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I woke up on Sunday morning determined to wring the last bit of fall out of the season. We were going to visit an orchard.

So we pile into the car and head to Outhouse Orchards. And yes, that’s the real name. I guess “Delicious Apple Orchards”  was taken and “Outhouse Orchards” was the obvious next choice.

We  buy our $20 bag and set off to pick apples.

Except the trees are pretty bare. And short on apples. And the apples are sort of the key part of this expedition.  We finally spot some at the very tippy top of the trees.  Which means Rick has to start climbing.

rick in apple tree

We finally fill up our bag and head toward the hayride when we see this sign…

sign 1

And then this one…

sign 2

Hey Rick, do you feel itchy yet?

No matter – it’s hayride time!! Now Summer and I are not going on the hayride (she’s hayride averse and I’m allergic) but I send my husband, my 5 year-old and my dad on this ride.

And a mere 15 minutes later when they return, THEY HAVE LOST THE APPLES.

Me: Where are the apples?

My husband: I don’t know.

Me: But you had them on the hayride.

My husband: I know. It’s weird.

Me: How does one lose a huge bag of apples on a hayride?

My husband: It was really bumpy.

Me: It was so bumpy that you didn’t notice an entire bag of apples falling out?! How is that possible?

My husband: It was really really bumpy.

My dad decides he’s going to hunt down the MIA bag of apples and sets off on foot through the muddy orchard. And he does come back with the bag.

destroyed apple bag

With one lonely apple still inside.

We tell our sob story to the orchard staff and they give us our $20 back. They even keep apologizing. I guess they feel bad that we’re not very smart.

I am so happy for the refund that I promise to name our first pet Outhouse. We take our money and buy some apples in their store.

Which is probably what we should have done in the first place.

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