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1. My husband can actually take care of our 5 kids plus a friend’s kid (that’s 6 total!) all weekend. With the help of his parents. But still, I think most people would need the help of an army. So I’m thinking next time girls’ weekend in Rome?!


2. That apparently you can buy chicken lo mein in a bucket (see above photo). Just ask Rick.

3. That a DJ playing only techno doesn’t actually appreciate it when you ask for “any song that has words – like maybe ‘Let’s Hear It for the Boy.'”

4. Techno doesn’t get better as you get older.

5. If you’re going to crash a wedding, it’s much more fun to do it while they are still serving alcohol, instead of when they are breaking down the tables.

6. That no one will care if you take photos with big animal sculptures in fancy hotel lobbies.

monica and emily

7. It will be very hard to not make “Karate Kid” jokes to the poor waiters who have to wear these bandanas at a popular sushi restaurant on Lincoln Road.

karate kid

8. On the upside, it is a great, “I used to have a crush in the 80’s on Ralph Macchio” conversation starter!


9. That everyone on South Beach seems to be wearing their jean shorts unbuttoned like this..


I kind of get it because sometimes you are just too exhausted to finish buttoning your pants in the morning.

10. That if a New York friend couldn’t make the trip and is dealing with freezing rain up North, she probably doesn’t want to be included on group texts that say things like… “Are you guys still at the beach?” “What time are we having après beach cocktails?” “Is it me or is everyone at the pool starting to look like Ralph Macchio?”

7 Responses to 10 things I learned while in south beach for the weekend

  • Wendi Aarons says:

    Isn’t that Emma Roberts? Was she part of your Girl’s Weekend? Did you give her those bruises on the shoulder when she requested more techno? I have many questions, KK.

  • Dorothy says:

    Omgosh I am so trendy! I just thought it was so I could run to the bathroom at a moment’s notice and not pee my pants before I sat down!

  • Steph says:

    Very informative and funny post! Wow, a girls’ weekend. You rock, as does Rick. The picture of the 6 kids is adorable, including Chase’s apparently stunned expression. Cheers!

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