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For quite awhile it’s been my belief that Marinka, Wendi Aarons and I are triplets separated at birth. I didn’t share this information with them because I didn’t want them to get all, “Hey can I borrow your sweater from Express?” and “You ruined my cowboy boots and bitch, stop using my hairbrush.” Because I don’t need that kind of stress.

So how do I know that we are triplets? We all have blonde hair. Obviously, you can’t argue with that kind of evidence.

But there’s even more. Wendi and I have been couch shopping at the VERY SAME TIME.  Like I’m sure there were days when we asked the Pottery Barn sales guy, “How much is this couch?” and we undoubtedly had the same expression when he said…


Well, that price seems.. uh… spirited.

Due to Hurricane Irene, I needed to buy two couches. We tried to keep an old one but three months after the storm, water was still puddling underneath it.  Which somehow seems inconvenient.

We bought the first couch, a sectional, online.  I spend more time thinking about my sushi order each week than I did buying that couch. Then it arrived. And I immediately texted my husband.


I’ve since learned three things…

1. I’m not a sectional type of girl.

2. The couch is NOT returnable.

3. I’m learning to like sectional couches.

So now we need to buy a second much smaller couch for another room.  So Rick sent me this possibility…

Yes, a white couch.

I wrote back, “I love the couch!!! But where are the kids going to live?”

He still doesn’t quite understand why it would be completely ludicrous to get a white couch. Yet – this man could give you a detailed explanation of the tensions and history of the Middle East. Really blows my mind.

I nixed the couch. And we are still looking. We got a few promising leads at Macy’s. But due to Summer and Dylan acting like crazed jumping monkeys in the bedding department, we had to leave before making any final decisions.

Probably at this point I should just buy Wendi’s old couch. I’m sure she delivers from Texas to New York.  At least she’d do it for family like me. Although I may have to fight Marinka for it.

27 Responses to couch hunting. like deer hunting. but less messy.

    • Kelcey says:

      No, it was from some furniture website our decorator recommended. I think it was called. HugeCouches.com
      In defense of sectionals… the kids LOVE it. I mean love it. It is super comfortable and everyone can stretch out without feeling crowded. And it does look really nice in the room. I just have never had a sectional so it just looks so long to me. I’m definitely getting used to it. and it’s a great family couch.

      • erika says:


    • Jennifer says:

      We have the Axis from Crate & Barrel. We love it. I thought this was it too. We have it in the same charcoal-y color too.

  • Leather. Kids can’t wreck it (I speak from experience here). All they can do is fast-forward the leather aging process so that the leather looks as if you found it in an English hunting lodge (perhaps where milady relaxed after deer hunting?). In fact, I’ve considered hiring my children out to a couch factory so that they can “pre-distress” the upholstery. Seriously: build a fort with the seat cushions, jump on the couch, vomit, drool, crayon marks, scratches…indestructible.

    • Sharon Weiss says:

      Yoj. An ruin leather as my now 36 yr old son proved 33 years ago on
      new leather sofa when he wrote on it with indelible magic marker. Had to replace.cushion.

  • Jenn says:

    It’s like carpets… you never have even a VAGUELY shaggy carpet near children… how do you expect to get all the play dough, candy, melted crayon, etc out a shaggy? It sticks in there like chewing gum to hair.

  • Oh my, oh my. I bought a white couch BEFORE I had children…and f*d it up on it’s first, would-be pristine day in my apartment. I sat down into its poufy loveliness with a cup of coffee in hand, only to have it spill onto not one, not two, but all FOUR of the couches white cushions. Luckily I bought the “soil protection plan” and after a long conversation with the company’s IVR system, I pressed buttons to get to “coffee stains” after “blood”, “vomit”, “feces”; I now have a cushion cover–somewhere in my house–that is whiter and brighter than my now splotchy, beige/gray/coffee (and maybe a little bit of vomit) couch. Thank you, my three children. And thank you Pottery Barn, for the ill-fitting slipcover that shields my long-ago purchase.

  • I’m ready to throw out our couch and just get each of us bean bag chairs. We can get a hooka for middle of the room and call it good. True family time.

    Also I’m slightly obsessed with Dance Moms. It looks like you have room for me on your new couch so I’ll be over slightly before nine with popcorn to watch with you! See you on the 10th! xo

  • Bitsy says:

    I like the coach! I wish I had room for a sectional. You’ll really like having it when your kids are older and have bunches of friends over to watch movies or football.

  • Maggie says:

    Ok – dumb idea perhaps but could you move the loveseat section (next to the chaise lounge) into the other room where you need a couch? Thus saving you from the sectional eating your living room & the cost of another piece of furniture?

  • jean says:

    Hah! I burst out laughing when you said, “but where are the kids going to live?” If I’d had crumbs in my mouth they would have spilled all over the computer screen.

  • Nina says:

    Even if you don’t have an IKEA near you, you should look at their stuff on-line. They will ship to you. They look great and they’re cheap, so when the kids destroy it you won’t feel so bad and you’ll have enough money to buy another one.

    • Jacki says:

      I think you have to assemble Ikea furniture by yourself and if you ever saw the assembly instructions you’d run to buy that white couch instead!

      • Nina says:

        But the IKEA furniture instructions have little happy faces on them. I kept pointing that out to my husband as he was putting together our second set of bookshelves from IKEA (because he broke the first set as he was assembling it). See honey, happy faces, you should be smiling. 🙂

  • Denise says:

    I hate buying furniture or should I say furniture on a budget. With that said, I own a white slip covered chair and I must admit there is no better color fabric to bleach!

  • Steph says:

    like you, it took me some time to get used to our sectional. but it is great for snuggling up with family. if Wendi sends you her couch, check for scorpions.

  • Nancy in Montana says:

    As a third-time white couch owner, I suggest one that you can remove the covers and wash them, if needed. My last one came from Cost Plus World Market, was purchased during a good sale and although I had to put it together myself, it is the perfect smaller couch. Not as small as a love seat but certainly no sectional. On second thought, you might want to wait until the kids are, say. . .25 years old before you consider getting a white couch. Taking off the covers to wash them is still . . . work.

  • Kara says:

    Oh wow! That couch is, um, kinda big. On the positive side, it will be perfect for movie night. IKEA sold us on the washable cover deal…but let me be the first to tell you that sharpie, blue nail polish, and red wine doesn’t wash out. Couch hunting…good times!

  • Issa says:

    A white couch? He’s lost is marbles. Maybe an alien ate your husband?

    My dad and step-mom had one when I was growing up. We weren’t allowed in that room. Ever.

  • Wendi says:

    I’m still upset that we were separated at birth. But thank god we found each other in our 30’s.

    Our new couch from Macys’—a sectional–arrives on Friday. But you already knew that.

    • DawnGes says:

      This fall we bought a sectional from Macy’s–it was our 3rd attempt to fit a couch down in the basement rec room. Our Macy’s sectional is so wonderful that I can’t seem to convince certain family members to ever leave the basement. It’s almost like they get stuck on the way up the stairs…:)

  • Sectionals are a bitch, aren’t they? they look all innocent in the furniture store with their unlimited space and what not… It IS pretty, though. And you’ll never be without a spot to sit, right?

    Instead of another couch in the other room, Might I suggest several chairs? It makes it so much easier to rearrange for parties and Christmas. Seriously. Good luck!

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