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summer-in-bath.jpgMy sweet Summer is turning 1 year-old this week.

A year ago, I was desperate to get that little girl (or boy) out of me. She, like her older sister, was running terribly late. Having had a c-section with Dylan (who seemed content to live her entire life in the womb), Summer was also riding the local lazy train. But the doctors don’t like tardy babies.

I was on a VBAC mission – that’s vaginal birth after cesarean. With multiple prior surgeries, I wanted to avoid another. I hoped to introduce my baby to the world naturally, or as natural as a sterile hospital room, filled with various health care professionals poking and prodding me, can be.

So a few days past my due date, I was on a mama mission to jump start this little babe. I tried acupuncture. I tried a prenatal chiropractor (can you believe there is such a specialty?). My doula came over with some kind of magic medicine woman who had me in positions I haven’t even tried with my husband. Now you are envisioning some kind of kinky doula pregger orgy but I promise, everyone had their clothes on. Speaking of my hubby, we tried sex. I give him props for making that happen. It can’t be easy for a guy to see that GInormous belly and think, “Oh, yes. Now that’s hot. I want to tap that.”

I walked, climbed steps and ate spicy food. I drank red raspberry leaf tea and put evening primrose oil up my va-jay-jay. The only thing I couldn’t stomach was castor oil. I heard this hardcore stuff can make your bowels basically explode during labor. You know what? I’d rather have a c-section than poop all over a delivery room. Call me a prude but that’s just too gritty for me.

Well, one of these loopy things (or maybe just time itself) got Summer excited about our big, crazy world and finally, I went into labor – in fact, 5 nights of early labor before I was admitted to the hospital on December 12th. I eventually got to 7 centimeters and then that little lady just wouldn’t budge. Of course, as it got later and later, my husband said supportive things like, “You know, it would be nicer to have a baby on 12/12 rather than 12/13. Doesn’t 12/12 sound cooler?. One day, she’ll have a birthday on 12/12/12!” O.k. buddy, I’ll keep that in mind. I forgive him because he, too, was very very tired. Finally, the fat lady (yes, me) sang. We were out of options.

Summer Jane was born via c-section at 11:40 pm on December 12th. Actually, she was born Presley Jane but that story has been told. She was 10 days late. Just like her sister. I looked at her scrunchy newborn face in the delivery room and said, “Is it me, or does she look like Yoda from ‘Star Wars?'” My husband studied her face and said, “It’s not you. I see it too.” Thankfully, soon she was less Yoda and more adorable sweet-faced cupcake. And every time she tilts her head and smiles, I am amazed by her.

So thank you Summer for joining us, on your own schedule, in your own way. We are blessed. Happy Birthday little girl. xo your mama


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