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Dylan’s teacher left me a message on Thursday because I didn’t send her to school with a lunch.

And I think, “Why the hell would I make her lunch? It’s bagel day. This is the one day of the week where she gets to avoid my Whole Foods agenda and eat a little bit of white flour and a processed dessert.” (Yes, Jamie Oliver, I believe in your food revolution.)

So I call back the school and leave a message explaining that there must be some kind of mistake because it’s bagel day and I just know I signed Dylan up for bagel day. I mean, originally she was pizza day but then she got bored and switched to chicken day but she didn’t care for the chicken so I am positive that we requested bagel day again. Didn’t we? By the time I hang up the phone, I am not so sure.

I know you are on the edge of your chair wondering how all this turns out.Β  Yes, she is signed up for bagel day.Β  Which is Tuesdays. Not Thursdays. That’s the thing about coming back from a vacation midweek. It’s sort of confusing. For everyone.

Or maybe just me.

So there I am immersed in my inability to discern the days of the week and thinking this situation might not improve once I have newborn twins, when a friend gives me a heads up and sends me a link to a blog that trashes me. (No, I’m not linking to the blog.)

Because it was mean. She accused me of writing “mommy marshmallow fluff.”Β  Which sounds absolutely creamy and delicious but I promise you, it was snarky and cruel. Let me give you a few quotes…

“This site, The Mama Bird Diaries is the one that finally put me over the edge with this froo froo, trendy parenting, humor session bullshit.”

“Kintner could be inspiring much needed change around the culture of mothering, but instead has fallen prey to a bad case of mediocrity.”

And then she goes on to accuse me of giving mothers in the flyover states “the license to continue with their commonplace existence.”

Holy crap. I am now responsible for mothers from Nevada to Maryland?! I don’t think I have the time for that kind of responsibility. Nor do I think these mothers are waiting for me to lift them out of their so-called “commonplace existence.”

And then she throws this zinger out…

“IfΒ  we want our daughters to grow up in a world in which they are truly free of the oppressive stereotypes of the female role, start by writing about what we can do to change our society, not how many times you change your jeans.”

Apparently she was referring to this post.

Listen, you can hate my humor. Hate my blog. But let’s not go after my jeans. Ok? Jeans should really be sacred. I take my denim seriously. As soon as I find a fabulous pair of jeans, I promise I will start campaigning for women to have the right to vote. Oh wait, do we already have that?

I’m certainly not go to apologize to anyone for writing a humor blog. As a journalist, I spent years covering many dark stories, including months and months of 9-11 stories. Life is filled with sadness, loss and heartbreak. Now I want to make people laugh. And trust me, humor writing takes work. Do I care about issues like health care? Of course I do. But if you are looking for a dissection of the recent health care legislation, you won’t find it here. But off you go into the blogosphere and I promise you’ll stumble upon it.

However, if you were wondering whether you’re the only mom who has ever sent her kid to school with no lunch because you couldn’t even remember the day of the week – you most certainly are not alone.

And this is the blog for you.

Because I believe in laughing. Not judging. I believe that women are smart and powerful and inspiring. And every woman out there deserves a kick ass pair of jeans.

124 Responses to apparently i’m killing feminism

  • Michelle says:

    I love the apology at the end…lol. she’s probably just jealous because she doesnt have as many followers as you. This mom in Hawaii has entertwined you blog into my daily internet checklist. You are my second blog I read on a daily basis (when you write one) – and you might ask who is the first? Bern This…I can however be persuaded to move you up…lol just joking. There are people out there that like to complain. I certainly hope you wont take it to heart. You have your loyalists and thats all you need, right??


  • This is a humour blog? I’ve been coming here for a bagel. Which given my expectations, has left me disappointingly hungry.

    I’ve spent much of life falling prey to a bad case of mediocrity, including getting Tuesdays and Thursdays mixed up (hell, they DO look similar on paper), but if anyone hasn’t, its you.

