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Back when I had my first baby, I was attempting to breastfeed when all kinds of crazy stuff started to happen. Like my breasts suddenly turned into hard watermelons and hurt like mofos.

And then I got a sore on one of my breasts (sorry – motherhood is hard core) because I wasn’t alternating my breastfeeding position and I couldn’t get the latch right. And gosh, I was thirsty – WHERE WAS MY ICE COFFEE?!!

I was desperate for a lactation consultant and I remember stalking a bunch of them. Well, I just learned about a new app called Maven Clinic that is super cool (especially for pregnant women and first time moms) and man, do I wish this thing existed when I was having a baby.

You can book video appointments with a lactation consultant, doula, nutritionist, mental health specialist, midwife, etc and then do a face to face appointment on your phone. It’s like face timing your Aunt Lucy who likes to think of herself as a doctor because she took a CPR class in high school but these Maven practitioners are actually experts in their fields.

They are often available when traditional offices are closed – like at night and on weekends. (You know, when you always need them.) And it’s cheap – I love cheap! About $25 for 20 minutes which is pretty much the cost of a co-pay.

Even though the app is focused on women’s health care needs, you don’t have to be a mom to get the benefits. My husband Rick booked an appointment with a nutritionist. He has Crohn’s Disease (an inflammatory bowel disease) and he’d like to lose some weight.

But Crohn’s patients have to avoid certain foods that are healthy for the rest of us, plus Rick likes to think of a steak and mashed potatoes as diet food so he needed some guidance.

He did a 20 minutes session with a nutritionist and she gave him some great ideas. He’s going to do another session in two weeks. The truth is – with his work schedule and 5 kids, there was no way he would have made it to a nutritionist’s office.

On Maven, there is also a free forum, where you can post questions and get answers from health care professionals and others in the forum.

Want to try out Maven? I’m giving away a $25 appointment with the health practitioner of your choice! Just leave a comment and you are entered. Right now, the app is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Note: This is a sponsored post for Maven. All ideas are my own. Please know I am very picky about the sponsored posts I choose, so when I do one it’s because I have really tried out the product and believe in it. I don’t waste your time or mine. Now go enter that giveaway!

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