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My daughter recently handed me a letter and said, “Can you send this to the President?”

“Sure,” I said. “But just to clarify – the President of the United States?” I mean, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t for the President of Target or something.

“Yes, President Obama” my daughter said. And walked away like it she had just asked if we could have turkey tacos for dinner.


Of course, I opened the letter first because if Obama and my daughter are going to be corresponding, I want the deets.

Here’s part of her letter to the President…


letter to president

So basically my daughter is “telling on me” to the President of the United States. She’s outraged that I would at times tell her brother that he is being rude but she doesn’t have the same right to call me rude.

Of course, I’ll mail the letter but I’ll also be sending a rebuttal.

Here is my rebuttal  to the President:


Dear President Obama,

I know that you just received a letter from one of my daughters. Yes, it’s true that sometimes I tell my son Chase that he is being rude. Usually after he has told one of his sisters to “shut up” or called them a “crazy fart face” which is obviously unacceptable and if you want to put that in some kind of executive order that would very helpful.

It is also true that I don’t allow my children to call me rude. Because while the Declaration of Independence stipulated that “all men are created equal” they didn’t say, “Sassy children should feel free to say whatever pops into their heads to their parents – especially if those are the same parents who have worked very hard so that their children can see Taylor Swift next week in Miami.”

If you decide to propose a law that kids have the same rights as adults, I assume that will mean that they will also have the same responsibilities. I can hardly wait for my children to start doing the grocery shopping, folding the laundry, and paying the bills. It’s going to be glorious.

Keep me posted on legislative developments!


The “rude” mother

P.S. Let me know if you want a Taylor Swift t-shirt!


Note: If you see my daughter, PLEASE don’t tell her you read about her letter to the President. She’ll just get mad at me all over again, and I don’t want her picketing in the streets.

The truth is – I’m proud that my daughter would go right to the top to handle matters that are important to her. A girl with a strong will and a passionate heart is going to make good things happen in this world. I just know it.

5 Responses to a letter to the president

  • Becky says:

    I think the President would be very receptive to all these suggestions. Better get the letter in now though, cuz Bernie ain’t got no time for any of these shenanigans.

  • bitsy says:

    She has the right spirit! I once knew a little girl who wrote a letter full of indignation about how her mother made her wear that horrible, puffy coat. She is now a young woman who marches in the streets and on the Capitol for human rights and I couldn’t be prouder. Sounds like you are raising her right! Hooray for “rude” moms!

  • Leslie says:

    My daughter once wrote to President Obama because she wanted it to be legal to marry her little brother. She was 7 and he was four at the time. I am saving a copy to show her when her little brother is driving her crazy in a few years.

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