    I cannot believe you didn’t post the link.

    *wink wink*

    *wink wink*

    I’m subtly signalling to you that I want you to mail it to us. I’d like to put on my mediocrity hat and pay them a visit.

  • christy says:

    Bravo Kelcey – and good for you for not getting upset at that byatch. Obviously she’s in the minority in hating your blog! I love it, as do you many legions of fans! Hope you find some kick ass jeans soon and share the label with us!!

  • Amen to that! I have been known to question from time to time the purpose of my blog, as it’s very much mommy marshmallow fluff, but I always come to the exact same conclusion. And you KNOW how I feel about denim. Don’t even get me started. ;0)

  • MN Mama says:

    Thanks for keeping me laughing and getting me to laugh at my own errors! We are all moms who make mistakes along the way. Let’s support and not judge.

  • OMG- Kelcey I am in LOVE with your writing and take on parenting- and anyone who thinks your humor is anything short of brilliant and so spot-on needs to take a LONG, hard look at their own personal issues– because clearly this mamabird detractor has issues MAJAH ones;)

  • Bren says:

    I just say – yeah, whatever. If she (or he cuz I have no idea who wrote it) doesn’t LIKE your blog they shouldn’t READ your blog. I happen to find it quite enjoyable and a great way to start the day!

  • Wow, how sad is that sorry person’s life that they need to put you down?? I get so sick and tired of people that think the only way to change the world is THEIR way. How about one smile at a time, one weary mother at a time? You go girl!
    And jeans ARE sacred; eveyone knows THAT!

  • Jodi says:

    I sent Tucker to school w/o his lunch on Wednesday b/c of this same confusion. He hates chicken day and when I picked him up, teacher said, you forgot his lunch and my reply “no, I didn’t – it’s bagel day – he loves bagel day” The break totally threw me. As for your blog – makes me laugh, so thanks!!
    Mon-pizza / Tues-bagel / Wed-bagel/ Thu-bring your own

  • mom101 says:

    As a die-hard, card-carrying, Washington-marching Feminist, I can tell you one thing:

    I like this blog. It adds value to my life.

    I do not like that other one.

    But then, I live in NYC so I guess I don’t need to apply for a license to go on with my commonplace existence. The city gives us one free every April.

  • Ali says:

    I look forward to your humor. Sometimes I read it to my husband and we laugh. He especially likes that you say your husband is a wise man. He wishes I would say that. So I waited 10 minutes and said, “Honey you are so wise while choosing milk for your dinner drink.”
    Please keep writing!

  • Jennifer S says:

    At our last school, Wednesday was early release day, and at least once every year, I was the mom who was in the middle of some errand when I’d realize it. Then there was the mad dash to school to pick up my forlorn-looking kids out in front of school. Days of the week are HARD.

    I really don’t like judge-y people. And I really love your blog. Let us kick ass for you. xoxo

  • Barbara says:

    OK, I never comment, but today I do. I spent many months in the hospital with my three year old battling (and winning) a fight against cancer. Reading your blog was one of the few things that would make me smile, and I am so grateful for your humor and talent.

  • Bitsy says:

    1. I forget my son’s lunch at least once a week and consequently I frequently find myself on the debtors’ list in the cafeteria.

    2. They are talking about mean comments on mommy blogs right now on the Today Show.

    3. Your blog is the best. I look forward to it. It’s my favorite and you are fabulous.

    4. Mean people suck and I feel sorry for them.

  • Mackbeth says:

    Keep writing Kelcey! I’ll read about kick ass jeans all day long….even while I am running my company, raising two little boys, enjoying my husband and trying to make a difference. I look forward to your posts all the time!

  • kristen says:

    it’s all very easy to point fingers isn’t it, because i’m certain the trash talker has figured out what to do with landfills and doesn’t have time to look for a pair of good jeans. wonder if this person even knows how wonderful a good pair of jeans really are?

    the amazing thing to me is the time it takes to trash someone. if you don’t like what a blog represents, than don’t read it. and if you’re coming back here day after day to trash someone, than what does it say about the person that trashes you and still has to read here?

    i really thought the blog world had moved beyond all that crap and if your trash talker is reading here than don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • This is something I’ll never understand.

