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There are moments when gratitude is in very low supply. In the late afternoon, when cold and darkness envelope the neighborhood, my children are bouncing off the furniture and the walls of my 1,200 square foot dwelling seem to shrink, “thank you” is not at the forefront of my frazzled mind.

dylan-and-leaves.jpgBut these are just minutes and moments and blips of time. There is abundance and gratitude to be found everywhere.

I am thankful that my husband Rick found me, digging through my reporter bag, on the steps of the Stamford, Connecticut Courthouse. I’m grateful he said hello and so began this current, wonderful life of mine.

I’m grateful that a boy in search of a fellow jew, found a shiksa he could love more than anyone.

I’m grateful the child and dog phobic co-op board of a 4th floor walk-up on the upper east side of Manhattan rejected us and we ended up in an ideal, 5th floor west village apartment (with a stylin’ elevator of course).

I’m grateful beautiful, moody, shy, creative, dance feverish Dylan boogied into our world on our 2nd wedding anniversary.

I’m grateful her smiley, sassy, vivacious, boob loving sister Summer found us too.

I’m grateful our dog Martini is chasing wildlife in the suburbs, instead of ripping apart yogurt containers in our apartment.

I’m grateful for our friends and family who generously share laughter, advice, support and kindness.

I’m grateful for the mama bird readers who spend their very limited free time, allowing me into their lives and sharing their own.

I treasure you all.

So thank you. I am one lucky, blessed mama.

10 Responses to a pause for gratitude

  • Kerry says:

    I'm grateful that our semester in Spain friendship transcended time and distance to bring us to this place of mama-amigas! And as gravy – you handed me my husband! Love to you and your family.

  • Ilene says:

    Amen, we all have so much to be grateful for and you and your beautiful family are right up there at the top of my list!!! Love you all. Bubbie

  • laura says:

    In the ever confounding words of my three year old — I'm thankful for my eyes… hmmm…. not really sure what that means, but it made me laugh. I'm thankful for every giggle. And my family, and my friends. Thanks for this kelcey!

  • Kristen says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post! I am grateful for you my friend and so grateful you drove out to see us in Hoboken last week. You are truly a gem and I wished we lived closer! I wish we had had more time.

  • Susan says:

    I enjoy reading your post each morning when I get to work after dropping off my three kids at school (twins age 2 and my non stop daughter age 5). They make me smile in the morning before I start my crazy day at work. Thanks!

  • Susan Kintner says:

    Thank you mama bird for this and all your sharings. As you know, gratitude and creative ways to remember to be grateful are always appreciated. I forget so easily! Nov. 22nd NYT had a wonderful article on gratitude journals…some like it/some don't … but for me writing down 5 moments/people etc each day for which I am grateful really gets me back to basics in the evening hours! Finally, may I remember "If the only prayer you say in your entire life is Thank youm it will be enough"(Meister Eckhardt)Many blessings of appreciation to all your readers and responders….and especially my family. momala

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