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I get a bit irritated this time of year when perky blond news anchors promise me an extra hour of sleep courtesy of daylight savings. Of course, in full disclosure, I used to be one of those cheery news people and I would tell viewers, with a big broad grin, that they should look forward to an additional hour of dream time. Obviously, I didn’t have kids. Now I do.

This weekend, we will all turn our clocks back an hour. But once you have kids, there is no extra hour of sleep. Young children don’t know it’s daylight savings. Although I’m going to have a good, long conversation with 10 month-old Summer about how she can sleep late on Sunday morning. But you know how she is. She likes to set the alarm so she can fit in a jog before “Meet the Press.”

I remember obsessing over daylight savings when Dylan was a baby. I was part of a weekly playgroup and all of us moms talked at length about how to handle daylight savings. Should we put our babies to bed a bit early? Try to transition them slowly throughout the week? With all the discussions, you would think we were trying to come up with a new Iraqi constitution.

So of course, now that I’m a teensy bit older and magnitudes wiser, I no longer stress over these types of things. Or maybe I do. Right now, I’ll ask anyone who turns my way at the playground how to wean 10 month-old Summer. She doesn’t take a bottle. Never has. Doesn’t like the sippy cup. The straw cup is her beverage holder of choice. How am I supposed to convince her that a straw cup is a much more satisfying way to receive her milk than my breasts? As for Dylan, I could give you all the tedious details of how I’m desperately trying to entice her to regularly use the potty. But really, why would you keep reading?

For those of you with older children, you know better. Been there, done that, already forgotten about it. Summer will stop breastfeeding. Dylan will learn to use the potty. I will worry about something else.

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2 Responses to an extra hour to take care of your kids

  • Daphne says:

    Hey Cheery Blond–Here's my answer for Summer's drink of choice: Use a shot glass. No, not with a jigger of tequila in it. My brilliant pediatrician gave us this trick–tiny shot glasses are easy for little hands, and only hold a drop or two so really, who cares if it spills (after all, it's not tequila!)

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