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I was thinking I could do a vlog for you all. But that would mean brushing my hair. Putting on some make-up. Thinking of witty musings. It sounds exhausting.

So instead, I decided to make one of my offspring do the work.

No one really likes to be on camera around here but Dylan made an exception while she was writing a note to the tooth fairy. She was demanding a lot of money and I guess feeling a little loopy at the thought of all her riches and agreed to be interviewed.

Try to ignore the fact that I shot this video at the wrong angle.

If you hate watching videos, here’s the recap:

1. Dylan requests 5 bucks from tooth fairy.

2. Her mother points out that there is a recession going on.

3. Dylan’s like, “Umm – what?”

4. Mother explains the meaning of a recession with lots of diagrams from her college economics classes. Or maybe she didn’t. Whatever.

5. Dylan claims she saw the tooth fairy at Museum of Natural History.

6. Her mother has doubts about this but suppresses urge to call her 7-year-old a liar.

7. Dylan rattles on about her cousin, his cell phone and other things.

8. Her mother can’t get a word in.

9. They say good night.


Dylan did not get five dollars. She got two $1 dollar coins.

No word on whether there have been other sightings of the tooth fairy at the Museum of Natural History.

New job numbers show that we are not in a double dip recession but rather just a very sluggish economy. I’ll notify Dylan immediately.

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