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This is not a post I ever ever ever ever thought I’d write.

Seriously. EVER.

How can I explain this. See this photo…

See that soap dispenser?

That soap dispenser is going to be a baby.

I’m pregnant. Very unexpectedly.

Let me pause to remind you that I already have four very lovely children.

And I’m pregnant.

So how did I feel when I found out? Let me try to put it into words.


Yeah, that sort of does it.

I had something that seemed very nervous breakdownish.

It might have been a nervous breakdown.

You see, when I first moved out of the city (where people generally have one or two kids), I met this family with five children.

And I, because I’m not a judgmental person, thought to myself, “That is COMPLETELY insane. I mean, that is a serious trip to crazy town. Why would anyone have five kids?!!”

That family now has six so I guess they weren’t scared off by my silent thoughts.

As I was having my nervous breakdown, I tried to calm myself by thinking, “That’s one less than The Brady Bunch and they seem to have buckets of fun! And then unfortunately I remembered that The Brady Bunch is a FICTIONAL family and bears no resemblance to reality since Alice does not live with me.

I’ve told a few people about my pregnancy and they actually seem sort of excited about the whole thing. I can only assume they are excited it’s not them.

Most of them say, “Hey, you have four! What’s one more?”

I don’t know. It feels like a lot. Four suddenly feels like a lot. The past 2 1/2 years have kicked my ass with the twins. I don’t know how I am going to do this. I really don’t. And I’m so old. Like 107 years old.Β  And how am I going to summer in Italy if I have to pay for all these college educations?!

So this Thanksgiving I’m working on my gratitude for unexpected blessings.

I am grateful for…

A husband who is a true partner and makes me laugh when I want to cry.

Four previously mentioned lovely children who will have one more sibling to share their lives with.

My friends and family who have made surprisingly few Brady Bunch jokes. Probably because they know I can’t take it. At least not yet.

The health of my family. And I am reminded of this every time I sob through another episode of Parenthood. That show is breaking me.Β  Although hot Luke from FNL is a nice addition.

A home when so many in the Northeast lost theirs during the hurricane.

And finally, a little boy who is going to fill our home with even more love, laughter and chaos.

Yes, a boy.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

93 Responses to and then life takes a turn

  • Tiffaney says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!! I am thrilled for you! YOU are going to ROCK being the mom of 5. Here’s one more thing for the gratitude list: people are going to think, “No way—she’s WAY too hot to be the mom of 5!” πŸ™‚

    • Patty says:

      You will be so thrilled when he arrives to bless all of you.
      I have five children but I bet your oldest is not 32. I have 5 children ages 32 to 5. My last two were unexpected but I was more shocked with number 4 she is now 12. The last one was quite a shock since I was completely done having children. However, I can’t imagine life without him. He is a true blessing and I am thankful he is healthy and he keeps us all on our toes and unites each one of us. He is a mixture of all his siblings and delights the heck out of me. I feel like I know him the best because I am at a different spot in my life. You will be a fantastic mom because you have practiced with 4 and now you are an expert with number 5. Good Luck you will be great with all your children:)

  • Agent99 says:

    No way!
    Thats awesome!!!
    Oh my Gawd…..5….?!?
    Crap, how will you manage?
    (you handled twinz)
    I’m so happy for you.
    Yeah…lots of work…..and lots of joy.
    Mazel Tov!

  • Kim R says:

    Congrats!! Once he’s here and you find your new groove, it will be awesome. I think PANIC is a pretty normal and healthy reaction. πŸ™‚ There are always student loans!

  • HonestMum says:

    Oh wow that is just gorgeous news. As Kris Kenner recently said on Keeping up with Kardashians, “1 kid is 1, 2 is 21” but then she went and had 6 didn’t she. That woman really is profound! Hehe! One more will just be amazing! Congratulations! x

  • Lotte says:

    wau…I dropped my jaw, forgot the coffeee…and sort of started to cry…Amazing! Congratulations!
    I don’t know how to handle five kids, but I’m pretty sure that you will do good (check out the mommy-mormon blogs…they do it – and smile!).
    About Italy…go to Home Exchange and find a Italian mama with 5 kids and who wants to go to NY. Swap with her.

