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This post is sponsored by Luvs.

32 year old Roderick Fuller knows exactly who turned his life around.

It was his 3 year old daughter Ariah.

The single dad says, “I was not responsible before. I did a 360 degree turnaround. I had no choice.”

During the day, he works at a grocery store warehouse. And the rest of the time, he takes care of his daughter (with help from his own mother).

3 year old Ariah does spend time with her mom from time to time. But it’s this guy who is always there.

And he feels blessed.

“I love it. When she wasn’t talking or walking, it was hard. Now she’s more independent. I have to watch over her but when’s she’s sick, she can tell me what’s wrong.”

This is just the kind of dad that Luvs (yes, that diaper company) wants to honor this father’s day. Luvs gave me $200 to spend on Roderick as part of the company’s #ShareTheLuv campaign. He chose a gift certificate to a restaurant and a massage (to help his bad back from lifting all those boxes at the warehouse).

He says, he would never buy these things on his own because life is hard financially. “My money goes towards daycare and bills.”

He is currently living in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his parents but Habitat for Humanity is helping build a house for him and his daughter in nearby Pompano Beach. They hope to move in this summer.

Of course, there is one thing about fatherhood he hasn’t quite mastered. “I can’t do her hair. My sister does that.” But he seems to have everything else covered. And you kind of know he’s going to get that hair thing down too.

So what’s his favorite part of parenthood?

“The way she looks up to me and asks for me when I’m at work. Watching her learn. She’s very smart.”

He is blessed indeed.


Luvs also generously gave me diapers do donate to Covenant House, a safe place for at risk, homeless teens (and their babies) here in Fort Lauderdale.

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This post is sponsored by Luvs. All ideas are my own. 


I did a very quick trip to New York City this weekend. Well, as quick as it can be when you bring along these three amigos.

And by amigos, I mean people who scream at each other in the taxi because one is making some kind of beeping nose, one is sitting too close and the third is rolling the window up and then down and then up and then down.

But at least 5 minutes before we reached our destination, they would usually quiet down…

In general, we did a lot of walking and we had the chance to run into some New Yorkers walking their birds.

No, not like that. Although, cute shoes!

These were the ladies we saw walking their birds…

Yes, each carries their bird in a cage which makes me think there might be a market for a bird size Baby Bjorn.

And these two ladies (who are sisters and roommates) take the birds for walks because… and I swear this is true… “The birds like the air.”


It sort of makes me want to follow them all day with a boom box blaring out, “Wind Beneath My Wings” but I can’t handle a restrainer order right now.

And the birds are name Robyn and Poppin. Which sort of sounds like they rhyme but the sister’s names don’t rhyme because come on, that would be strange.

We all know that flying is way overrated anyway because of the delays and lost luggage issues so maybe these birds are perfectly happy being walked in their airy cages.

But in case they aren’t, the birds do get some flying time in the apartment and I heard they’ve been dying to try iFly.

And by the way, later today you’ll likely be belting out, “I can fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings” in the grocery store while you try to remember why you are singing that damn Bette Midler song from 1988.


Okay children, there’s this rumor that you are going to be released soon which makes no sense because I know I signed a petition to keep you in school 365 days a year.  Or was that a petition to save the sea otters. Or maybe it was a permission slip for you to visit some country farm. Whatever. I can’t remember.

The point is I’ve been receiving a lot of threatening letters from the school (which seems a lot like bullying) about you being done with school very soon. Which means I’ve put together a list of rules for the summer that all children must follow.

Rules for the Summer

You Still Have a Bedtime

Bedtime is the same. The SAME. You’re not going to bed later because it’s summer. Okay maybe 20 minutes later. But not later later. If you go to bed any later, it will be practically morning. You’re growing. You need sleep. I need you to be sleeping. Bedtime will be the same except all the nights where I let you stay up too late.

If You Want a Lemonade Stand…

There will be no lemonade stands UNLESS you do more work than me. I will not pay for the ingredients and make the lemonade and drag the table, the pitcher, the cups, the chair and the sign down to the corner only so you can make a few dollars and then beg me for the next week to go to Toys R Us so you can spend “your” money. You must do the bulk of the work. Okay, half the work. Okay, 20% of the work. THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION.  Okay you do 10% of the work but that’s my final offer. And I get to drink as much lemonade as I want.

Clean Up, Clean Up, Clean Up Time

An activity must be cleaned up in the house before you start on the next one. lololololol.

Cut It Out with the Slime

Stop making slime. At this point children, you are stockpiling slime. If there is armageddon, we will have enough slime to build a fortress and keep our enemies out. We have enough slime.

Fidget Spinners are Not a Collector’s Item

You can make it through the summer without buying any more fidget spinners. We can use the fidget spinners we already own to also combat our foes during the final days of the world.

No Mythical Creature Drinks

Do not even ask me for any more of those unicorn dragon mermaid loch ness creature $5 drinks from Starbucks.

If you want a treat, I will buy you a .99 cent doughnut. If you want something cold, freeze the doughnut.

I Hate Sunscreen Too

You will not wince and squirm and complain when I put on your sunscreen. I’m trying to protect your skin. Trust me, this isn’t my idea of a good time either. But apparently children are supposed to spend a lot of time playing outside so we must both endure. Do not give me this face.

You will Love Traveling!

We will be doing some traveling. You will pack. You will unpack. You will be delighted at the places we take you.  Every road trip will be an opportunity to learn something new in the world. Or at the very least watch TV and eat snacks while fighting with your siblings and losing your shoes in the car. Spin it however you want.