    Why does it bother people so much that not every single blogger in the whole wide world wants to write about the plights of society, and find a way to get every one together to conquer world peace? Do we really all have to be *that* serious? I mean, isn’t that what the *news* is for?

    I’ll be honest – I read blogs for, you know, entertainment. I read blogs that I can relate to.

    And yours is one of those blogs.

    Well put. Beautifully written. Incredibly correct.

    Let’s salute to posts about jeans! I’m with ya!

  • Amy says:

    I agree, I love your blog…if I want to find some depressing news about the doom and gloom out there in the world, I certainly know where to find it. However, I love reading Mommy Blogs because they help me escape reality, just for a little bit! So thanks for helping out by contributing a little humor to the world, it IS much appreciated.

  • Theta Mom says:

    You are an amazing writer – it’s unfortunate that some others don’t see what we are tryng to do with our blogs – but for whatever it’s worth, this post was perfectly stated and ispired by us all – those that read and adore you.

  • Becky says:

    Is it me? or what is wrong with common place existence? I would rather be regular folk than a total jerk who falsely thinks they are better than someone else just because they write something “intellectual.” Seriously, if I wanted the news or a cry for revolution I would look to those blogs that specialize in that type of writing. I come here to laugh and to identify with your trials and tribulations of being a mom. Your style of mommy blogging is wonderful in putting the spin on the little details of being a mom that no one ever highlights. I personally loved your blog about the jeans. What pregnant woman has not been there or any woman for that matter on any given day in their battle to stay one size. It makes people feel secure to know that others identify with there own struggles, no matter how small. I salute your efforts and would never change a thing about your writing style. If you don’t like MamaBirdDiaries, then move on. No one is forcing you to read anything!

  • ErinB says:

    maybe she doesnt wear jeans and really know how hard it is to find a good pair? I guess I really dont understand…if she doesnt like your blog why is she reading it? don’t worry KK- karma will take care of her πŸ˜‰

  • Becky says:

    I am a Mommy that works in the wonderful world of Broadcast journalism. If I want to find out about all of the terrifing issues facing us as women I will just start paying attention at work! I much rather hear about your jeans! And after todays post I feel much better about how I forgot to send snack for 12 kids at my son’s preschool class. There were 12 very hungry 4 year olds that day. Can you tell I’m still not over it??? LOL!
    Keep writing Kelcey! You are one of the few minutes of sanity I have in the day:-)

  • Elizabeth says:

    I totally support this blog, and have the RSS feed delivered to my inbox so I never miss a post! How ridiculous – maybe REAL women need a little humor and light to get through the daily grind – obviously something lost on said blogger!

  • CoftheU says:

    There are like a billion blogs out there in all sorts of genres, tackling all sorts of issues That hater would approve of plenty of them. Why should they all be the same with HER stamp of approval? Who made HER the Grand Pubah of Upper Blogging Buttcrack?

  • Diana says:

    K, I am so thankful to have something like your posts in my email everyday. News is real and important, but we all need balance in our lives and you help provide that. It’s just as needed as the other. Thank you.

  • Rick (Kelcey's husband) says:

    I am so moved by the show of love and support from all of Kelcey’s loyal readers. As her biggest fan, I couldn’t agree more!

  • idgtm says:

    I rarely leave a comment here but honestly, who writes that kind of drivel? It sounds like the offender is nothing but jealous because she never had cool jeans or bagel day.

    At our school, if you miss a lunch, we’ll make you a pb&j. But then well, also talk about you, so everyone’s happy.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Cat says:

    I love your sense of humor and I am not, and have NO intention of becoming a mom (no matter how fun you make it sound).
    I’m the you youngest of 8 and saw way too much parenting before I even could to ever want to, none the less there are days that you leave me in awe at it (not an easy task).

