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My husband and I don’t always agree on art.

Like Rick loves this Van Gogh reproduction we once bought.

monet up close

I don’t love it. I don’t know why I agreed to it. I can only imagine that I was tired of looking for art for our first apartment and said something like, “Fine. Buy the Van Gogh floral thingy. I don’t care anymore. I’m dehydrated. I’m starving. I feel weak. Just buy it!”

I have never had the highest of artistic standards. In my 20’s, my bestfriend and I stapled a cheetah print cloth from a Halloween costume to our wall and called it art. But now I’m just a wee bit older than 24 and I only want to hang things I truly love.

Since I won’t hang the Van Gogh and Rick won’t get rid of it, it’s just propped up on this dresser.

bedroom with art

A floral reminder that marriage is all about standoffs. I mean, compromise.

But I just learned about a much easier way for Rick and I to pick art for our new home.Β  Art that we both love. It’s called ARTtwo50 and it’s ridiculously easy and brilliant.

You download the free app on your iPad and take a photo of the wall space where you hope to hang some amazing piece of art. I took a photo of my bedroom and first chose the size of the artwork…

art size

Then I was able to shop by artist or just swipe through their recommendations. And you get to see every piece as if it was hanging in your home. Look…

Art 1

art 2

art 3

Isn’t that cool? Then I can email any of these images to a friend or post on Facebook before I buy and get feedback. That’s right. Your ex-boyfriend from 5th grade can weigh in on artwork for your current home. I love this world.

All the artwork is $250 so you don’t have to worry about falling in love with a $5,000 painting, plus free shipping and returns. Plus, it’s all original artwork so it’s a great way to support artists.

Because it would be cruel to tell you about this amazing app and then not offer you a chance to win some sort of gift certificate, the good people at ARTtwo50 are offering two $100 gift certificates. Yay!

To enter, just leave a comment mentioning the word art. And please also remember to like ARTtwo50 and The Mama Bird Diaries on Facebook so that you are officially entered. Good luck.

This is a sponsored post. All ideas are my own.

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