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Since we are moving to Westchester in a few weeks, I thought I’d finally show Rick his new house.

You see, the rental market is really competitive right now (because many people are still hesitant to buy) so I had to act fast on this house, and well, had to skim over little details like, “Make sure your husband sees and actually likes the house.”

But luckily, Rick is a pretty easy going guy (except on the way to the airport or when the girls get really whiny or when he’s tired or when we’re late or….). Ok maybe he’s not always completely mellow.  But thankfully, the house has a garbage disposal so Rick was more than satisfied with his new home.

I’m still a little concerned about intruders breaking into the house. I mean, the windows are like 3 feet off the ground. How hard is it to break a window and climb right in? Right now, I sleep well at night because I have a doorman, I’m 5 floors up and there’s a double bolt on the front door.

Meanwhile, we met a couple of our new neighbors and I can already tell that everyone seems to want to one up each other with how long they lived in New York City before they fled to the suburbs. Like it’s some kind of endurance test or something.

I’ve personally been living in the city for 15 years but I’m going to tell everyone it’s actually been 30 years. Which makes me like 53 years old but whatever. As if they’re going to question the new girl.

I sort of had a mini meltdown at the new house this weekend because I started to realize I am actually moving there.

And apparently I wasn’t hiding it so well because my my broker kept asking, “Are you ok?”

At which point I gave her a longwinded response about my hesitations about leaving the city but knowing it’s best for our family. And then I sort of realized she’s not my therapist so I stopped talking.

The girls seemed pretty happy in the new house. What with their new garbage disposal and all.

Although I don’t think they’re terribly picky. Because when we were looking at different towns I had the following conversation with Dylan…

“So do you like this town?”


“Can you imagine living here?”


“What do you like most about it?”

“The brownie I had for lunch.”

So remind me to pack brownies when we move.

mama bird notes:

Contributing mama Daphne Biener wasn’t really expecting to raise a star athlete. But somehow the family is off to the junior olympics this summer. Click on contributing mamas to read more.

For New York City mamas… proposed budget cuts could have a devastating effect on our local libraries – resulting in the the elimination of at least 2,000 children’s programs, including storytimes and after school programs like arts and crafts.

To help, just click here and you will be directed to a page called “Keep Your Library Open” and find out how you can help. It literally took me seconds to send a few emails to my elected officials.  Thanks mamas!

48 Responses to am i really moving? no, seriously?

  • Jordana says:

    As if they’re going to question the new girl! Isn’t it exciting to be the new girl again? Not so much?! You’ll always have a place in NYC. And Rye is lucky to have you ( :

  • Portia says:

    Congratulations! Although I wish you were brcoming a Joisy girl like me. (Curses Kristen!) The day you move will be emotional but then when all of your belongings are in the new house you will be just fine. Trust me. You’re making the right choice and the city is just a train ride away. BREATHE…and get acquainted with Slomin’s Shield. 1-800-Alarm-Me Hugs!

  • Jen says:

    i can’t believe your moving. It’s truly the end of our playgroup era (well, guess that was over like 2 years ago!) But I’ll miss you–running into each other at the playground, and catching up over playdates. And guess what? We’re moving too! You guessed it, Austin. It hit me like a ton of bricks at first, now I’m so excited I can’t wait to go. A yard, walk-in closets, a laundry room with a sink! Man, I can’t wait…xox

  • melanie says:

    we actually had the opposite: we moved from small town omaha (believe me, it may be a big city but it is small town!) to chicago. now i can’t imagine leaving, even though i’m still trying to make friends, etc. i hope your transition goes smoothly and well.

  • Daphne says:

    Good luck with the move. Eat lots of ice cream every night to smooth the transition. It does take a while to get used to the absolute quiet. Congrats on the move!

