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The always entertaining Ann of Ann’s Rants: Confessions of a Work Week Widow is throwing a week-long blog party (pray the beer doesn’t run out) called “Great Posts You Probably Never Read (Except for You, Mom).” These are fabulous posts we wrote when we had about eight readers. Ok, maybe five. Definitely two for sure.

Read Ann’s very funny piece below, leave a comment and then head on over to Wendi Aarons’ place to read my post about nudity (you can read it fully clothed which is highly advisable if you’re at work).  Then visit Ann’s blog to read Wendi’s hilarious post about her unbridled passion for downward dogs.

It’s Not You, It’s Me
By Ann of  Ann’s Rants

Dear Playdate Mommy,

I’m not sure how to say this, but…its over. Please don’t take it personally. We seemed to have a lot in common in that we both have 4-year-old males, but the chemistry just isn’t there. I guess I’m just not that into you.

Please don’t be angry. Its not you, it’s me. I really tried. I dragged up all those conversation starters from boring business lunches of old: Seen any good movies lately? Got any vacation plans in the works? Where did you grow up? See, I have a lot going on right now. That, and I need more space. Also, I’m still getting over my last Mommy break-up. Trust me, I just couldn’t be a good Mommy friend to you right now. I’m not ready for a friendship right now in my life. I’m seeing other Mommies.

I can’t thank you enough for all you contributed—the organized craft for the kids, the healthy snacks for all of us, the freshly brewed coffee…You’re such a great Mommy and I just know that you’re going to make some lucky Mommy out there so happy.  You deserve someone who appreciates all you do, rather than just staring blankly in your general direction.

I just haven’t found “The One” yet, you know? They say these things take time…I hope we can still be acquaintances.

Seriously. No. Really,

Now click on over to Wendi Aarons to read my post about all those naked people out there.

20 Responses to a blog party to make your monday less sucky

  • Jessica says:

    Ahh, yes! I have so been there. Three times actually — one Mommy group per child. Mommy Me Me Me drove me crazy. Yes, she provided crafts and activities and food and coffeee and even wine. And yet, despite the gift of free wine Mommy Me Me Me really rubbed me the wrong way.  So self-centered, everything had to be about her. Eventually I just stopped seeing her. In the end I was the one who was slighted — defriended, to be exact… on Facebook!!!!

  • Ah – something I’ve tried to explain to many a new mom friend…don’t invest so much right away – these things rarely last once you realize that all you have in common is sleep training and poopie diapers. Once the kids start to go their different ways (one is pro-potty training, one is pro-choice), it’s inevitable that you will drift apart too. I think that young mother friendships are a lot like those in high school. Some last forever, but most don’t. It’s best to just end things before it gets complicated.

  • Daphne says:

    This is wonderful. I had a mommy (not one I actually knew) say to me “we should probably not get together. I’ve been burned my mommies before.” Um, ok, bitch.

  • Daphne says:

    This is wonderful. I had a mommy (not one I actually knew, just the parent of some brat my kid played with at the train table at the book store) say to me \\\”we should probably not get together. I\\\’ve been burned my mommies before.\\\” Um, ok, bitch. I wasn\\\’t going to ask anyways…

  • I still can’t get past trying to be friendly with strange mommies…  you know, in real life.  I could totally do a virtual play-date.  Monsoon probably wouldn’t go for that. Hmm. 

    Did she stalk you after?  Call and hang up; facebook friend you under an alias?

  • Chris says:

    I don\\\’t do playdates anymore for this very reason.  The break-ups were terrible.  You\\\’ve handled it much better than I ever did.

    When I was a kid, my parents had friendships with people they were… friends with, and the kids were thrown together and had to \\\”play\\\” – even if there was an age spread.

    Very funny and TRUE post!

  • Marinka says:

    This is absolutely perfect–I’m so glad that you revived it!

    I always found the “do you have any siblings?” question to be the death toll of new friendships and blind dates. (and no, I don’t. I’m an only child.)

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