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I just went for my 20 week anatomy scan. I give Rick big props because he was actually disappointed that he had to work and couldn’t go with me.

After the appointment, I sent Rick a 4D photo of the baby and wrote, “All looks perfect! Do not post this photo on Facebook, Twitter or email it to any of your four thousand relatives.” (I just feel a little superstitious about this kind of thing until the baby is born.)

At which point, he wrote back and said, “Why is there a mushroom growing out of our baby’s head?”

Now this is the first pregnancy where we have seen a 4D picture of our child. And it is a little weird looking. I’m not going to show you a picture of our baby but here is someone else’s baby…


See what I mean? It’s a bit crazy looking.

Now Rick is a trained journalist so that obviously makes him an expert at reading sonogram pictures but even so, I assured him that there was nothing wrong with our son. That he’s only 21 weeks and the doctor would have totally mentioned any mushrooms, especially in the head region.

I hung up with Rick, laughed at his nervousness and then totally started to panic myself.

I mean, up until now, I only stressed about the fact that we were having a baby. This was totally some new territory to worry about.

I called Rick back.

“Call the doctor and ask her why there is a vegetable growing out of his head. Seriously. Call her right now.”

So Rick did and it turns out that there are no fruits or vegetables or produce of any kind sprouting from his brain. Apparently the images sometimes include “artifacts” like the cord or placenta that are floating around. And she promised that if there was a mushroom coming out of his head, she’d be required to tell us.

What is our problem? We are on our 5th kid! We should be relaxed by now.

That’s totally on my to do list before the baby comes…

1. Figure out where he is going to sit in the minivan.

2. Figure out where he is going to sleep.

3. Become super laid back parent.

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