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So I heard a news anchor (no, not my husband) complain this morning that there has been too much news coverage of the Obama’s new dog. Why? Just because there are entire blogs dedicated to the topic?!

I mean, where else are you going to find out that First Pet Bo’s favorite food is tomatoes.

Total side note: Have you ever in your life hung out with a dog that loved tomatoes? I don’t want to make any predictions but a dog with a tomato addiction might have some issues to work out.

Anyway, seeing as we’re in a recession, layoffs are everywhere, tea parties (I did not say tea bag parties) are rampant, pirates are back in action and we’re at war with two countries… what’s the problem with a little frivolous, happy news now and then?

And anytime I hear that somebody else has purchased or adopted a dog, a dog that I personally don’t have to walk, feed or take care of – that does indeed make me happy. I really like dogs. I just don’t like the “spend all my money meeting all their crazy canine needs” part.

Maybe that anchor, who thinks Bo has gotten too much press,  just misses the good ole days when we used to obsess over Michelle Obama’s sleeveless shirts.

Speaking of happy (you know, right up there before Michelle’s blouses), I’m so excited my sister is coming to visit this weekend from Memphis. I wanted to take her to my favorite new BBQ place in the city and was just about to call up and make a reservation when I had a very brief moment of genius and remembered that SHE LIVES IN MEMPHIS. I mean, the girl is drowning in BBQ sauce 365 days a year and I want to take her for some Manhattan ribs.

So I have to think of some place else which makes my brain hurt a little bit but I’ll come up with something.

Meanwhile (and then I’ll leave you alone so you can enjoy your freakin’ weekend without me rattling on about dogs and ribs), I want to mention my kids because I heard this is supposed to be a parenting blog. The other day, 4 1/2 year-old Dylan says to me…

“Do you think you and Daddy could get married again because me and Summer missed the wedding.”

How sweet is that?

She made it sound like they wanted to be there but you know, they had a conflicting engagement like their annual racquetball tournament or something.

Well, at least she’s not asking me for a dog.

mama bird notes:

If you want to follow my genetics journey on 23andMe, here is an excerpt from my latest post.

“My dad is a bit obsessed with crab cakes lately. He orders them in every restaurant we go to. And then he immediately judges them. And when it comes to critiquing food, my father is very definitive…”

To read more of this post on 23andMe, click here.

26 Responses to a fancy white house dog still poops like every other dog

  • You know, I’ve been thinking Chelsea… you should come back to CT… because not everyone wears yoga pants… because there is a great dog park in the town you grew up in so that should your kids ever want a dog you could just take them there, and finally, because the state is offering HUGE incentives and tax breaks to Hollywood. All the celebrities and film crews are leaving NYC and state and coming here!
    And adorable what Dylan said!

  • “Do you think you and Daddy could get married again because me and Summer missed the wedding.” That right there….SWEETEST THING EVER!  I am smiling from ear to ear after reading that. 

  • Jessica says:

    I usually jest but i’m serious when I say I wish they had gotten a mutt to show the world how important it is to adopt a dog that needs a home.  My God, they have all the resources to help train it.  Too bad, they really had a chance to set an amazing example

  • tracey says:

    How rude of you to not invite your children! My daughter wants to know when I’m wearing the dress again (um, when I lose 15 pounds) and when Daddy will have long hair again (um, when we strike the lotto and he can have rocker locks again!)

  • MommyTime says:

    I totally have those moments where I want to take my west coast Japanese inlaws to a sushi restaurant — in the Midwest.  And then I remember that they make sushi at home that’s as good as anything I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  So I feel your pain.

  • Allison T. says:

    Bwahahahaha!!!! Teabagging! Okay, I’m sorry, I know I’m soooooo 6th grade, but that article about Anderson Cooper saying “teabagging” absolutely cracked me up. Thank you for my inappropriate humor moment of the day. And on a Sunday, no less.

    BTW- what BBQ place were you thinking? Unlike your sister, I do not have easy access to great ribs and would love to know where you do!

  • Terra says:

    In general I think the media hounds everything to death – I am happy to hear about the dog but I don’t need two weeks of it – IYKWIM –

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Note the white house dog is BLACK  & WHITE.  A subtle message perhaps.  Take your sister in for a Maine Lobster….that will be a treat that can’t be beat.  One of your Mamabird Contributors owes me a big lobster dinner for a bet she lost.  Maybe we’ll see you with your bibs on when I collect my lobster dinner on my very next trip to Manhattan – 6/8.

  • Lanie says:

    Hope you have a fun visit with Quinn – I am sure that you will no matter where you take her for dinner.  Great post!!

  • johanna says:

    Sounds like an excuse to get a new dress and throw a big party for a “wedding” celebration and show your girls a good time! 

  • Fairlington Blade says:

    Such a sweet comment by the girls. Looking forward to the days when my little ones start making me smile and scratch my head.


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