  • Penny says:

    I was on the phone talking to my adult daughter as I was reading this, and I wanted to say OMG Kelcey is pregnant, but then the explanation that Kelcey is someone whose blog I follow seemed too weird…, then I got to the part about “it’s a boy” and I thought hooray, a brother for Chase! And THEN I thought Ha! no wonder she hasn’t been posting as much, she’s pretty far along and must be exhausted. (No, I wasn’t really listening to my daughter at all at that point;)
    And I have also been sobbing through “Parenthood” so that’s not even pregnancy hormones!

    Wow. I think it calls for a nervous breakdown, but the hard part is you don’t just get to have a nervous breakdown, you also have to make the kids lunch!
    As far as how you are going to do it, you just will. Some days better then others. And the bad days give you blog material.

    As for paying for college educations, your kids will overlap when they are in school, so you will be expected to pay less per child as far as financial aid is concerned! See, doesn’t that make you feel better!

    I really wish you well and hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Congrats and URGH! I think I would feel exactly the way you do if I were “very unexpectedly” pregnant. I only have one kid and if I were having another would feel how you feel. You get used to life how it is and change (good or bad) is not what you want. But it will be good again and then it will change again and on and on and on…. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing how other moms really feel. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously! Think of how wonderful it will be for your kids…they will always have a brother or sister close by. They will always have someone to love and someone to love them.

    And those people who make snide comments? They aren’t worth your mental energy. We have my three stepchildren almost full time and then almost three year-old twins…long story short, I was expecting a baby boy to add to all that. But, two weeks ago, we had to deliver him because I had serious preeclampsia and he was suffering. He was just a few weeks shy of viability, so he didn’t make it. And some people said the STUPIDEST things…like, “well, you do have FIVE…” My OB was adamant that those people were not even worth my anger. That no one can judge you but you.

    A baby! Who cares that you’ll have five…you’re a fabulous mom and Chase needs someone to tag-team with! I’m so, so, so happy for you. Don’t be sheepish about five – you have a lovely, beautiful family. Congratulations!!!!!

  • beachgirl says:

    WOWSA Ballooza!!!! I came on here thinking you were going to show us a turkey in the oven and you kind of did but its way cuter than a traditional turkey! Many,many, many good wishes going your way. I honestly feel these little “accidents” are meant to be and your little boy will bring you tons of happiness and little boy kisses and hugs forever as thats how little boys are πŸ™‚ I would brace yourself though as I am sure you are already getting dirty looks from the moms at school as you look so good as a mom of four…they are going to hate you looking so good as a mom of 5! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family and rejoice in this miracle – even if you feel like grabbing a bottle or two and hiding in the closet XO

  • Miss Mary says:

    As I was reading, my thought was maybe a boy and then, BAM, a BOY!! Congratulations on your surprise! Yes, having twins kicked your ass but this is just one sweet little boy–just one!!

  • Nelly says:

    Oh. Wow. Five. That’s, um…fantastic! No, seriously, you are an amazing mom and you will do fine with one more. And if I’ve learned anything from the Duggars, I’d say its time for Dylan to step up and raise her baby brother.

  • tess says:

    when I read that you were pregnant I was hoping it was a boy to even things out a bit– bam! so wonderful! you are so blessed! Congratulations!

  • Kerri says:

    Welcome to the more than 4 kids club Kelcey. My twins were #5 & #6. We thought that was it, plus I was pre-menopausal before I got pregnant with them! Well “surprise” #7!! I went through many of the same thoughts you had. My twins were high-need, still nursing a lot, up through the night & didn’t nap & were busier than my other 4 kids added together! How in the world would we manage, but we did. It was so EASY! I am serious…after the twins Teagan was so easy! Even though the twins were still nursing, I insisted the baby nursed first & by himself. It was so pleasant nursing just one at a time! He woke at night, but would nurse & go right back to sleep. I barely even woke up. No one fighting over which breast they would have & then half way through decided to climb over me to switch sides (their idea, not mine). One diaper to chanage without another crying baby waiting to be changed…well you get the idea. What a blessing it was when my grandson was born. All my older kids had so much experience with babies & they were enthralled with their nephew.