  • Megan says:

    I look forward to reading your blogs. Raising four children is quite a challenge and you make me laugh about things that occur in my day to day life. I think your GREAT!

  • Jordana says:

    Kelcey – You should definitely post the link – let your supporters show her what they think! Excellent response – now let your readers sing your praises.

  • Nancy Walton says:

    You HAVE done it all, you continue to do it all and you write about it all, Kelcey and by doing so, you continue to make moms and all the single ladies alike proud by being the epitome of feminisim. Not only that, but here’s what I heard in the ladies room of a cocktail lounge recently (okay, so it was a bar with a live band; that’s almost the same thing, right?): From a voice in stall #1 to no one in particular, “DAMN! My zipper just broke, and these are my FAVORITE jeans!!!” Without missing a beat, from the voice in stall #2, “Not any more. . .” These women were strangers and couldn’t even see each other but there was an instant understanding of how important our jeans are to us. You get that. That other blogger can suck it.

  • E says:

    I’m pretty sure this woman was my neighbor in Berkeley. Which is why I had to flee my hometown–no room for humor in life that is so deadly serious! The ice caps are melting and I would like to spend as much of my time on this planet with a smile on my face. So thanks for making me laugh and we all know what life is like for a lot of women and that we are blessed but that doesn’t mean we can’t giggle about getting our fat asses in jeans. I went to a women’s college and everything.

  • Someone once told me that you’ve made it in the blogging world when you begin to get nasty comments. It’s like, people really care about what you write.

    Well, my friend, when someone writes a whole blog post devoted to slamming you, I’d say you’ve jumped into the Rich and Famous category. As if you needed me to tell you that. =)

  • amber says:

    I’ll bet that woman lives alone, with 15 cats, has no friends, and is in danger of being the next featured hoarder…because only a person that unpleasant could attack you like that for being funny.

    As a mommy in a flyover state, I certainly don’t need anyone to lift me from my commonplace existence, because as ordinary as it may be, it keeps me busy. And happy.

  • Indeed. If we can’t laugh at ourselves (and yes, okay, sometimes at others) then we’d all go stark raving mad(der). Here’s to bluejeans, bagels, the occasional margarita (2?), lots and lots of laughter, and the knowledge that raising flexible, adaptable, smiling children matters a whole hell of a lot more than just about anything else. So there.

  • Kristin says:

    This is actually the first time I’ve come across your blog but I did see that other post and leave a comment about the value of humour in navigating the daily life of momhood. There are always going to be negative people out there, life’s too short to worry about them. Keep the laughs coming.

  • Portia says:

    That lady can go ef herself…I love this blog! It is preparing me for the hopefiully humorous world of parenting!!

  • Tracy says:

    I love your website. I’ve been going through a very difficult time over the last few months and have recently lost my mom. Your website is one of the few places where I have a little giggle when I read your posts. I will never understand why some people have to pull others down to try and feel better about themselves. I don’t have pregnancy brain to blame and this week totally confused me as well…didn’t send in the library book on the right day or have them in gym uniform. ahem.

  • Emily says:

    I check your blog daily, hoping for a new entry. I go to you to relieve me from the stresses and sad news of life. I now try to find the humor when my four-year-old “tags” his CD player or two-year-old catapults herself to the floor because her tutu is crooked. I try to think of it how you might look at it! πŸ™‚

  • mayberry says:

    wow. just wow. That woman is a few bagels short of a dozen, you know? Since when do all blogs have to do and say and be the same thing!? Keep on keepin’ on, Kelcey.

  • Michelle says:

    Amen sister! Surviving this recent Healthcare legislation has taught me that there is a lof of hate and angry people out there. We love you Kelcey!! All over the Country!

