thinking outside the box.

We have no room for error on this naming thing. It’s sort of fun and quirky to change one of your kid’s names (like how renamed the baby formerly known as Presley to Summer) but you can’t do that thing twice.Β  That’s when “fun and quirky” becomes “The weird family who changes their kids’ names. Don’t talk to them. Those devil people might try to change your children’s names too.”

One person suggested that I name one kid and Rick names the other but I thought a better deal would be if I name both children and in return, I’ll never complain about the length of baseball season again.

Obviously, the perfect solution.

60 Responses to babies need names and i think we’re supposed to come up with them

  • kristen says:

    i’m still stuck on the fact that you’re having a boy and a girl!!

    so excited for you kelcey…and the naming of babies…yeah. every name i liked my husband teased that i sounded like a tree hugging hippie. :0

    and now look how popular the name “violet” is…i was so ahead of the times, heehee.

  • Jeff says:

    I like “Tar” for the boy. And I’ve always been partial to “Chevrolet” for a girl. Doesn’t it just roll right off the tongue? By the way, I had a great aunt named “Georgia” — it’s also a beautiful name.

  • christy says:

    I so relate. We’re having our second in FIVE days and still can’t agree. My top choices are fabulous and his, well, aren’t. UGH. I’m hoping he’ll agree to mine after I’VE GIVEN BIRTH to his son!!!

  • Allison T. says:

    Ahhh…The Spotted Pig…such delicious burgers and rosemary fries…oh wait, what were you saying? πŸ™‚

  • Littlej says:

    Mmmm… have you watched the new show ‘9 By Design’ (decent Bravo show)? The couple’s fifth child is named ‘Five’. You just know that some post-pregnancy hormones were involved in that decision. Good luck with coming to a decision ahead of time :).

  • Buffy Blackwell says:

    I love Garrett for a boy and Hanna or Abigail for a girl. But I really like the idea of you both each naming one of the babies. I’m so excited for you–and jealous! I would have 4 more but hubby says not in this lifetime….

  • Crystal says:

    My husband never gave me a fit about the names I decided on for the kids…all 3 of mine have their first names start with an “R” and family names for their middle names. I didn’t design the R thing…until my 3rd was born. I can’t wait to read your choices!

  • Robyn says:

    Hubby made me promise that if we had twins (so I was banking on probabilty that we wouldn’t), they could be named Elijah and Peyton (works for a boy/girl combination). Can you tell he’s a Giants fan?

  • hokgardner says:

    Sounds exactly like the process we went through with our fourth baby. My second daughter wanted to name the baby Princess Grey Kitty if she was a girl.

    Good luck.

  • Becky says:

    As Ann once wrote about, just make sure you give them a good Twitter handle.
    I like @Mushie and @Smushie personally. I think I’ll follow them now, ya know just to get ahead of the game.

  • I named my first kid. IN SECRET.
    We argued the whole pregnancy. Apparently EVERY name I came up with was GAY. Whateva…

    So finally I said ‘I make the human, I NAME THE HUMAN”. Eventually telling him I had indeed picked a name. And I would tell him. AFTER THE BABY WAS BORN.

    So he was born. And his first questions was…What is his name?

    “Jack” I said.
    “After Jack Nicolas?” he said

    But it wasn’t after Jack Nicholas at all. But maybe more like Jack Nicholson.

  • Karen Bland says:

    As you know, we have a Georgia and she was SO excited when we went to Atlanta last year, and she was so excited when the on-star voice in our car kept saying “turn onto Georgia interstate” in the computer-animated voice! I wanted “Charlotte” for the last one, but then we thought that people would say, “that is the family who names all their kids after places” – πŸ™‚

  • Jen says:

    It took Eric and I a month of back and forth over naming our dog before we even got him. I can’t imagine the challenge of naming twins! A fun challenge though!

  • Nancy Walton says:

    How about Kelcey and Rick? That way they’d both answer to “Junior”, or “Mini-Me”, or “Rickey” and “Kellie”. Can you tell I don’t have kids? If I had, naming them would have just been the start of a lifelong conundrum of decisions that makes my head hurt to think about.

