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The other night I had dinner with my dad and he starts telling me this story about the Smithsonian Channel. And I’m all like, “What channel?”

Apparently, it’s a real TV channel. I guess the History Channel isn’t boring enough for some people.

So he tells me that he watched this program about migrating elephants.

And apparently in a herd of elephants, there is one female leader who all the other elephants follow.

During this documentary, there’s a tense, nail biting moment when the elephant leader decides to wade across a river that is filled with alligators and all the other elephants follow her.  Her motivation is unknown.  Thankfully, every elephant crosses safely. Then one of the elephants starts giving birth.

Now it’s unclear to me why this preggo elephant couldn’t give birth to her calf on the other side of the river but whatever, maybe her OBGYN only works one side.

So my dad tells me an adorable baby elephant is born. And all the other elephants delicately help the baby elephant to stand for the first time, gently using their feet (that sounds weird) to prop her up. It’s apparently a very beautiful moment. (The kind of moment that would make House Speaker John Boehner cry I’m absolutely sure.)

And the next morning, the baby elephant is dead.

And that is pretty much the end of my dad’s story.

Oh wait, he added a part about vultures waiting for the other elephants to abandon the dead one so they could feast. And with that, my dad said, “Good Night. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

So if you’re looking for an uplifting tale, my advice is to seek out this Smithsonian Channel or just give my dad a call.

24 Responses to a cute baby elephant!

  • Candice says:

    Don’t you just want to know HOW the baby died?? I’m on pins and needles. My brain is seriously considering googling it! lol

  • cardiogirl says:

    Damn! My mouth dropped open when the lead elephant — who must have been PMSing if she confidently waded through a river with ALLIGATORS! — decided it was time to get to the other side.

    Then the birth! Yay! They made it and the other elephant chicks were helping. Yay!

    Then the two by four: the baby died.

    And a tablespoon of salt to the wound: the vultures descended.

    That’s a crazy story you have there.

  • Jennifer says:

    I know he’s a terrific grandpa and beloved and all, but maybe don’t put him in charge of bedtime stories? The Brothers Grimm got nuthin’ on him. 😉

  • Meg D says:

    Okay for a much happier baby elephant image go to Youtube and search “baby elephant playing on the beach” shot by cuddlefuzzy (not me, though I wish cause it looks like cuddefuzzy has a prettty sweet set up on the beach with her three kids and a nanny but that’s beside the point). Supreme baby elephant cuteness with a happy ending to it.

    Stay warm!

  • amourningmom says:

    Your dad is so great but I might not be watching TV with him.

    I am with Candice – I too really want to know how (and why) the baby died.

    I think that the elephants borrowed part of that story line from our house. . .xoxo

  • Marinka says:

    Look, I have many decades of soap opera watching under my very loose belt, and this sounds like a typical cliffhanger! Maybe the baby elephant was just sleeping? Or he has a twin that will appear during Smithsonian channel sweeps?

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Marinka, Baby Elephant Fan First

  • Slow Panic says:

    I’m just praying and hoping my husband does not discover the Smithsonian channel. I feel like I am dealing with enough with the stupid History and Military channel.

  • Cat says:

    Not having a TV my opinion may not be the most relevant, however, I would take Smithsonian over the War Channel (opps, I mean The History Channel) any day.

  • E says:

    OMG. Thanks, Dad, I am crying. Since Ron met your dad and fell in love with him I bet he will find this story extra charming. Did you ask your Pops, “WHAT WAS THE POINT OF TELLING ME THAT?!”

  • Thomas says:

    The circle of life can be brutal as well as beautiful. The elephants in question spent several hours walking round and round the baby in a mourning ritual that was quite moving, notwithstanding the sadness of the baby’s demise.

  • Candice says:

    Did he mention any female drama going on within the elephant ranks.. gossip/back stabbing?? I mean they all can’t get along ALL the time right?? Either that or I watch waayyyy to much reality TV.

  • I saw a really cute picture of a baby elephant on a blog the other day. So that’s what I was thinking of while I read this. The picture made me smile whenever I thought about it. Now I have this story in my head…depressing. I think I’ll stick with the Disney channel – I prefer my Hakuna Matata with a living baby. Preferably animated.

  • LOVE the heartwarming tale with the smack in your face ending! hehe. SO happy I found your blog! Your fantastic posts have reminded me of so much that I miss about NYC and so very much that I want my babies to know, in my hometown. Gee lady, thanks for the Saturday tears! 😛 oh, and rock on!!

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