    Oh, I think it must be the time of year, something in the water…who knows, but I am 47 years old, have not ovulated in about 5 years & today I am going in for an ultra-sound to date my PREGNANCY! You want to talk about shock!! I am supposed to be infertile (whole other story). We will be double dipping & collecting our Baby Bonus and our “Old-age” Pension at the same time. A student mid-wive (also a friend) is going to use me as one of her case studies. So once again I have beat the odds!

    You can do this Kelcey & you will, with the amazing grace you have done everything else, you will make your adjustments & keep on going!!!

    Hey, you have someone else you can do this with now :)!!

  • Leigh says:

    Congratulations. I hate that you send teasers to my email. I started to read it then my own two children needed breakfast and I had to wait.
    Great news. Love reading about your family.

  • Congratulations Kelcey! Lately I have been bemoaning the fact that our family is out of the baby stage, as are most of our friends. When I do happen upon a baby, however, I nearly assault them because I can barely contain my adoration of their wispy-haired, chubby-cheeked, fat-thighed marshmallowiness. Babies are such lovely, sweet-smelling, soft and fuzzy gifts and you are going to get to have one more of your OWN. Like, to KEEP! You are so lucky and talented and if the imperfect life you share with us has already yielded 4 smiley, silly children who adore their two dedicated parents, then you are the right people to raise that soap dispenser til it bubbles over with the same effervescent joy. Have a great Thanksgiving and do me a solid – when that cute little guy comes, squeeze the hell outta his fat thighs for me. I love a good chubby baby!

  • Megan says:

    Congratulations! You have so many blessing to be thankful for today and everyday. Your children are so blessed to have you as their mother! You are so loving, kind, funny, happy, generous, etc. your five kids couldn’t be luckier. I wanted 6 until I hit my 30’s and still hadn’t found Todd so I am so thankful to have 2 healthy girls, but would welcome another!

  • Kelsey, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! But I’ll try! I have three (twins plus one) and I really want another one–or two.

    I think your family will be crazy perfect–the best kind of perfect ever. Congratulations! xo

  • Tracy says:

    I am so happy for you – and I bet Chase is/will be so grateful to have another boy in the family!! Congratulations xoxoxoxo

  • Becky says:

    As someone who has repeated dreams about babysitting your crew, I’m thrilled to add another boy to watch.
    Or maybe this means I really AM going to be your Alice and move east.
    Either way, crazy? Yes. Wonderful? Absolutely.
    Love you lady!!!

  • hokgardner says:

    I had a very unexpected fourth pregnancy, so I understand all the mixed emotions. But now I can’t imagine life without our surprise.

    Congratulations. I look forward to knitting something for the little guy.

  • Amy K says:

    I have 5. It’s not as bad as you might expect. I’ve been divorced since mine were 4-14. They’re 17-27 now and they’re all still alive. πŸ˜‰


  • Zaydie says:

    Well now that the soon to be “cool cat” is out of the bag, Bubbie and I want to say how happy we are that you’ll be adding to our already large and wonderful family. You are great parents so what’s one more? We all have a lot to be thankful for today so lets take a few moments to stop and smell the roses, or the dirty diapers, whatever.

  • Angie says:

    SO incredibly happy for you!! Another beautiful baby boy who will soon be a part of your beautiful family!! What a blessing!! :o) xoxo p.s. can’t wait to know what his name will be, your kids have awesome names!

  • scrappysue says:

    WOW. this is a post i didn’t even think i’d be reading!!! mega thanksgiving congratulations to your entire family. i’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion (once you’ve had a nap!)

  • Diane says:

    What a blessing to celebrate! I felt the same when I learned I was pg with #4 when #3 was only 5 months old. She turned out to be a she and I always wanted my son to have a brother. Then I got breast cancer and there went that idea. My greatest prayers for your beautiful family – from one breeder to another!

  • Angi says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Every baby is a blessing and you’ll rock 5! Besides, you’ll just have that much more material for your blog! Think of it as job security.

  • Mazel tov!!!- hey what’s another shrimp on the barbie- right?! you will rock five kids (beli ayin harah– without the evil eye) like no one’s business and just think of all the fodder they’ll provide for you and us (your voracious for mama bird readers)!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wow! Congrats Kelcey and Rick! Good thing you are in a big house in the ‘burbs…trying to imagine you on 12th street with 5 kids! I’m the baby of five and it’s the best (and definitely crazy:)
    Happy Thanksgiving xox

  • I remember sitting in the dentist’s office with my newborn baby (number 4) and talking to a woman staring adoringly at her own baby. “Your first?” I asked her. “No,” she said, “my fifth.” And I swore to myself that that would NEVER be me.

