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There are certain moments when I realize just how hot and sexy I must be at 32 weeks pregnant…

Like when I arrived at preschool drop off the other day and one of the moms said to me, “Wow. You look ready to explode.”

Or when I headed to the West Village to meet some old friends and parked in front of the always bustling pub The White Horse Tavern. As I parked my stylin’ gold minivan in front of the crowded outdoor seating and then extricated myself and my enormous belly from the car, I could feel everyone staring at me. They all must have been thinking the same thing, “How is someone THAT hip and edgy?!”

But it doesn’t matter if I’ve lost some of my West Village cool, because I woke up on Mother’s Day in the suburbs to adorable handmade gifts and breakfast in bed from my girls. A stale, cold bagel never tasted so perfect.

And Rick got me the sweetest Mother’s Day gift, something to wear post pregnancy…

Seriously how would anyone breathe in that? Not only does it suck in your belly, butt and thighs but I think you can scuba dive in it too. If scuba diving in Spanx is something that works for you.

Of course, Rick did not really buy me that. He gave me some gorgeous flowers and a gift certificate to my favorite store. (This makes up for the fact that he doesn’t like one of my fave boy names… Finn. He says it’s not his favorite because of his fish allergy. I guess the name Finn makes him think of the fin of a fish, which makes him think of his food allergy which makes him unhappy. That man is not easy.)

So anyway, with little progress on the name front, we went to brunch with our girls where Dylan pretty much inhaled Nutella like a crazed meth addict and the girls tried their very hardest to be good…

They did not quite manage to behave.

I told Rick these kind of outings will be much calmer once our twins, Finn and Georgia, arrive.

Ok, those aren’t the names.

Unless my husband can shake off his issues with Atlanta traffic and the fact that eating fish gives him hives.

Yeah, so not happening.

37 Responses to 32 weeks

  • Kathy says:

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!Finn is a very popular name over here in Germany….plus he is the cute boy on Glee (not the gay one the other) Don’t do that spanx scuba outfit…I almost pulled a muscle getting out of my spanx the other day it wasn’t pretty! Have a wonderful week.

  • Oh what adorable pony tales. My husbad rejected Finbar, geez. The only way we found a name was to stop telling my mom, who said we could not use Bonnie because that was the name of the little girl who died in Gone with the Wind. But I guess you do have to tell Rick the names. That photo is just weird.

  • scrappysue says:

    i so thought there was a belly pic in that! after we moved back here from atlanta, i wanted to call daughter #3 georgia, but discovered it was THE most popular name of 1996!!!

  • Cherie says:

    Kelcey – you look fabulous! It was great seeing you a few weekends ago – and I was half expecting to see the great pic of you and your dad in law in the blog.
    Enjoy the quiet!

  • Your girls are so.so.so.so. cute. (elicited an audible “awwww” from me, not a usual occurrence).

    and sorry, but gotta go with the hubby on ‘finn’. that’s just a grade-school-beat-him-up waiting to happen.

  • Portia says:

    VERY cute! You look absolutely fabulous for carrying twins or just one baby btw so I’m sure the hip trendy folk in the village were in awe. I hope your OB isn’t allowing you to go to term though…that would be just cruel! πŸ™‚ You should be a mom of 4 within the next 4 weeks! yippee!

  • Oh, the whole debate over the baby name thing can be a nightmare! Hubby and I couldn’t agree on a name for the 6yo. We worked on it for the full 19 months I was pregnant (that’s how long it seemed, anyway). And STILL – by the time he was born – no name. Eventually, I sent Hubby home to the Internet – refusing leaving the hospital with an unnamed baby – and asked him to come in the next day with a comprehensive list. He returned the next day with a name at the top that was the same name I had written down in the back of my Pregnancy Journal WHICH HE HAD CROSSED OUT! That was it. The 6yo was named. We ended up using the name Hubby wanted for the 6yo – that I didn’t like at the time – for the 3yo, because I couldn’t be bothered going thru the whole “naming the baby” thing again. (Besides, the name had grown on me by then.)

    Good luck. (God know’s you’ll need it.)

  • Peta says:

    LOVE the eyepoke shot. Your girls are so f#$%ing cute, I’m a little scared to see the twins! Good wishes for the next few weeks. Picking names that is, cuz I am so sure you’re really comfortable (not).

  • Ali says:

    Still throwing Brantley and Brooks out there. I’m just saying I the people I know with those names are pretty rockin’. No, I’m not biased because those people are my brother, my son and myself.

  • Becky says:

    That last picture was the best!

    Here are my suggestions.
    Project and Runway.
    Gossip and Girl.

    I know. You can thank me later.

  • Daphne says:

    You should really let the girls pick the names. I’m sure you’ll all grow to love them, whatever they are (fluffy and spot?) My girls are still mad I didn’t name either of them Annabelle–you can have that one if you want it.

  • Caren Solomon Bharwani says:

    I’m telling you….we “manage” the Atlanta traffic every day, our daughter’s name is Georgia, AND….we’re Jewish. That means you and Rick can do it to!!

  • Sarah says:

    My favourite girl’s name was vetoed because it was the name of the girl who barfed on my husband’s lunch tray in grade 2! So, I guess fish fins kinda make sense.

    And @3…..hilarious!

  • sara says:

    Kelcey – You know that you will have FULL control over these kids names…when the time comes. Any name you pick will be awesome….and it doesn’t really matter anyway…you can always change it πŸ™‚

    You look hot – all the people at the White Horse were jealous – you know it and I know it!!!!


  • The Hate Name Game reminds me of one summer at camp (as a kid) when the new group of kids was getting to know each other. We were talking about names we each hate. One of the guys said he hated the name Zoe – every girl he met with that name annoyed him. As it turns out, one of the girls in that circle was named Zoe. And by the end of the summer, we were all pretty much in agreement with him. Sigh. Names, such a touchy subject!

  • MommyTime says:

    I ADORE that picture series. Especially the last one, which is often what happens at our house too when one is trying to show affection to the other.

    Good luck on the names front. I know how hard that is, and I can’t even imagine doing it x2 at once.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    What is it you want to convey by the names you ive the twins? Glamour/sexiness/cuteness/anonymity/uniqueness? Give your readers a shot at naming them; by giving us your reason for the names?

  • Rachel of Fabumom says:

    I’m 34 weeks, and you’ve just gotta love some of the comments people make. Yes, I know I’m huge and I look ready to pop, uncomfortable, etc. Thank you, kind stranger, for pointing that out.

    I’m having another girl. Our boys name was going to be Ryder, your welcome to it!

  • ewe_are_here says:

    On the bright side, you don’t have to narrow your favorite name list down to 1 winner; you get 2!

    A neighbour down our street recently had triplet girls. They’re adorable … and each girl has a first name and two middle names, so they got to use a total of 9 lovely girly names on the trio. Kinda cool… masses of work… but kinda cool. πŸ˜‰

  • So glad it’s not Finn, ’cause that’s our new puppy’s name! I didn’t realize it was becoming a popular name because I’m a big dork who had never seen Glee until AFTER we named the pup. Ah, well. I still like it.

  • jen says:

    had to comment … looking at nannies and it is SO crazy. whew.
    and i have a finn.
    i love that baby boy so. but feel a wee bit weird that finn is the main character on glee. and everytime i tell someone his name … i mention that i picked it long before glee came out (by a good 2 months or so.)

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