  • traci says:

    hold the phone, so since someone is a feminist she can’t put her bra back on to go laugh alongside another mom? I would venture a guess there are a shitton of feminist who worked their arses off to buy whatever jeans they want and not ask their husbands to release the check book to do so (I, admittedly am totally okay asking my husband if I can shell out bookoo bucks for designer denim.)

    Did you submit your blog to the critics corner and not mention it? Or did you think that was only for Wednesday’s and you thought it was Friday happy hour?

  • OHmommy says:

    I can’t believe some people. I can’t believe someone would take the time to write such things. I mean… seriously?

    They spent time to do that. PATHETIC.

    They probably haven’t been laid in a loooong time.

  • sara says:

    Way to take the high road, Kelcey! As a budding shrink – it appears that chick might have some “issues” she needs to deal with.

    Great response to a woman-bashing fool. You are as graceful and hilarious as ever, mama!!!!xoxo

  • HaB says:

    My husband used to have a job where he would travel out of town for whole weeks at a time when our daughter was an infant. On more than one occasion I would forget to send formula and/or baby food to the sitters. She would just stick a small note in Madaline’s bag, a gentle grandmotherly like note that I had forgotten and to please remember the next day. No big deal.

    And, I get my socially political issue fill by reading the NY Times or watching CNN – I really don’t care to read about it on blogs. And, besides, last time I checked, I was in control of what feeds were in my Google Reader – If I dont’ like a blog I dont’ have to read and I don’t have to subscribe. Simple as that.

  • Janna says:

    I don’t know how you write such entertaining blogs almost daily. I can’t even write funny FB status updates. I read your blogs b/c they make me smile.

  • Crystal says:

    Kelcey, I’ve only been reading your blog for a little while, but I think you’re AWESOME! Being a mom is tough enough without OTHER moms (or women) bashing. Mothers should stick together. Having a sense of humor is important in life, if you can’t laugh at other women who can’t get into their favorite jeans, there’s just something wrong with her. you ROCK and I’m jealous!

  • oh, pffft.

    You know what’s bullshit? People who spew patronizing, sanctimonious bullshit like this. Gosh, it’s the dullest thing ever – I can just imagine what an interesting blog this person has, about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Which explains why, when I googled some of the stuff you quoted, nothing came up.

    Yeah, a real winner.

    Fuck them. We love ya Kelcey, you are pure awesomeness πŸ™‚

  • Tully's Mama says:

    This blog makes me laugh, cry, think, and feel almost everytime I read it. This blogger (who has anger issues) most likely hasn’t read your meaningful, tough, “fluff-less” work we’ve been blessed to read. Let me at her, Kelc. I am an ass-kicking card-carrying member of the Mamabird Fan Club, not to mention a well-educated working mother of two who recycles.

  • Patti says:

    I just happed across this (not sure how), but after reading it, I think it’s safe to say whomever was trashing you just needs to GET A LIFE. If you can’t laugh at life, you can’t laugh period. What a pathetic, humor-less existence this person must endure. I say, “Just Keep Swimming…”! Kudo’s to you girl!

  • I come here for all my jeans advice. On monday I stood in an intern’s cube with a confused look on my face explaining how it wasn’t monday, or was it, what, what? I’m bringing feminism down right there with you. I am so glad you are here πŸ™‚ Although, I have to say I suspect having two new babies will make you forget what month it is, much less the day πŸ™‚

  • Pesky says:

    Well, duh!!! Of course, everyone should subscribe to HER view, HER dogma and only live to serve HER cause. Because others of us simply can’t have things that are equally important like laughter and finding contentment in the little things. Which are pretty important to me. So let her go spout her egocentric propaganda as I’m all for free speech but kudos to you for not bowing to her dictatorial directives.

  • Thanks a lot – now all those mothers in flyover country (and how condescending was that comment, anyway – as if they were waiting for marching orders from a NY blogging mom!)

    Where was I?

    Oh, yes – now all the mothers in flyover country will be sending their children to school without lunch on Thursdays. I hope you’re satisfied.