    Now I have 6 kids. And I am so glad. It truly does get easier. (Um, just don’t read my blog. Pay no attention to it whatsoever.) And let’s face it, after twins? This will seem like a walk in the park. The older ones get more and more helpful, and they all learn so much from having to care for someone more helpless and needy than themselves. You will look back and not be able to imagine life without number 5.


  • EW says:

    Congratulations! When I read the news it made me excited for the funny, insightful posts to follow. What a fun surprise for us readers on Thanksgiving!

  • Steph says:

    I LOVED the Brady Bunch! omigoodness I so wish that Alice lived with my family! seriously though the thought of your precious baby boy makes me have happy tears for your sweet family. Congratulations to you all!

  • Christina says:

    I totally get you. When I found out I was expecting #5 I crawled into my husband’s lap and cried. Honestly, I’ve found that #5 really does seem pretty easy. I mean, it is only 1 baby this time. I had a singleton, 20 months later I had triplets, and #5 was only 23 months after them. My family feels complete now, and I hadn’t realized it felt incomplete before. It’s awesome and I pray you get to experience the same.

  • Helene says:

    Wow! I first read about the post on twitter and couldn’t wait to turn on my computer to see what it was about. And “wow” pretty much covers it.

    I have four siblings. Granted, there’s a 12 year age difference between the oldest and youngest, AND six years between number two and three. But 5 kids is still 5 kids, living under the same roof and in need of assistance/mediating every day. Bickering and fights were a daily thing, but just think of all the support these 5 will have the rest of their lives.

    I wish you the very best of luck, love and happiness. I’m sure you’ll find it all when you least expect it πŸ™‚

  • Amy says:

    Mazel Tov! Unexpected blessings are the best blessings!

    PS: Remember that night at the bar at House of Blues in Chicago? Just before you gave that bum your slippers? I TOTALLY predicted a house full of children for you. xoxox

  • DawnGes says:

    Congrats Kelcey! As a Mom of 5 incredible persons ages 27, 25, 24, 22, and 17, I’m thrilled for you–it’s a blast! We were crazy enough to adopt our youngest from Russia, so we chose five and haven’t looked back! Since I’m still missing the baby/toddler/elementary years, how about I come and move in with you for a while after your fifth is born?

  • Meg D says:

    Wow! Congratulations to you all. My (only child) 7-year-old just asked why I gasped when I read this post. I told him a woman I know, who has four kids, just announced she’s having a fifth. He paused and said, “That must be a handful.”

    Much to be thankful for. Including your blog!

  • melanie says:

    is it rude to say that i’m glad it is you and not me? although you are now the second person i know unexpectedly expecting their fifth, so i’m starting to panic a little. i know you are a better woman than i am because i absolutely can NOT do five!

  • Nicole Flemister says:

    Wow! Congratulations. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and like you had a simi-nervous breakdown thinking how can I do this? We can do this Right?!?

  • Rick says:

    Truly touched by all your loving, supportive comments. Thank you and warm wishes to all of you and your families this holiday season.

  • Melissa2 says:

    Kelcey, first time I’ve commented here. First off, Congratulations!! I know it’s overwhelming and scary, but it will all settle in. Yes, it will be pure insanity but the fun kind! Your home with be filled with laughter and love and tons of fun. I only had three children, but wished I could have had more. I know you will be fine. In the immortal words of Bob Marley: Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright. Of course, he smoked a lot of weed which probably helped, BUT….it’s all going to be ok.

  • frankasen says:

    The Kasen family is positively THRILLED for you all! We can’t wait to meet the little guy! And you will never have that tinge of regret that some of us mothers-of-2 have when we look over OUR dinner table and think, “we shoulda had another one”. Wouldn’t it be great if you named him Bob? All our love!!!

  • Shea says:

    WOW, this is not what I was expecting coming here today (in fact I think my jaw literally dropped) but how exciting! I understand that this was unexpected and I’m sure it feels daunting now, but I’m so happy for you and your family! And please don’t worry about being “107” years old or, you know, way less than that. My mom was over 40 when she had both me and my sister and she’s kept up with us just fine πŸ™‚ Congrats!

