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I was visiting my mother the other day at the hospital and she wasn’t able to talk much. Her lungs are very congested from being on her back 24 hours a day. So she talks in a very hoarse whisper. I often have to ask her to repeat herself.

“What’s new?” she asks.

“What?” I respond, straining to hear her above all the hospital beeping.

“What’s new?” she asks again, straining to be heard.

“With my life? Or in general?”

“In the world.”

“Hmm…. The world. Let’s see. Well, President Obama is getting blamed for everything and Tiger Woods is doing everybody. Do you know who Tiger Woods is?”

My mother, who really only watches PBS and listens to NPR, has almost zero pop culture knowledge. She still remembers Tom Cruise as that cute guy from “Top Gun” when we all know he’s now that crazy guy who married the “Dawson’s Creek” girl.

It turns out that my mom does indeed know of this Tiger Woods so I filled her in on his scandalous ways. This is why I read the NY Post. I would never have these kinds of important details at my fingertips if I depended on the Wall Street Journal as my news source.

My mother is scheduled to have another surgery on the broken vertebrae in her back. They will also give her some type of halo around her head so that she can sit up with her broken neck.

If there is a halo around, there must be some angels too.

I’m counting on the angels.

kelcey kintner