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It can be really really hard to say no.

This is how my “no” goes.

“Oh you are so sweet to ask me. But unfortunately, I can’t do it. It’s just impossible. Well, I mean practically impossible. I guess I could maybe do it. I mean, I really would love to help you out. Oh, alright. I’ll just do it.”

I think that was Nike’s original slogan until they decided to shorten it to, “Just do it.”

And it’s also how I became co-chair of my school auction, the biggest fundraiser of the year.

During the planning process, I’ve kept a bag packed in case I decided to just grab the kids and head for the Mexican border in lieu of actually making this auction happen.  (I would have grabbed Rick too but somebody has to stay home and bankroll this excursion.) But I do have an amazing co-chair and great committee and the auction is only 11 days away, so I think I can make it.

Oh my gosh it would be so warm in Mexico right now and Jennifer Aniston has so much fun in Cabo! Wait – no, I’m staying here in the frigid temperatures of New York so I can complete the painstaking task of planning a major fundraiser.

We are doing a sock hop theme so if you can think of a cute fifties outfit that I can wear heels and not look like a knocked up fifties slut, I’d appreciate any insight.

Fifties sluts aside (although I could certainly go on about that all day), I finally did say “no” this weekend.

No to Super Diamond. That’s the Neil Diamond cover band.

You might remember, that I got hoodwinked into Super Diamond before. I knew only two songs and vowed to never again see Super Diamond, Neil Diamond or the Danish heavy metal band King Diamond just to be on the safe side. (I bet you didn’t know Danish bands were in my cognitive repertoire.)

Rick still went with some of our friends and he ran into his sister there….

Rick and Kim at Super Diamond

It’s like I married into some kind of Super Diamond cult family.

On the downside, I did miss out on the opening act, Guns N Hoses.

guns & hoses

Yes, that does indeed say, “Welcome to the Vajungle.”

On the upside of not going, the next time I commit myself to being The Supreme Co-Chair in Charge of Everything and More until the End of Time, at least I’ll know in my heart that I once did say no to something.

11 Responses to how i finally said no.

  • It reminds me of that card i saw once “she knew how to say ‘no’ in seven different languages, but it still didnt matter!” … you’ve got this… prego moms of four kids (two of them twins) are made of super powers! Need any UV Skinz outfits to auction off? I’d be happy to donate! ;).

  • Princess Judy says:

    Oh my! I am laughing so hard at Nike’s original slogan. I think you are spot on about it. I’ll be you wouldn’t have said no to Super Diamond if you knew about Guns and Hoses being there.

  • N and Em's mom says:

    The best advice that I will ever give: go with the big skirt, cute cardigan, and penny loafer look. High heels are killer even if you’re not pregnant. What I can’t get over is who asks a pregnant mom with 4 small children to co-host a fund-raiser like this? I am sure that you will do an amazing job, but seriously???

  • Steph says:

    That is what I was thinking. WHO asks a pregnant mom with 4 kids to do that?? Or maybe they weren’t aware? Hopefully you can delegate a fair amount of tasks. I used to spell my answer “N” “O.” It seemed to soften it more than saying NO. Good luck, you’ll do a great job. From now on just say no while looking down and patting your be:)

  • Kristina Dorfman says:

    I can’t believe you missed Super Diamond! Not joking. As for 50s outfit, I do have if you want to borrow.

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