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This is such a painful week. With the Boston Marathon. Gun background checks defeated. The Texas explosion. Is the world suddenly more cruel?!

Which is why we have to seek out the light.

Like my father turning 70.

I promised him it’s not old. You’re not really old until you turn 80. I mean, when I was in my teens, I thought 40 was super insane old. But I’ve done some careful recalculations since then and I now realize that 80 is truly old.

So 70 is not ancient at all.

But then around 11:30 PM on the eve of his birthday, my dad mistakenly squirted ear solution into his eyes because he thought it was his eye drops which meant he spent the first two hours of his birthday at the hospital.

Okay, he might be a little old.

But he’s our old guy…

Dad with kids on 70th birthday

Speaking of birthdays, 8-year-old Dylan proposed to 6-year-old Summer that they pool their birthday money this year so they could put a bathroom in their bedroom.

I was immediately thrilled that such a financial windfall was coming their way and that we would soon have an additional bathroom in the house.

But Summer didn’t go for it. She said, she didn’t mind walking across the hall and she’d rather spend her money on key chains. So it seems like that home improvement project is on the back burner.

Comments have been turned off on this post. Someone has been leaving nasty comments on my blog and it’s exhausting me. I encourage this person to use their energy elsewhere, like picking wild flowers, sipping mint lemonade or taking a walk at sunset. All things that may bring immediate happiness.

kelcey kintner