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So first there was the euphoria. “Yahoo! One baby is so much easier than twins. This is like taking care of a hamster. Or maybe even a chia pet. Man, I’ve so got this!”

And then I got really really tired.

So tired that the other day I said to Summer, “We will leave for the park as soon as I eat the baby.”

For the record, I did not eat the baby. I did however feed him.  Which is what I meant to say. And a far better parenting choice.

We did have a little scare over the weekend with Cash when we noticed that there was a protrusion just below his stomach.  We ended up taking him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with a hernia. In case you are keeping track, I also have a hernia. So keep your eye out for a mother son hernia repair Groupon.

We are consulting with a pediatric surgeon to see if he needs surgery. I will keep you posted on that situation and whether I once again attempt to eat the baby.

My favorite photo of the week:  Summer and Cash.

Summer and Cash

And this is my favorite video of the week. If you have one of those husbands who likes to fix things when all you really want him to do is listen, you will love this…

mama bird notes:

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14 Responses to a baby! so cute. so tiring.

  • francesca says:

    Isaac, my 3 yo had an inguinal hernia and surgery when he was 2 months old. He was a much happier baby after the surgery. LMK if you want more info.

  • Beth says:

    That photograph is absolutely stunning! I sure hope his hernia will not require a surgery, but I’ll be in touch right away if there are any 2 for’s in our area!

  • beachgirl says:

    Poor Cash 🙁 hope he is okay and no surgery required…gorgeous pic and I laughed out loud at the groupon reference 🙂 how can you maintain a sense of humor with a newborn and 4 other kids??

  • Steph says:

    That picture is beautiful of Summer and Cash. It reminds me of the sweetest time in my life, having a 6 year old big sis and a newborn. But you have 3 more children! All this Southern (via Kentucky, Louisiana & Texas) girl can say is bless your heart! You must be exhausted. Wish I lived closer. My now 15-year old and 9year old and I would love to babysit–after you met us IRL and checked out our references:)

  • Princess Judy says:

    Such a sweet, beautiful picture! We had a pet mouse once who had babies and then she got stressed out and ate them, so you know, a precedent has been set.

  • Jaimee says:

    Love the pic!! I have a question for you…I have 5 kids also, ages 1-10. We are going to be in NY on our way to a cruise this fall. We are debating about whether to go a day early to see the city or not. Neither me or my husband has ever been to NY so we want to take advantage of being out there but we are fairly nervous about getting around with 5 kids. How scary would the subway be? I can totally see one of my kids getting left behind. And taxis are out since they wouldn’t fit all of us plus there’s the whole carseat issue. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

    • MommyTime says:

      In my experience in NYC (granted, only traveling with two), kids LOVE the subway and the city. I used a sling/bjorn for the baby, and when the kids were older, made a rule that everyone had to be holding someone’s hand from the time we set foot on the platform until we exited the station. People on the subway in NYC uniformly gave up their seats to me when I got on with a baby/toddler. We had a very good umbrella stroller (not the $20 kind) that we used daily. We were there for 10 days, and kids did tons of walking. Even the 5 1/2 yr old needed a rest in the stroller at times, so my advice would be to take two umbrella strollers if you have two adults, so that you can rotate who is in them. Central Park, the museums, the subway, street food, Staten Island Ferry…so many incredible things for kids to see and do. They will love it!! (So will you.)

  • Megan says:

    What a precious moment you’ve captured in that beautiful photo!
    Prayers for you and Cash. Hopes for sleep too!

  • Jami says:

    Also love the pic. Very sweet. My good friend has a little girl that is about 6 months old now. She also had a hernia….however, the surgeon somehow repaired it in his office without surgery. So hopefully the soluation is quick and easy. Good luck!

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