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On Saturday morning, I was determined to get the kids out of the house. And a short four hours later, I did it.  We arrived at a play space at 11:15 AM.

Which gave us an entire 15 minutes to play before they closed for private birthday parties.

But man, it was a hell of a 15 minutes.

And I still did get to feel superior to the family who showed up at 11:30 AM and had exactly 0 minutes to play.

Of course, I didn’t have a lot of time to gloat because I was too busy trying to locate Harlowe’s shoes. I couldn’t find them anywhere which was really weird because I knew she walked from the car to the play space.

I kept asking Harlowe, “Where are your shoes?” And she just kept staring at me like it was a rhetorical question.

And that’s about when I realized that she didn’t have shoes. She had walked in her socks on the concrete on a crisp 40 degree day. I sort of just didn’t notice.

But in my defense, her socks did look like this…

I mean, come on. How am I supposed to notice those aren’t shoes?!

After our 15 minutes of hard core play and futile footwear search, we spent the afternoon making a cake for Summer’s birthday.  I had offered to buy her a really amazing Barbie cake and she responded, “No, I think we should make it.”

She had a very strong vision of what she wanted the cake to look like and this was the finished product…

It’s obviously some kind of birthday chocolate marshmallow tribute to the Red Cross.

We had also planned to make cupcakes for her class but we sort of forgot to make those in the chaos of unpacking our house and throwing her party.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten permission to buy the cupcakes and she is even letting the Red Cross theme slide.

So happy 5th to my sweet Summer. I know it’s not always easy to be in the middle but often it’s somewhere in the middle that we find the greatest joy in life.

And you my darling bring us so much sweetness, love and joy.





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