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So Mayberry Mom and I were recently emailing about which Presidents we’d be willing to hook up with.  No, not sex. Do we look like that easy?!

Just like first or second base.

It all started because Mayberry Mom commented on my last post that she’d had a Monica Lewinsky sighting and well, you understand how we quickly got to the issue of presidential hook-ups.

I always felt a little sorry for Monica Lewinsky because if given the chance to mug down with a President, would you really say no?

Mayberry Mom and I both agreed that we would go for it with Obama.

But George W. Bush? Absolutely not.

I mean, if given the opportunity, I’d probably try to make myself kiss W. just so I could casually mention, “I made out with the President,” in conversations with other moms at preschool pickup.  But honestly, I know in the end I couldn’t stomach it.  I just can’t kiss a guy with such poor syntax.

The first George Bush? Hell no.

Bill Clinton? I don’t think so. That guy is too easy.

Jimmy Carter? Too peanuty.

Back in 1992, never-going-to-be-president Al Gore might have been worthy of a hook-up. I worked on the Clinton-Gore campaign and Gore had a tendency to wear his pants kind of snug, which isn’t exactly my thing but I’m sure it was a real crowd pleaser and he looked pretty good for a politician.

As for my husband Rick, he would totally make out with 2012 presidential-wannabe  Sarah Palin. He wouldn’t fly to Alaska for the chance.  But but you know, if she was out hunting or fishing or turkey killing in the West Village and they just happened to run into each other…

Hillary Clinton? Well, depends on the pantsuit.

While I’m writing this, my husband is vehemently shaking his head no to Hillary but I’m telling you, he shouldn’t be so closed minded. A make out session with a Secretary of State is something you can really brag about on your Facebook profile.

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