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On Christmas eve, we went to church and  of course, we were late. I had to sandwich myself, my four children and my parents into three separate pews, already filled by people that had somehow arrived on time.

Dylan immediately complained, “But I can’t see.”

And I explained, “This isn’t the Big Apple Circus. You don’t have to see. Just listen to the music.”

And then everything went pretty smoothly except…

I brought a baby toy that started playing, “Oh MacDonald Had A Farm” during the service.

And then my phone started ringing.

And inconveniently, my ring tone is not “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

Did I mention that I also dressed Chase in an ACDC t-shirt?

It’s the only tie he owns.

Then came Christmas.

And even though Rick had to work…

And I sadly did not find this underneath the Christmas tree…

It was still an amazing day because of a glorious Christmas miracle…

So after coffee and trying to coax my girls out of their deep Christmas depression…

my mother suggested that everyone make cookies. Here’s my mom’s secret recipe…

1. Cover the entire kitchen in enough flour so it looks like opening day at the Stowe ski resort.

2. Let children track flour throughout the rest of the downstairs while dough congeals on the counter tops.

3. Watch the children’s mother (AKA Scrooge/me) almost combust because of the mess.

4. Decorate the cookies with sprinkles!

My mom did help clean up and even offered to vacuum the loose flour with our ghostbuster.

I told her sadly that we only have one of those low budget dustbusters.

But put that fancy ghostbuster on my Christmas list for next year because how awesome to clean the house and chase away ghostly spirits at the very same time. Super handy to have around the home!

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