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I’m walking down Hudson this week, pushing Summer in the stroller and suddenly a delivery guy puts the hard brakes on his trolly and turns around and stares at me.

And then looks away.

And then stares at me again.

“Oh damn. I thought you were that girl from Sex in the City.”

“Sarah Jessica Parker?” I ask flattered. Sure, a Maxim Magazine poll once declared her the “unsexiest woman alive” but I think she’s ultra fabulous.

“Yeah that’s the one. Hey George, doesn’t she look like that Sex and the City girl?” he asks his friend.

“She sure does. But totally different nose,” George chimes in.

And from what I saw at the Oscar’s, very different boobs too.

“Yeah… well, as you can see. I’m not her. But I’ve actually been hoping to see her myself one of these days.”

I want to tell them that I’m a bit panicked because we are planning a move to the suburbs in a few months and then I’ll only run into celebs like Phil Donahue and Michael Bolton and what kind of empty life is that?

I mean, this week alone, I spotted Hugh Jackman and Keifer Sutherland in my neighborhood.  But I don’t want these delivery guys to pity me so I just say goodbye and keep walking.

And then that evening, we get an offer on our apartment.

And I immediately start crying.

And Rick looks at me in disbelief and says, “You are crazy. Why are you crying? It’s an offer! That’s good news.”

“Because I love our exposed brick and our high ceilings and my favorite coffee shops and my friends in the neighborhood and our preschool and all the awesome restaurants and our babysitter and…. THIS is where I brought my babies home. This the living room where we bounced 4 week-old Dylan on an exercise ball nonstop because it was the only thing that stopped her from crying. And this is the home where I nursed both my girls. And I don’t want someone living in our house. This is OUR home.”

More sobbing.

I know it’s time to take my cue from “Friday Night Lights” because I believe scripted television dramas contain the key to a better, more fulfilling life.

On a recent episode, Coach Taylor puts the kaibosh on a beautiful new house his wife Tami has her heart set on. Too expensive, he says, to which Tami responds, “I don’t need this house. I don’t. I got you and I got Jules and I got Gracie Bell and the best life. I don’t need this house.”

I, too, have the best life and I know, deep under my tears, that I don’t need this house either.

“But I’m really going to miss it,” I say to Rick.

“I know. Me too.”

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50 Responses to a little wisdom from coach taylor and his wife

  • Chris says:

    Congratulations on the offer, but I understand the bittersweet feelings.  Moves are always difficult – even the ones where you\\\’re moving to a larger home, or upgrading in anyway.

    I had to scroll up and look at your photo again… you DO resemble SJP!  You\\\’re very pretty, regardless of any celebrity likeness!

  • Terra says:

    just think you could be a celeb in the burbs!  Followed by other people hoping to get a glimpse of the famous SJP.  HA HA.  I am sure you will make a happy home whereever you are!

  • E says:

    1.  Anything that works for the Taylors works for me.  Sometimes I pretend I am Tami Taylor.  🙂  2.   I am not saying congrats b/c I don’t wanna jinx.  3.  We sold the perfect house where the 3 kids were born (one of them was 5 weeks old when we moved) and I know how hard it is to leave behind your family memories.  Just brutal.  To think that someone else will make their own memories in YOUR home is hard.  I came close to breaking the contract.  But Tami is right–ultimately you just need your family and  you make a new home and memories anywhere you go.   Now I look back on leaving CA and it was the best move ever and our family has never been happier.  You’ll make something new and wonderful happen as long as you are together. 

  • Bitsy says:

    Wow, you are so lucky! You have an offer in this market AND you look like SJP, with a better nose.
    But, I do remember that feeling of leaving the house behind. It is bittersweet.

  • Cathy says:

    wow–big news! leaving your old house is tough–lots of memories, like you said. But at least you don’t have to buy any more smelly candles!

  • Sandrine says:

    Oh Kelcey I would be sobbing too and I did when we moved to Brooklyn but the next day I had the biggest smile on my face-change is good especially good change-we will miss you and we will keep great memories of a great apartment where we shared our experiences as being moms for the first time- oh  I am going to cry now….bisous

  • Daphne says:

    You are sexier than SJP, and will be the hottest suburban mama too.  Change is good.  Sometimes there’s nothing better than a jump-start new start to get the ball of change rolling. Congrats on the offer.

  • ErinB says:

    yea for the offer and SJP comment…big week for you :-}   I sobbed when we left my little apt in ffd…even though it was tiny and so didnt work for us I had so many memories there it was hard to let go…but the new memories in our new place are even better….will keep my fingers crossed for you

  • mayberry says:

    Aww, I totally understand–but I am sure exciting adventures will follow you to the ‘burbs. You’re just that kind of family. Now get out there and stalk the streets for SJP every day until you leave!

  • Kelcey – I was walking down the street the other day, and this guy stopped me. He said’ God – you look JUST like Cindy Crawford – only without the mole.’
    It happens to me all the time….

  • Jennifer H says:

    You think you were crying? What about SJP when she realized her decoy is leaving town? Those were real tears. Now she’ll actually have to walk around the neighborhood.

    (Congratulations on the offer! I know it’s bittersweet, but good news, too. I’m sure there will be many more bittersweet moments before you carry the last box out the door.)

  • Jen says:

    ohhh mama, you will be sorely missed. but you’re not gone yet. will be in touch, wanna have you over to play and dinner…
    hope the offer is a good one!

