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My mom’s 75th birthday was coming and she said to me and my sister, “Let’s do a little something when we are together for the holidays.”

But my sister and I thought… hells no. This quirky little lady who collects graduate degrees like most of us collect random keychains in our kitchen junk drawers…

And who still drinks Fresca…

And who takes her own coffee maker into the city if she sleeps over because she knows how to use it…

That lady deserves a party.

We decided to meet her in New York City for the greatest 75th birthday bar crawl the world has ever seen.

Okay, she doesn’t drink.

So how about a broadway show!

We saw School of Rock which was amazing.  We even made my mom hustle 15 blocks in 25 degree weather to get to the show and she didn’t even complain. Well, she might have been mumbling something under her breath but who could hear her over the cold, whistling wind.

The woman has game. (And a snow hat from 1976.)

After the show, then came the fine dining! Besides Fresca, my mom has two other culinary loves.

Sweet potato fries.

And vanilla ice cream.

Done and done. We make 75th dreams happen over here!

The weekend was pretty perfect.

It was my grandmother and my mom who first introduced me to the magic and energy of New York City. So I can think of no better place to celebrate 75 years of being, achieving, accomplishing, growing, caring and living on this planet.

Happy birthday mom. We are so lucky to have you.

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