There’s a Place You Can Find Food

Food is in the kitchen. If you’re hungry, you can go get some. No need to declare, “I’m hungry” 103 times. Just eat something (that is more like hummus and less like cake) and you will no longer feel hungry.

The Quieter You Are, The More You Get Away With

Children often make the mistake of being too loud when they are getting away with something. So smuggle your phone into your room at night. Eat chocolate chip cookies at 8 am. Mail your brother to a circus. Just be very quiet about it and I’ll leave you alone.


You must follow each and every rule or else I will probably start sobbing and lock myself in the bathroom with a dozen red velvet cupcakes which means you won’t get any of those cupcakes so I would advise you follow these rules so you can eat a cupcake.


Up to this point in my life – I don’t remember ever wondering what to do with my arms in photos. But I’m telling you – one day you will wake up and have no idea what to do with those long, gangly things hanging off your shoulders while you’re saying “cheese.”

I just went to Mom 2.0 which is an amazing conference for female content creators to connect and learn from each other.  There are talented writers, photographers, authors, entrepreneurs and self made millionaires.  It’s inspiring and amazing.

And lots and lots of photos.

And I didn’t always know what to do with my arms to maximize “optimum arm attractiveness.”  I don’t know why I just put that in quotes but obviously it needed to be done.

If you’ve been watching celebrities for the last decade, then you are very familiar with the bent elbow. I think I first noticed it on Paris Hilton years ago.

And it’s still popular because here’s Megyn Kelly doing it in a new publicity photo for NBC.

So of course my friend Nancy and I did not shy away from this technique.

Of course, there is the danger of going “way too far right angle” demonstrated by this polaroid shot taken of us.

(I’m so ashamed to even wonder what Paris Hilton would think of that.)

Or my pal Lauren does her own variation called the “tip me over and pour me out” arm pose. You can see it beautifully demonstrated here.

When it comes to arms, it’s also great to have an accessory… like a cocktail. Looks at my friend Liz with Andrew Shue (YES, THAT ANDREW SHUE) at Mom 2.0.

See how her cocktail presents the most perfect arm bend!

Or if you have a swing on hand, that works too.

Don’t my arms look lovely, as I enjoy the fake spring air at this Best Buy suite at the conference! If only I could drag a swing around with me everywhere I go.

Or another idea… get arrested! Because sure, it’s a bummer to get locked up and have to beg your family for bail but your arms will look fabulous.

If getting arrested seems kind of exhausting, then one expert suggests something called the arm tuck (especially helpful during group photos where your arm can tend to just hang out in space like some weird, misguided appendage).

Here’s how the arm tuck works. You put your elbows at your side and angle your palms forward or behind the person’s back next to you.

My friend Wendi is masterfully doing this in the middle here…

Just so you know, we touched up our highlights before and after this photo. And if they ever do an all blonde remake of Charlie’s angels, we are obviously nailing the audition.

So to recap how to have fabulous arms in ever photo (except selfies because I can’t even help myself there), here is the easy reference guide…

  1. Bend elbows like Paris Hilton but you’re obviously way more glam than Paris Hilton.
  2. Find an accessory like a drink, a gigantic Pier 1 swing or Andrew Shue.
  3. Get arrested and handcuffed.
  4. Place arms behind your friends backs (not to be confused with talking behind their backs or stabbing them in the back which is something evil and completely different.)

Your arms never looked so damn good.


This post is sponsored by Luvs. 

My absolute favorite part of motherhood is the stillness. I know. What freaking stillness?

Well, take my nearly 4 year old son Cash. The kid takes on life in a very spirited way. And nothing really stops him. Like right now, he’s wearing casts on his feet.

A couple years ago, he stepped on glass. This was a very unfortunate moment. After two surgeries, doctors finally got the glass out but he would no longer step down on his foot. So after three months of physical therapy and three orthopedist consultations, he’s now in casts for 6 weeks to fix his walking. (My gosh, just that paragraph was exhausting.)

Now these casts don’t stop Cash at all. BUT THEY CAN NOT GET WET. And Cash likes to get wet. Like he was in his room playing the other day for about 6 minutes and suddenly I realize he has washed his stuffed monkey and coated the entire floor in water. Not really the ideal environment if you’re wearing casts THAT CAN NOT GET WET.

(At his point you’re thinking, didn’t Kelcey mention something about stillness?)

This kind of nuttiness goes on all day with Cash. And I would like to once again apologize to Trader’s Joe due to Cash’s insistence on a recent visit that he relocate their chips and dip sample table to another part of the store. Who knew those sample tables were on wheels? Cash apparently.

But by the end of the day, Cash actually sits down with me and we read books. And then I lay with him in his bed and he puts his arm around me and he is still. He just lies there with me, smiling and singing and chatting.  And it is the sweetest moment of my day. Because this boy.

I try to have moments like this with every one of my kids. Moments when we stop rushing around like crazy people. Whether it’s reading books or really listening to something that happened during their day or re-watching Gilmore Girls on the couch with my girls. Because Luke was HOT.

And yes, most of the time we are hustling out the door like madmen trying to get to school or I’m yelling about all the trash everyone leaves in the car, but it’s those sweet moments of stillness that I truly treasure.

And honestly, that’s all I really need on Mother’s Day.

Oh and money. And a trip to Paris. And a full time au pair. And a nap. And a personal trainer. And candy. And some sushi. And a time machine so I can go back to college for a few years.

But that stillness too.


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This post is sponsored by Luvs. All ideas are my own. 


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