  • Angie says:

    Totally love Friday Night Lights. I saw that episode and I have to hand it to Tami… I’m not sure if I would have been that mature about it. Congrats on the offer. But I do feel you. I have been known to have a few freakouts before a move. Those darn memories get us every time!

  • OHmommy says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!  I totally called it.  In March.  Woot, woot.  I should charge people for my weird psychic abilities.

    *cue* my manners.

    Oh honey, I am so sorry you have to leave behind a place you love so much.  I promise you will make a million new memories in the new place.  Promise.  XOXO

  • tracey says:

    Oh, honey. If you weren’t sad about leaving your home, it’d be even SADDER. It’s ok to mourn the things you’ll leave behind, no matter how much you yearn for what’s ahead.

  • I feel you on the house (to quote another amazing tv show…  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air).  I love love love my house, even though its nothing special, because of the memories.  We talk about moving, going bigger, but I just can’t do it yet.

  • Erik says:

    Here’s to the coolest apartment that I’ve been priveleged to visit!  I’ll miss it!  But I cherish what was inside that apartment much more than the building itself.  Good luck!

  • Rhea says:

    Damn, I never get confused for cool celebrities like SJP.  That’s cool. 

    Congrats on the offer, although I know it’s bittersweet.

  • Oh – I know how you feel. It’s hard to leave the first home your children ever know. Especially if it’s in Manhattan! Don’t worry – the burbs will be good to you. But it will be an adjustment.

  • Pearl says:

    whoa, you are waaaaaay cuter than SJP. way.

    i moved from san francisco to the burbs and i do hate the burbs at times, but i mostly just feel smug that i no longer have to deal with the city. 

    congrats on the offer.  change is always good, right?

  • scrappysue says:

    well, congrats on the offer!!! i’ll sure miss HEARING about you telling us about celebrity sightings, lol – but life will go on – at least i THINK it will!

  • I have to say, I think that’s so flattering that someone thought you were SJP, it’s almost better than you seeing her. 

    Sorry about your tears, you really do live in a kick ass place, I can understand! I would be sobbing and kicking my way out of town. 

  • Jessica says:

    I went through the exact same thing just shy of a year ago. It was tough. I was so sentimental… I think I wrote many,many, many odes to the old house before we moved. But honestly, I haven’t looked back. Yes, at first I did feel like I was living in someone else’s home. But now it feels like mine and I love my new home the wonderful memories we have already created here. I’ve yet to run into Michael or Phil, or even Marlo. But I’ve seen “Opie” a good bit! Good luck with everything and Congratulations!

  • Diane says:

    I will miss your big-city-girl observations about being an urban mama – it is my way of vicariously escaping the bubble we call the burbs. But think of the great new world and all the material you will have to share – I can’t wait to hear about your funny and candid observations of becoming ‘one of us’.

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Oh Kelcey!  It is bittersweet.  I’ll follow you to the suburbs.  You truly lived the city life, took advantage of its perks & quirks.  Now it’s time to see how the other half lives.  I’m still going to call you my “friend from Manhattan”, though.  Oh, and love the shout out to Tami & Coach Taylor.  my totally fav show.

  • jolynn says:

    WAIT!! Micheal Bolton and Phil Donahue? I KNOW where they live…………….are you moving back to your hometown?

  • Kere says:

    great job on getting an offer in this market. leaving behind a place with memories is hard, but just think of all the new ones you will make 🙂 all happens for a reason. and fyi, i LOVE LOVE LOVE FNL!

  • Kendra says:


    I love your blog, nice job.

    I especially got a kick out of your “Naked Night Kitchen” entry. I had almost the same experience as you described. I commented on it there.

    And from your picture I must say that your much prettier than SJP. My boyfriend refers to her as “hoarse face.” I know, he’s mean. But you are quite pretty.

  • Mrs4444 says:

    Yup. It will be sad, leaving.  Take lots of pics for mementos. (but don’t take any bricks, cuz you might cause the whole building to collapse, and you wouldn’t want to leave that legacy….

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Moving to Paris will be wonderful.  You can give your children wine with breakfast and they’ll learn to speak French.  You’ll be eating great food and smoking a pack of Gitane a day before you know it.  Everyone will want to come visit.  And it could be worse, you could be moving to The Bronx…bonjour..

  • Madmad says:

    I hate all change and have bawled every time I’ve had to move. And I would definitely bawl to leave NYC. BUT you will be fine, just fine. (And you can adopt my my grand life plan, to move back to the city after the kids grow up.) 

  • aimee says:

    Of course, how could you not miss it? Hopefully many, many more wonderful memories will be made in your new house, though! Congrats on the offer!

  • johanna says:

    Moving is tough…but you’ll have so many great memories to take with you.  And who doesn’t love Coach and the family??! 

  • Suzie says:

    Change is REALLY hard. And moving stinks. But I have a feeling you and the fam will adapt very nicely to the ‘burbs! 🙂
    I can’t believe someone confused you with SJP! Although I have never met either of you in person–you are WAY prettier in your pictures. Although she’s got a killer push up bra. 😉

  • Big news! Congrats on the offer.  Take comfort in the fact that you’re simply moving to the suburbs…some people love it!  And if you don’t, hey, you can always move back, right?

  • Congrats on the offer, but I can imagine your angst. ((hug))  I left an old house with character and exposed stone on a busy city street for a new cookie-cutter house in the ‘burbs and I know a teensy bit how you might feel.  Of course the city was um, NOT New York. 

    And you do slightly resemble SJP!  How funny.

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