  • Susan says:

    That is so incredibly amazing. I love, love, love big families, they make me happy every time I see them. One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is another sibling, so how lucky are your kids?! Especially your son who will have a brother. Truly amazing, and you are going to have so much fun. And my guess is that a singleton is going to feel like a breeze after twins. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read about his arrival!!!!

  • Jill Sherman says:

    OMG….seriously??? I thought I would keep reading until getting to the end of your post and then with your quick wit and humor would somehow say…. NOT! But…you never did and I guess you are really serious!!! Well then…Mazel Tov to you and your amazing family!!!! What amazing news Kelcey and Ricky and the crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kisses and hugs!!!

  • Maura says:

    As the 5th child, I can say YAY FOR 5 KIDS!

    Also, my Mom said that I was the easiest by FAR. She said that the other kids pitched in and helped more than she could have imagined.

    Congrats again and keep us posted!

  • For some reason I can’t open your website from my iphone any longer so I’ve been skipping a few posts because I don’t have time to read during the day at work (and you were my little ‘fun time’ in the wee hours of the morning before the clan woke up πŸ˜‰ but I am SOOOOOO glad to have not missed this post!!!! Kelcey, you sound just like I did when I found out I was having a FIFTH child … it IS insane, but after the blip of feeling overwhelmed leaves, all that is left is PURE JOY and ABUNDANT BLESSINGS. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the LOVE that engulfs our home from all the crazy energy of so many kids! And we have our kids’ friends who want to be in our home all of the time becasue they too LOVE the enegy … it’s contagious. And it truly is such a blessing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (But you’ll have to start keeping a tally of how many people will say “you know how this happens, right?” πŸ™‚

  • Kelcey,
    I have no doubt you will be an awesome mother of five adorable children. Congratulations my friend.
    A lot of us reading your post just got struck with baby fever. I predict a #BlameKelcey trending hashtag in the near future. lol

  • Jennifer says:

    I felt the same way when I discovered we were going from four to five. What kind of freak has five children??
    Its amazing. Busy, wild, fun and just what life is suppose to be. Full, overflowing full of love.

  • Nancy W says:

    Who woulda thunk all those years ago when you were an ace reporter for KTRV in Great Falls, Montana, that one day in the not-so-distant future you’d be an ace wife, mother and blogger and would be on the verge of being the mother of 5 kids? Now I can’t think of anyone more suited for the roles you’re playing these days with such finess and grace. . .and humor! You continue to amaze me, Kelcey. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I can’t wait to read about and see photos of this new little boy about to enter your family! Do you have his name picked out?

  • Nellie says:

    And here I thought you were going to post that you are not one for personalized items for children with the picture. This is WAAAAY better news than that — Congratulations and only the best and healthiest of you’re having a “little blue bird” baby!!!! So happy for you!!!!

  • annie says:

    Holy Wow and congratulations! You two make beautiful babies – can’t wait to see this little guy! When I was pregnant with my 3rd, my MIL told my husband to keep his pants zipped – here’s hoping your MIL has much more tact πŸ™‚

  • Amanda says:

    I said it before, and I will tell you every day if you need me to: if anyone can raise 5 kids and still look fabulous, it is YOU (oh yeah, and Rick, too).

  • maya says:

    WOW! Congratulations! I am shocked but thrilled for you. As a twin mom (also with four kids) I think having ONE baby as #5 is going to feel ridiculously easy–I mean, relatively speaking. One baby! No problem. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following along. What a lucky little boy he is.

  • I grew up in a family with 5 kids and the great thing about large families is that there is always someone there. Just think how cool it will be for your little one to have all these big sibs and for the older kiddos to be part of this little one’s life. Here’s a big hug to you and can’t wait to meet the new one!

  • Juley says:

    So happy for you! Lucky baby boy! I would love to be born into your fun loving family! Oh, and I am 108 and pregnant so you are a spring chicken!

  • Jacquie B says:

    Congratulations Kelcey!! Just catching up on this now!! Exciting news & what a fun playmate for Chase. They are going to be double trouble!! Hope you are doing well!

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