  • Megan says:

    I’ve been a suburb girl my whole life…it’s not so bad. If you need some help with the move I could take the girls one day while you unpack in peace. I’m used to having four children at a time so it wouldn’t be a problem, you’ll just have to wait till school is done. Good Luck! Can’t wait to come and visit.

  • jessica Bern says:

    Oh I know how you feel. When i moved to L.A. (big mistake as we all know) I couldn’t sleep at night for that whole reason with the windows being so close to the ground.

  • wa says:

    Should I not mention how easily the girls can sneak out of the house from those low windows when they’re teenagers? Is that not helpful?

  • johanna says:

    good luck. enjoy the adventure. think of all the “new” you and the girls can discover together. and yes, an alarm system goes hand in hand with the suburbs– you’ll be fine!

  • merlotmom says:

    Okay, I totally agree with previous commenters…get a dog and an alarm. Also, just think how happy you’ll be when the weather gets really hot and you have a yard, trees for shade, a slip n slide, etc. Summer n the city is brutal. You’ll find your way in the suburbs…it’s not like people don’t try to one up each other in Manhattan! Good luck.

  • Looking forward to hearing all about the further oneupmanship goings ons in your new neighbourhood.

    Just think though…you no longer have to worry about hearing your neighbours above or below you…I remember those days – and NOT with fondness!

    Good luck on your move. Despite not liking where I live, I don’t think I could survive the whole “moving” thing right now.

  • christy says:

    I think packing brownies on any new adventure is a recipe for success. Can’t wait to hear more about it and how you’re all wow-ing the neighbors socks off!

  • Cathy says:

    Moving from the city to the burbs is a big culture shock. It took me a while to adjust moving back the the burbs, that’s for sure.

  • Allison Teweles says:

    Just wait until your disposal breaks…and you can’t call the super. Popular Mechanics: Home How-To. Seriously. Our home inspector (eyeballing the first-time home buying youngsters that we were) suggested it and it’s been a huge help. BTW- Why do I feel sad that you’re moving?! I’m sure it has something to do with living my urban dream life vicariously through you for the last 2 years! Good luck, you!

  • TRACI says:

    that’s EXACTLY how I ended up in Jersey. With a brownie in a hippy town that doesn’t allow garbage disposals as it pollutes the local streams.

  • You are EXACTLY the kind of mom the suburbs needs to give those “been living in the suburbs way too long to have a sense of humor moms” some snarky fun! I wish I was your neighbor- I’d bring you a Bundt cake and welcome you with open arms! Okay actually my husband would bake you the cake, because I can’t bake for shit, but I’d be the deliverer

  • Sandrine says:

    yikes so that’s it…I just can’t imagine the West Village without you. Good friends of mine are moving back to Switzerland after many many years here so to “ease” the transition they’ll go by boat, maybe you can find something like that…scooter, canoe, roller blade…I know you’ll love it there it’s the leaving that is hard…look I love Brooklyn now (when I’m in the city!!)

  • Chris says:

    Moves are stressful. Even the good, exciting, “life’s gonna be perfect” moves.

    The alarm system and dog advice is valid. You’ll feel better.

    Hang in there!

  • Good luck with your move! It is so stressful, isn’t it? I have cried every time I’ve shown our house to a potential buyer or renter (we decided to rent it instead of selling: thus both renters & buyers).

    The kids will be happy wherever you are, so keep those brownies coming. 🙂 Good luck!!

  • Terra says:

    you best be packen some serious brownies mama! Moving is so hard, the stress the emotions, I don’t envy you but I have no doubt you wil settle in and be happy!

  • Madge says:

    i really hate when non-therapist people in my life are not actually willing to be my therapist — like the check-out girl at the grocery store, or the starbucks drive-thru guy or, well, that’s about all the people i see every day.

  • Denise says:

    Before you know it, you’ll be trying to pull off being a native Westchesteran (is that a word?)… BTW you are pretty funny, love the thought of windows.

    And my thoughts, five stories up, how easy is it to get to the ground in case of emergency.

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