  • francine Kasen says:

    If you were having 2 more girls, I would say Margo & Rita. I can just hear you at the playground screaming for MARGO-RITA!!!! My son (2 years old at the time) suggested we name his little sister Chi-Chi. My husband liked Noah for a boy, but I thought he’d be teased every time it rains. I ended up choosing THE 2 most popular names in the english speaking world….Michael & Jenny. Probably NOT the best choices (especially Mike went to school and said “everyone is named Michael”). I kinda wish I had gone with the Holiwood name I really liked for him…..Beau Kasen. Is that macho or what?!? It sounds like a bronco bustin’ cowboy to me! But Jenny is named for my g-mother whose proper name was Jennie. When people came up to us and called Jenny Jennifer, I would correct them and say, her name is just Jenny. So for a few years there, my daughter thought her name was JUST JENNY. I couldn’t make this shit up! Meanwhile, I wrecked my manicure cleaning my entire grill (inside out!) at your suggestion! But when you come over for a BBQ, you can be sure it is a safe event!!

  • You obviously are not learning from your mistakes. Have a short list and wait until the babies are born – you just don’t know until you look at them which names will fit. I changed my daughter’s name at 5 days old and, 16 years later, I am still glad I did.

    Your husband is Jewish. Jews do not name their girls Georgia. Southern shiksas are named Georgia. Just go Old Testament and no one gets hurt.

    I still remember my (Catholic) husband suggesting “Christopher” for one of our boys. Um, no. That just does not go over well with the Jewish grandparents. Also? It sounds funny at the bris.

  • Ali says:

    Brantley and Brooks would be amazing names! I’m just saying- it’s my first name and my brother’s middle name and we turned out pretty darn cool.

  • My husband and I don’t have children, aren’t pregnant, haven’t filled out an adoption application, do not have a room appointed for a baby and yet we still talk about baby names. Though there are a lot of names we can’t agree on, there is a short-list of both boy and girl names we both like. A lot. So, one day, we will be prepared. That is, until we meet the baby and just don’t feel the name is right. ha.

  • Caren Solomon Bharwani says:

    Ya know my daughter is actually named Georgia, AND she turns 6 months old today. I say go for Georgia for her and Bulldogs (with the s) for him.

  • Caren Solomon Bharwani says:

    One more….to Suburban correspondant…..my daughter is 100% Jewish and her name is Georgia. Jews do name thier kids Georgia…..she just must not know southern Jews. We’re a different breed.

  • I don’t have any good name suggestions, but I’m dying to hear what you guys come up with. After reading the comments, my head is spinning too lol. I too, like Georgia. Since hubby doesn’t, what do you think you like best about it? Is it the vowel sound? The classic reference to Georgia O’Keefe? Maybe you could find another name along similar lines..like Cora or Cori. Heck, I don’t know. I’m sure whatever you pick will be awesome. πŸ™‚

  • I think the whole “naming your children” thing is overrated, anyway. You could just do that thing that some parents do with religion, give them no name and let them make their own decision what they want to called when they’re old enough.

    Having said that, I love “Georgia”. Would it be overkill to name the boy “George”?

  • Eunice says:

    I love the twitter idea, you can get those handles reserved for them. I also love the Spotted Pig, you could name them April and Ken after the owners and maybe they can get free meals for life.

  • I pretty much got my way with the names thing – thanks to an agreeable husband. I had always loved Tess for a girl, but our last name sounds like Dezroshe, and Tess Dezroshe sounded too much like testarossa. Which – while a cool car – was not exactly what I was looking for.

  • Tully's Mama says:

    My nephew’s name is Asa, which is hebrew for doctor/healer. One of my favorite names and not common, at least not on West coast, could be different in your area.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Jews don’t name their daughters ‘Georgia’??? But they do name them ‘Apple’….Anyway I came up with Elvis and Presley (you liked it well enough to give that name to Summer)…But the contest idea is perfect. Give us a clue, are there dead people in Rick’s family who need the honor? (Jews name after the dead…) or are there live people in your family who need to know how much they’re loved and admired?

  • Stesha says:

    When we had our twins last year, we couldn’t agree on the name. Finally, we picked a letter of the Alphabet…E…and we each named a baby. My husband named our son – Elijah. And I name our daughter – Eden. We did the same for the middle names.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  • vicky says:

    We are going through the same thing – again. Last time I saw you it was the same thing. He picks names straight out of an 80s name book and I’m too “historical”. Go figure- I majored in history. Name your kids after Presidents and suffragists like we did!

  • Sarah says:

    When we solicited name ideas from our 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy for baby names, we got “Jane or Peter” from the 7 year old, and “Pocahontas or Crouton” from the 4 year old… When in doubt, look to the Brits: Novels by Catherine Alliott, all totally fun chick lit, have great British names in them, and Jamie Oliver’s kids have cute names. (For the record, for baby number 3, we had settled on Suzannah–to be called Anna–and Joshua….so of course he ended up being Nathaniel. πŸ™‚

  • Kris says:

    We have two girls, and I chose both of their names. If we had had a boy, my husband wanted to name him Jack Daniels. He thought that would be funny. My husband gets to name NOTHING.

