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I know this might be a very unpopular stance but I’m just going to say it. And please please don’t judge me.

I enjoyed the winter break with my children. I really did. The kids stayed in their pajamas for most of the day. Well, until it was time for them to change into fresh ones for bed. We’re not animals around here.

I didn’t spend my days herding kids constantly in and out of cars, pulling children out of car seats before the first bell, trying to stuff them into their leotards after school.ย  I don’t even know what we did since it was just a long PJ blur.ย  I’m pretty sure there was some ice skating and feeding ducks and trips to the candy store. Some “High School Musical” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” There was finger paint and make-your-own bracelets and Christmas cookies with ingredients that can still be found in the corners of my kitchen floor.

The daily clean-up was aggressive. But it felt nice to rush less and have nowhere to be.

Until today.

When the vacation craziness hit the god damn fan.

I was sick. Rick was tired.ย  Summer could not stop whining. Dylan could not stop crying. The babies just hung out acting like adorable babies. So we decided to get everyone out of the house. They were stir crazy. Too many days inside. It was time to get some fresh mall air.

As soon as we hit the mall, Summer was hungry. I know because she told me 32 times.

But offers of crackers and almonds were rebuffed. This was a hunger that apparently could only be satisfied with white flour baked goods like doughnuts and cake. No such items were bought. The whining continued.

They didn’t want to go back to school.

They didn’t want to go to swimming after school.

They were upset that Matthew Perry’s eyes look so puffy in promos for his new show.

They were so super duper hungry.

As soon as we got home, I made dinner.

And Summer, the girl who was starving to death somewhere between Macy’s and Abercrombie & Fitch, didn’t eat it. At least, not in normal human time. A minuscule piece of hotdog grazed her lips about every 14 minutes.

And that’s when I knew.ย  They way you know Matthew Perry needs an eye job. It’s time for them to go back to school.

22 Responses to and that was the vacation

  • There must be an algorithm out there – involving number of kids, kids’ ages, inches of snow outside, and number of games received for Christmas – which determines just how many days vacation can last without turning sour.

  • Daphne says:

    Here Here. We have 2 more days left of “vacation” and I already can’t believe I complained about getting them out of bed and out to the bus. I’m ready for that. So ready.

  • Aren’t you glad you don’t homeschool? Because how much would that suck, today in particular? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you had such a nice holiday. We did too, which led me to be only semi-ecstatic taking them to school today. Okay, mostly ecstatic.

  • Beth says:

    We had lots of movie nights during vacation…LOVED IT. We made tons of Christmas cookies and candies…ATE IT. We ran around to party after party seeing family and friends…LOVED IT BUT GREW WEARY OF IT. Lazed around in our PJ’s for days on end…CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT. Now back to the school year grind craziness…KINDA LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I totally get this!! I loved the lazy days and social gatherings and eating, oh, how I lovedthe eating.

    But it’s time. And I’m OK with that. But I still would love to have more jammies and coffee time

  • Lee says:

    I was so happy for school to start today that I could have been the one crying in the carpool line. 4 small kids + bronchitis + a side of stomach flu (for everyone in the house) makes for a nasty case of cabin fever. Although I hate to see the holidays go, I have to admit that we (at least in my house) all do better with schedules. My inner seventeen year old self is pointing at me and laughing…..but I’m giving her the finger ๐Ÿ™‚

  • julie says:

    What would I be judging you for? If people want to judge me, fine. I don’t care. I can not wait for my kids to go back to school. They are probably even more excited about it! They miss their friends! We have spent the past two weeks sick (visits to the After Care Dr. office on Christmas, ER on New Year’s Eve), stuck in the house and bored out of our minds. All made worse since we are the rare Jews who didn’t vacationing in Florida with the rest of our kind. We’ve watched movies and eaten Chinese food. YEA FOR PRESCHOOL!!!

  • anna see says:

    Ha! Ha! My kids were majorly depressed to go back to school today. Much sadness here on their part. Not so much mine. Although I sure didn’t miss the HOMEWORK.

  • Shana says:

    Ha! When I started reading this, I thought you were going to turn into a homeschooling mom. And I was, like, OMG, she’s going to lose her frigging mind, home with four kids all day. And then I thought, AWESOME BLOG FODDER.

  • Julie says:

    Hi.Lar.Ri.Ous…I felt the same way. Loved the pajamas. Loved not packing lunch. Then suddenly, one day, I just didn’t want even one more word to come out of my kids’ mouths. Done. I needed silence like I need air. And an eye job.

  • Loukia says:

    You’re hilarious. The holidays were super fun for us, too, but for some reason, I woke up with so much energy today, and even though I was stuck in two hour traffic driving to work, I was totally in a good mood! Hmm, I wonder why? Yes, the break was great and wonderful and all things mushy, but mama does need her routine back!
    P.S. HOW did you not cave in and buy your children flour filled treats like donuts and bad things at the mall? I cannot say no to my boys. I NEED Nanny 911!

  • AmyBlam says:

    I love breaks and usually wish they were longer BUT bratchild is 9 and she’s an only. Breaks give me a legit reason to stay in pj’s all day versus normal days when I’m not working and it’s time for school pickup and I can’t recall if I’ve brushed my teeth.

  • Oh Matthew Perry… I thought we were made for each other when you were on Friends circa 1996. I totally could have saved him from that painkillers addiction by the way. I hate to think of my lost love as not aging well. But I doubt he’d be too impressed by me either (Cindy Crawford fountain of youth eye cream or not).

    I didn’t mind the Winter break – but I was ready to send my oldest back to full day Kindergarten where I knew he was too busy to ingest more than 10 granola bars per day.

  • There’s something about that fresh mall air that makes me need Wetzels Pretzels. I lwould have liked bread a whole lot more had I not been one week overdue during half of it. And then hobbling around post-delivery after! God Bless school…

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