    I’m begging you to send me the link…

  • Karen says:

    1. My daughter is in elementary school. I have forgotten to send in all sorts of things on the proper day … days of the week are NOT easy.
    2. I struggle with the jean issue constantly and I am NOT pregnant with twins.
    3. If your blog is marshmallow fluff, then bring on the bread and peanut butter because I love me a fluff-n-nutter! (I think they have organic fluff at Whole Foods too.)
    Seriously, your blog is great. It’s the highlight of my M, W, F once I figure out what day it is :)!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    A ‘sense of humor’ is a sign of intelligence…no apologies needed for your column. However, you should pray to God not to strike you dead for making Dylan go without her bagel…

  • Eunice says:

    That shows real cowardice to write that on her own blog instead of just emailing you directly or leaving a comment on your blog. Maybe she is just trying to drive traffic to her blog by trashing yours because anyone can find her blog now by googling those quotes. People, don’t let her get away with it, don’t do it!!!

  • Pauline Bevier says:

    Mean people suck! I love that you make us laugh! Isn’t laughter the best medicine for life in general? And, all women deserve a rockin’ pair of jeans. You rock!

  • Christine says:

    lol. wow. as one of the mediocre non-flyover state moms I can assure you you are just fine. the newspapers are depressing anyhow. nothing wrong with shaving your legs either or letting a man open a door for you. i’m a lady thank you very much!

    keep on writing!

  • Krista says:

    You don’t know me but I love reading what you write– I can relate and it’s funny and thoughtful. Don’t let them get you down.

  • anymommy says:

    I am stuttering over the unbelievable sanctimonious superiority complex exhibited. Wow.

    Classy, funny response, lady. Love you.

    (PS Still stuttering over the twins thing too, but that’s with joy πŸ˜‰

  • Listen, if that beatch can’t understand how vital a fab pair of jeans is to a woman, then I’m sorry, she needs to back the hell up bc she’s done gone mad. Did you mention previously you planned to broker world peace on your blog? What the hell is the point if we can’t laugh about all this crazy mom stuff? And honestly? I’m glad you mixed up bagel day because now I don’t feel so bad I forgot show and tell. My son had nothin’ to show–and everyone to tell–that mommy forgot! Keep on keeping on….

  • Valerie says:

    First of all, I have read every single post on your site since day one and it continues to be a highlight of my day when a new one is out, for all the reasons you say you write. You turn everyday events into hilarious, insightful stories that always make me smile. Based on all these comments your work clearly impacts women all over in a powerful way. Most of us could only wish for that. Keep it up!!

  • Juley says:

    You are the only Mommy blog that I have been a loyal fan of for more than a year and half because you are too funny! I too understand the importance of a great pair of jeans.

  • Heather says:

    I just wanted to add to the slew of supportive comments because I think you and your blog are amazing! Thank you for putting a little fun into each of my days πŸ™‚

  • Tell me which blog. NOW.
    I wanna go kick some major butt.

    Once I got a comment that said ‘your nonsensical babble is useless!’ from…and this part really drove it home “Signed The people of the WORLD”.

    People are idiots.
    We are hysterical.
    Only idiots can’t see that.

  • Sharon says:

    I think you’re great, and whoever the hater is can go on hating. I studied my feminist theory, too, and even have a degree in Women’s Studies, and one of the things I CANNOT stand is when women decide to cut down other women in the name of feminism.

    Suck it, loser. Seriously.

    You give great blog. Don’t ever change.

  • Denise says:

    Kelcey you are one of my favorite bloggers. I never quite understand why people seek out attention by attacking others, it’s quite sad for them. I love your perspective, your humor, your kindness, and your WRITING.

    As a mother of a flyover state, I’d like to argue my commonplace existence as one that is kick ass and compares to no other place I’ve ever lived.

