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(This is a sponsored post for Custom Ink Fundraising.)

I’ve alway considered myself to be a bit of a fashion designer. This is mostly based on the fact that I’ve watched a lot of episodes of Project Runway and I have an unused sewing machine in the basement. But then came along an opportunity to design a real actual shirt.

And look what I designed!

A pretty cute kids shirt, right? And no Heidi Klum or sewing needles required!

I did it through Custom Ink which makes it easy to design and sell apparel/accessorties so you can raise money and awareness for good causes.

I love a company that is focused on doing good things. Founded in August 2013, Custom Ink Fundraising has helped people raise over 50 million dollars for incredible causes.

I’m raising money for the Plastic Pollution Coalition which is working to clean up our oceans and reduce our reliance on plastic. Because plastic packaging is overwhelming our planet.

I mean.. you know that scary fish quote.

By 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

And it’s toxic to human health. We can pretend that it’s not happening but it is. And it’s so gross.

I’m selling my kids t-shirt over at Custom Ink for only $95. Okay, seriously. They are only $25. For two weeks only because you know limited editions sell like hotcakes. And the proceeds go directly to the nonprofit. Plus, there’s no up-front costs or risks.

It was super easy to design and set up my fundraiser and obviously you could do this for any cause. The Custom Ink Design Lab gives you free access to a library of fonts and over 70,000 pieces of art. You can also upload your own artwork, photo or logo.

Now if you’re not a talented designer like me and Michael Kors, the team at Custom Ink will help you do it. How awesome is that?! Plus they gladly and quickly answered all my dumb questions.

So back to my cause – saving the world. I have never quite understood why we are so intent on destroying something so beautiful.

If every one of us could do something small…. start recycling (I’m talking to my friend Jaime K.), actually bring those reusable bags to the market, use a reusable water bottle, say no to plastic bags and support causes that help protect and clean up the environment.

Imagine if we all did something, how much would actually get done.

If you feel like saving the environment today, please consider buying my cute t-shirt for the cute kid in your life.

(This is a sponsored post for Custom Ink Fundraising.)

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