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I have been working with Luvs on their clever campaign about the difference between being a first time mom versus a second time mom. You know, the first time around you had a diaper bag the size of a steamer trunk and the second time around, you just pray you have a diaper shoved somewhere in the glove compartment.

Luvs made some very funny videos (and yes, they are truly funny!) about how you seriously relax with your second kid. Then the company hired six bloggers, including myself, to spread the word about this campaign.

So I turned my minivan into the Luvs Mobile (yes, I made a sign) and showed some local moms these videos. Now one (who will remain nameless) remarked that my minivan was surprisingly messy given how much I hate clutter in my own house. I handed her a dustbuster and told her to get to work so perhaps she’s learned a lesson about keeping mum.

Anyway, these moms had their own funny stories to tell about being a first time vs. second time mom…

And all of us moms could definitely laugh at how seriously we once took first time motherhood…

And thanks to Luvs, you can win six months of free diapers!! That’s money you can spend on wine or candy or Ryan Gosling posters. Your choice! You’ll win coupons, so feel free to give to a friend if you are out of the diaper stage.

To enter, just check out some of Luvs’ first kid/second kid videos and tell me what advertising spot you think the company should make next.

And you can enter this contest five more times on the following blogs…  Just visit Ann’s Rants, Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva, Snarky Mommy, The Laughing Stork and Robin’s Chicks.

We will pick the winners on February 28th! Good luck.

23 Responses to a ride in the luvs mobile!

  • Angie says:

    Haha this is great!! Too funny because I have a bulky diaper bag EVERY time I go out!! I have also become somewhat of a germaphobe freak and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed my hands and washed the binkies or toys that she puts in her mouth that have fallen on the floor. At the very beginning I also called the doctor quite a few times too lol I can look back and laugh at it now. Being a first time mom definitely makes you paranoid!!

  • MsDolfinn says:

    I LOVED the temperature one. The dad’s “I’m so sorry” made me laugh outloud. We just found out we are pregnant with our first one later this year, so I am hoping to gleen some insight from all of you wonderful mommies who have been there once or twice or four times.

    I like the idea of the pacifier dropping where the first time mom will sterilize or replace it versus the second time mom who picks off the lint, wipes it off and sticks it back in the baby’s mouth.

  • robin says:

    I love the over stuffed diaper bag. That is totally me. I have a 3 1/2 year old and we are about to have our second son via gestational carrier in May

  • HonestMum says:

    I was just talking about this today-I think with the second, there is less of a shock and you’re not wrestling with trying to retain your life pre kids. I have found second time round so much easier, much more chilled!

  • Meg D says:

    Ha! I liked the changing station one. They should definitely do a ‘putting baby to bed’ one. I remember talking about sleep for more hours than I actually slept when LJ was a baby!

  • So so so true. I MADE my own baby wipes for my first daughter, using all natural soap, water and natural fiber paper towels. I even had the audacity to give the “ingredients” for this project to my expectant sister-in-law for a shower gift. I’m so much fun.

    I quickly abandoned this practice once the real fatigue set in…about a batch of wipes in to motherhood.

    The real shock to me about being a mom was going from 1 kid to 2. Time management was a bitch. By the time my 3rd daughter came along, my mantra was “what the heck, throw another one on the pile!”

  • Mel says:

    Ooooo now this is intriguing and exciting (to my wallet and my sanity!) I am expecting twins and would appreciate beyond words the diapers. First time mom here, I am sure I’ll use what? – 30-40 diapers a day!?!?

    My idea would be for a video of changing diapers on the go – especially with more than 1 kid in tow – how to strap one into a restraining device (car seat, stroller, shopping cart) and keep close by while wrangling the one who needs a changing – all the while not cursing or getting poop on yourself because after all you’re wearing your new old navy scarf and who wants to have to wash a scarf? They are like jeans – they never get dirty!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Marnie says:

    1st kid: Babysitter arrives with full itinerary of the night, both for the parents and the child, with scheduled check in times, and a list of every single contact for everysinglething. House is neat. Mom has separation anxiety before leaving the house
    2nd kid: Babysitter arrives, Parents are almost out the door before sitter arrives, with no instructions and a faint promise to call if they are later than 1… or 3am. The kids are unbathed, unfed, unruly…

  • Lori says:

    1st kid:Hospital bag looks more like a suitcase packed with all sorts of junk you don’t need
    2nd kid: You just grab a few essentials on your way out the door while in labor

  • Jen says:

    LABOR! We know the signs the second time around, right? Or how about leaving them with a babysitter for the first (second, third, fourth) time? I LUV these ads by the way.

  • Carrie says:

    I LOVE these commercials! They make my husband and I laugh every time! I’m pregnant with our first and definitely assume I’ll be like the silly first mom 🙂

    I’m thinking the next one could be something about going to birthing/new baby classes or making a “birth plan”. Or planning out the nursery – most of my friends with mulitple kids didn’t put nearly as much (or no…) planning after the first.

  • gisele says:

    How about taking a shower when you have a newborn?
    With my first son, I brought the swing/bouncy chair/stroller into the bathroom and checked on him every ten seconds.

    With my second son, I left him in his bassinet in the living room while my almost three year old “supervised.” If I heard blood curdling screams from either one of them, I would call out “everything ok?”

    these commercials cracked me up so much!

  • Susan says:

    Child 1: we had a baby monitor even though he was in the very next room and the doors were open
    Child 2: no monitor, but the doors were still cracked open
    Child 3: baby was put in the room down the hall, all doors in between closed, so that we would only hear her if she was really screaming.

  • Leigh Ann says:

    Ha! I don’t know how many times I’ve left the house and forgotten to pack diapers now that I only have 1 wearing them. Heck, I even forget to change her throughout the day…

  • Samantha says:

    I had only seen the park one and just watched the rest, too funny! My second just turned one and I have definitely noticed how much more relaxed I was/am with him.
    I think another spot could be dressing your child…when at home, my first was dressed as though he was ready to go out–perfectly matched and coordinating. My second, when we’re staying in doesn’t even have matching socks sometimes. Where do those little things go??

  • Kate says:

    I can definitely agree with the breastfeeding video! Also, my first child had all the baby gadgets, swings, play pens, bouncy seats, changing table, etc. My second? She had nothing but an exersaucer!

  • Hannah Phaneuf says:

    I love these so much, they’re hilarious! The breastfeeding one is my favorite; I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter and it’s me to a T, haha! With my son I nursed with a cover and was all awkward about it, second baby, forget it! I gave my nursing cover to Goodwill ’cause I don’t even need it anymore, I’m so pro. 😉 As far as what advertising spot they should do next, maybe do something about how much easier it is to get your second kid to sleep? My first baby, every time he woke up I’d dutifully get out of bed, sit in our designated glider, nurse, stand up, burp him, pace the house for 30 minutes til he was asleep, then carefully place him back in the bassinett til he was sound asleep, aaand repeat 2-5x per night. HAHA!! Second kid? Roll over, insert boob, aaaand back to sleep in 30 seconds. WHY DID I NOT DO THAT BEFORE??! 😉

  • Lindsey says:

    Registry time!
    1st kid – Mom and Dad wander around with the gun, registering for everything in sight including the wipes warmer and 4,000 pacifiers.
    2nd kid – “Honey, we have most of this in a closet somewhere, don’t we?” Scan a few boxes of diapers and leave.

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