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Kelcey90s1. Because most of the blog posts would have been titled, “Why Didn’t He Call?” And the other ones would have been titled, “I Didn’t Even Like Him But Seriously Why Didn’t He Call?

2. I would have written a post about my two friends who got these cell phones and what a waste of money because who needs to carry a phone with them?! That is so stupid and unnecessary.

3. There would have been no posts on potty training or play dates and that would have been a terrible void in your lives.

4. You would have had to read my deep analysis and commentary on Doogie Howser, M.D., Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends.

5. There would have been an entire year of incredibly boring posts complaining about the weather when I lived in Montana. Clearly, it’s impossible to suffer silently when it’s minus 30. On the upside, I would have taught you a lot about irrigated farming techniques.

6. I would have made you refer to me by my Spice Girl name Cheeky Spice.

7. I would have recruited you for my save Party of Five campaign. I started a Washington DC lobbying group to save that show. You’re welcome.

8. If you didn’t love the Hanson brothers (the band) or think Jared Leto was supremely the hottest in the land then you were dead to me.

9. I would have posted a plethora of pictures of myself in stirrup pants and really over sized shirts.

10. Because this blog would have been called The Single Diaries and you would have suffered through my endless twenty something angst about how I was never going to meet the one, get married and have a family because I was single and turning THIRTY which as everyone knows is the end of life.

Spoiler alert: I met the one, got married and have a family. And apparently, I survived turning thirty.

mama bird notes:

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