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You all came up with so many good costume ideas for our Halloween party!! For awhile we were definitely taking the advice of Rebecca Melander who came up with the brilliance of Katy Perry and Elmo. I even went so far as to try on the corset I wore under my wedding dress back in 1937 in the attempt to put together a costume.

The corset still fit. Sort of. But some of my stomach now seems to be in different places. And my breathing was a bit labored.  I considered going as Elmo.

But then a few days later, we saw friends who dressed up as characters from “Friday Night Lights” for a party. And it was like one of those Oprah aha moments except way more important and life changing.

I want to be married to Coach Taylor of “Friday Night Lights.”

And now I could be!

So we borrowed their costumes. Rick went as Coach Taylor and I went as a Panther cheerleader…

Rick is giving his best brooding Coach Taylor look.

And I clearly look EXACTLY like Minka Kelly.

You know, if she was blonde. And born ten years earlier.  But whatever. We’re pretty much exactly the same.

Our Halloween party was super fun.We danced our asses off.  And this is what Coach Taylor looks like after a few cocktails…

Trust me when I say… after a few drinks, I still looked like Minka Kelly.

And I almost forgot – I have kids! Who also dressed up for Halloween.

Here is super boy baby and super girl baby…

Dylan and Summer both planned on being pink haired super girls but then at the last minute, Summer decided to go cheerleader because who needs to fight evil when you can cheer for boys at a football game…

The girls trick or treated and ate candy until they cried.

It was perfect.

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