  • Mynde says:

    I personally LOVE your blog and find it uplifting and entertaining (not to mention it makes me feel not alone in this crazy momathon). Just thought you should know what a complete stranger thinks of you : ) And by the way- what in the heck is a flyover state????

  • Becky says:

    Sorry I didn’t see this until now.

    Well you know what I think of you and this blog (AMAZING! inspires me with each thing I write…) and what I think of that STUPID HEAD JEALOUS BLACK HEART lady (oh I just said that huh?) so hold your gorgeous chin up. We love you Kelcey!!

  • Lori Morgen says:

    that makes me so mad- I never comment but, I will now. I love your blog- it makes me laugh-and its REAL. keep it up!

  • Kim says:

    Well Kelsey, you make this Mama laugh! What you write about is what most of us Mom’s go through on a day to day basis! Didn’t someone once say that laughter is key to a happy life? Keep on blogging your creamy, delicious, Mama fluff!

  • I'mCleverBecauseILikeThisBlog says:

    ”Because I believe in laughing. Not judging. I believe that women are smart and powerful and inspiring. And every woman out there deserves a kick ass pair of jeans”

    LOVE that ! I only discovered your blog right now – but it’s great ! Honestly, someone like that obviously has self-esteem issues & WAY WAY too much time on their hands if they actually get upset and go to all of that effort

    Keep on writing!

  • Whitby Wendy says:

    Time permitting, I read your blog and it takes me back to when my kids were small and makes me smile, glad you weren’t put off by the stupid comments.

  • melissa says:

    sounds like that woman read one entry and thinks she knows you! forget her! you are a gifted writer, and “laugh-out -loud” HILARIOUS! even to a complete stranger, i can tell you have such love and devotion to your family and friends. THAT is a true feminist! πŸ™‚

  • qtberryhead says:

    I’m sure this boat has sailed…but WTF? Why are women, womens worst enemies? And since when is deciding to be a mom some jab against feminism?
    I will never understand why bloggers feel entitled to call out and condemn other bloggers though.
    I wonder if you picked up any underground readers from their post though?

  • Popping over from Mom-101 since I had to see for myself who was ruining the feminine movement with humor. Humor!

    Very classy response. Hard to keep your sense of humor when being attacked unnecessarily. You succeeded! Looking forward to reading more.

  • Allison T. says:

    Girl, you’re the bomb. Haters- who needs ’em?

    Honestly, there’s room for all opinions, just not ugly, targeted attacks like that one. I’m so glad to be able to get my daily fix of Mama Bird- your funny and often poignent posts affirm for me that there are many others out there with shared experiences. Through your great writing and humorous take on life, you’ve built a community of moms who are open to sharing their stories and are comfortable laughing at themselves. If you ask me, you’ve retained your “high-powered job” status in more ways than one. You rock!

  • Nissa says:

    WOW… I have to admit that I googled and found the post and it’s just miserable! It sort of makes me laugh (in an evil and angry way) that she is talking about you in a style that reminds me of horrible, freshman-level literary criticism while trying to espouse her lofty “feminist” ideals. Someone is taking themselves (and their newly appointed role of Queen of the Blogosphere) waaaay too seriously!! Oh Kelc, I don’t know if your feelings were hurt at all by her post but obviously so many of us love and enjoy your blog. Keep writing! πŸ™‚

  • Joy says:

    You remind me of Mary Pols/ Jenna Elfman on “Accidentally on Purpose”…just this spitfire mom-to-be living life on her own terms!

  • Karen Bland says:

    I think we all have enough sadness and seriousness is our lives – we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or inadequate because we allow ourselves a few moments a day to indulge in humor and relief. Honestly, that blogger needs to lay off from saving the world and smell the roses. You rock.

  • Emilie says:

    I just had my first baby – a girl! – and stumbled on your fab blog after reading a few entries of the mouthy housewives blog (so funny!). After reading your blog up to this post in 2 days, it is my duty to tell you this:
    Woman, you are a severely talented hilarious and gorgeous writer. Other bloggers beware!

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