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I was going to write a very poignant, beautiful, soulful post about my eldest daughter Dylan turning seven.

But I ran a little short on time.

Because it took about 3 hours for me, Rick and my dad to put together this:

Yes, that’s Barbie’s 3 story Dream Townhouse.

Rick and I are considering moving in there while our house is being rebuilt. It’s got a hot tub which is a very nice amenity.

So happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter Dylan…

You light up our lives.

You’ve changed us forever.

We’d be lost without you.

But please stop crying when you don’t get your way.

We love you birthday girl.


P.S. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband Rick. Obviously having to spend three hours putting together a plastic Barbie house in lieu of watching the Phillies’ game is quite an anniversary gift. You’re welcome.

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