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My dad, his girlfriend and her teenage son were kind enough to take care of our 5 kids for a night so Rick and I could have an anniversary getaway. Apparently it takes 3 people to take care of our village. 

I wanted our babysitting crew to have everything they needed so I picked this up before we left…

The nice thing about going on a romantic getaway with Rick to South Beach is that you can count his CBS billboards on the way….

rick's billboard

As soon as we arrive in South Beach, we find out our swanky hotel is hosting a drum circle and you can imagine our relief that we brought our drum set.

It’s so weird when you have kids and then you are away from them. Sometimes you don’t really know what to do with yourself. Should I go to the beach? Should I drink cocktails? Should I shop? Walk around? Play the drums? Take care of other people’s kids? 

By the way,  this is what we look like without children…

rick and kelcey

We ended up at a fantastic restaurant called the Drunken Dragon. And then, as we walked around afterward, we saw one of those people who has to just stand there holding up a sign for hours to promote a business.

Me: “I feel bad for them. That has to be one of the most boring jobs ever.”

Rick: “And the pay can’t be very high.”

And then we got a little closer. And this was the person…


I think whatever this mannequin is getting paid, it’s more than enough.

We had agreed to be back home on Sunday by 1 pm. So at 12:45 pm, I texted….

“Just boarding a flight to the Bahamas.”

We did get back at 12:56 and then waited in the driveway for 4 minutes so we didn’t miss out on a minute of solitude. The trio did a great job taking care of our kids and I know at least my dad is up to doing it again very very soon.

dad sleeping

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