  • scrappysue says:

    seeing as i never had a boy, i never got to use patrick michael, so it’s yours if you like. i also never got to use mckenzie or kendra (of course this was before THE kendra ruined it for everyone!) perhaps i dodged ab bullet there? also love jaime, but i’m done, so i’m passing the torch – best of luck!!! i think u get dibs, given that you have to push TWO babies at at the same time, AND get to complain about the length of the baseball season . just because…

  • anymommy says:

    You should get to name ALL FUTURE CHILDREN AND PETS IN PERPETUITY for not bitching about baseball season. Seriously.

    PS Someone suggested Garrett above. Awesome name. My first born πŸ˜‰

  • scrappysue says:

    in nz it’s illegal for you not to name your kid after a certain length of time – 2 months maybe! when we got back from living in georgia, (1996) i wanted to name my girl georgia, until i discovered it was THE most POPULAR name in our country for that year – sheesh!

    what’s a shiska…

  • Elissa says:

    luckily my husband is so anti-confrontational that he let me name both of our children. seriously – he would rather just say yes than have to discuss the topic. hey – sometimes that is super annoying – but sometimes it’s nice. my daughter is leah – a name i have wanted for a girl since i was in high school – and also my grandmother’s hebrew name. and my son is named after my grandfather – although i can’t yet reveal his name in case all my nosy friends are cyber stalking me and find this comment – i’m not due for another 4 weeks and we’re keeping the name a secret. but my grandfather died when i was 12 and i have wanted a son named after him since sometime around then.
    i also got to pick the middle names. i’m jewish and my husband is muslim so we wanted something with a little “culture” to it that both families would like. leah’s middle name is amira – means princess in both hebrew and arabic. baby boy’s middle name also has hebrew & arabic origin.
    but if you’re not stuck with a husband with issues like mine then i recommend just picking your names, waiting until you’ve birthed those babies, and then claiming the right to name them whatever the hell you want because not only did you carry them but you have the physical damage done by getting them out of your body – is he really going to argue with you when you’re only minutes post-partum? seriously – remind him that his only contribution to creating these kids was actually pleasant for him.

  • Jennifer says:

    lemonjello and orangejello
    pronounced la mon je lo and
    o ron je lo.
    twins – true names.
    or another good one i saw
    was araya sunshine.
    say it together. beautiful.
    or here is another –
    beautiful killafoever.

    im not making this stuff up.

    oh wait, one more.

    pronounced la dash a
    that one is pretty hot right now.

    maybe you could do
    and ta-a?

  • MommyTime says:

    There was a nanosecond when I was CONVINCED I was pregnant with twins back when I was pregnant with my daughter. My husband was pretty sure that if it was twins, their names would have to be Olivia and Bolivia. We didn’t use either name, so you’re welcome to that excellent pair. Although I will admit: I’m not sure any suggestions are better than Pocahontas and Crouton. Seriously amazing.

  • qtberryhead says:

    Name them while the hubby’s back is turned…or arrange it all ahead of time, kind of like you would give the maitre d your cc ahead of time. Slip the nurse some cash and see if she can hook you up.
    Men can name the babies when they start getting stretch marks…not a minute sooner.

  • Jill says:

    I was just in your shoes last year, but I was only pregnant with one. When we were thinking of names I always yelled out the name, as if I was calling my child, to see how is sounded. My 2 olders kids thought I was nuts:)

  • I have a lot to say about names. First of all, you can take my ideal boy’s name, “Wyatt’, since G will never let me have it unless I consent to the full name Wyatt Earp. Uh uh.

    And I met a woman in VT who allowed her 3 kids to self-name. The first became Antoinette. The second Deetle. And the third….Cakey.

    Third kids. Never quite as bright. Ha ha.

  • prudie says:

    I love the name Georgia! If I ever have another baby and it’s a girl that’s what I’ve planned on naming her.

  • Laura says:

    lol.. my husband is a patrick michael and he has his heart set on a baby with his name. I like the name but I’m not thrilled by the idea of one kid getting to be Blah Blah the THIRD and the other kids getting like.. second class citizen names. Not cool.

  • E says:

    The person who wrote Brenda and Brandon made me crack up. When faced with such a tough situation, tv names might just be the way to go! How fun to pick two names. And even more fun to get two babies!!!!!

  • Nellie says:

    I love names and hope you and your husband can happily agree on names for your twins. My suggestions: Wyatt (boy) and Ainsley (girl) or Trevor (boy) and Delyla (girl) or even Hunter (boy) and Sydney (girl)

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