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It actually happened on Saturday. The National Day of Unplugging. At first I thought Rick was going to cave because on Friday night, he said to me, “What if Fidel Castro dies and CBS can’t reach me?”

This is not the first time Castro has tried to sabotage my weekend plans.

We finally decided that Rick would keep his phone but only allow a call from his news director to come through.

Spoiler alert: Castro did not die. He was obviously as committed to this unplugging day as we were.

Then we broke the unplugging news to the kids.  They were very supportive and said things like, “I will die without music from my iTouch” and “If we can’t have TV, you can’t have coffee.” They even unplugged the coffee maker in defiance.

They also asked if other families celebrated this National Day of Unplugging. Yes, I exclaimed! It’s a fabulous interfaith holiday. It’s sweeping the nation! I’m absolutely sure of it. No, I don’t know of anyone else doing it.

The day was very 1980′s inspired. We went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ft. Lauderdale and hoped to meet up with a friend and her girls. But of course she was in one spot, we were in a different spot and well, they weren’t the same. End of plan to meet up.

It reminded me of that time in 1985 when you went to the mall to meet your friend Stacy in front of Spencer’s gifts but she wasn’t there and you never knew what happened until 3 days later when she passed you a note in Algebra class that said her brother refused to give her a ride to the mall so she is now the only one who still doesn’t own the Men at Work album and she’s completely depressed about it and let’s get a New Coke after school.

There was something very calming about not having a phone all day. I didn’t have to think about when to check my phone because there was no phone to check. I could just well… be.

Plus, every time I used the porta potty at the parade, I didn’t have to worry about my phone falling out of my back pocket and into the toilet.

I looked up more than down.

I did a lot more people watching.

And yes, I missed some important texts. Like this one from a friend who sent me a very funny Mother’s Day gift idea..

coffee mug

It was 5 hours before I responded to this!

Mostly I realized that it was nice to have time when I wasn’t constantly being interrupted by texts, Tweets and Facebook updates.

Sometimes it can all just a wait a few hours. While you be.


(Yes, we used a real camera – not connected to a phone – to take this picture.)


1. The moms at preschool pick-up look like they are young enough to audition for “American Idol.”

2. A reference to the show “Mork & Mindy” at a PTA meeting is met with blank stares.

3.  When I ask a fellow mom for a good Botox doctor, she gives me her mother’s Botox person.

4. I can not seem to explain to my children how I got in touch with anyone in college without cell phones or even email.

5. The length of time between when my last kid leaves for college and when I need to enter a senior assisted living home will probably be about 3 days.

6. I’m actually starting to see wrinkles on my feet.

7. I can vividly remember when Tom Cruise was dreamy and super hot and not a weirdo.

8. No one ever asks me if my 9-month-old is my first baby.

9. When I say things like, “Remember when we all had the Dorothy Hamill cut?” Another mom will say, “You mean the Jennifer Aniston cut?”

10. Unlike some fellow moms, I still remember when a pet rock was a perfectly acceptable pet to own instead of a goldfish, cat or dog. I’m hoping for a pet rock comeback. Affordable and no shedding.

11. I say to my kids, “What’chu you talkin’ about Willis?” (None of them are named Willis nor do they know what I am talking about.)

12. First time moms in baby playgroup obsess over pacifier addiction, sleeping schedules and baby milestones. I only obsess over my baby staying a baby for just a little while longer because I’m not mentally prepared for the “write on the walls, stuff things down the toilet, dump out every bin in the playroom and do all of this in 5 minutes” stage.


My mom has been visiting and really wanted to feel the warmth, see the ocean and smell a horse.

Since I’m obviously in the business of making dreams come true, I would never deny a woman’s desire to smell a horse.

The warmth was easy. And if she visits this summer, she should request a hot, oppressive blanket of humidity.

The ocean was gorgeous. After copious amounts of crying (not mine or my mothers), we all found the most perfect cove at the most perfect time of day.  I would show you a photo but I have none because I was too busy boogie boarding with my girls. Some of the most joyful moments in life are the ones we don’t even think to record.

As for the horse, we decided to take 9-year-old Dylan and 7-year-old Summer to a horse ranch. A friend recommend the Barbie ranch which sounded super fun because I figured after the girls had a good ride, we’d have drinks with Skipper and Ken at the Barbie hot tub.

Turns out it’s called the Bar-B-Ranch which is much less pink.

Dylan jumped up on a small horse with a vibrant spirit.

Summer looked at her pony and started to cry.  I coaxed her on and we spent about 20 minutes walking around the property while she shrieked uncontrollably. It’s the kind of quality time with your kid that you dream of when your pregnant and blissfully rubbing your belly.

Here is Dylan on the horse…

dylan on horse

Here’s my mom pretending to be a horse…

dylan on horse 2

(Okay, she was actually just trying to get out of the photo for me.)

By the way, I tried leading that horse named Bradley for about 5 minutes and he had me completely walking in circles and then he directed me right back to the barn. If my mom hadn’t come in and saved me, he probably would have had me picking up some hay burgers at the local horse eatery for him and his friends.

mama bird notes:

As you all know, I am working with TNT on their new show, The Private Lives of Nashville Wives. In this episode, we are waiting to find out whether an open adoption will go through for one of the women who has been trying to become a mother for a couple years.  Thankfully it does but I can’t help feeling a big of heartache for the birth mother who we only see for a minute.

On the lighter side, another Nashville wife attempts to plan a girls night out while her husband and boys are away. Despite a lot of hair spray and a limo, all does not go well. She picks a lame bar, refuses to drink moonshine, and is mocked by her “friends.” But because these are southern ladies, no one actually confronts each other about the situation. Oh bless your hearts.

Finally, Sarah Davidson, who is trying to become a country music star, plays to an audience who are more interested in their chicken dinners. But in their defense, chicken dinners can be pretty tasty.

More next week. Mondays on TNT 10 pm/ 9 C.

This is a sponsored recap of Nashville Wives. All ideas are my own. 




So I had my last fitting for my Oscar’s dress this week. Oh wait – I’m sorry. That was Sandra Bullock.

I mean, I got my last 4 cavities filled this week! Yes, that’s what happened in my life. And it turns out when you have 10 cavities, you don’t get a punch card with the 10th filling for free.  Which was obviously disappointing. If not a punch card, then at least a small party with some balloons and handful of confetti. Think about it dental industry.

When I wasn’t sitting in a dentist chair, I was trading in my mattress!

We recently purchased a new mattress and spent 60 days trying it out.

Kelcey: “It feels weird. Like a cushion roller coaster.  Half my body is going up and the other half is going down. What do you think?”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “But don’t you feel like you are sinking? Maybe we bought the quick sand of mattresses”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “I think my back is hurting. And maybe my tailbone too.”

Rick: “It feels great.”

Kelcey: “We better return it.”

Rick: “Let’s return it.”

So we did. And the new one arrived.


And it sort of feels comfortable if you like sleeping on a brick wall. Which I’m not completely opposed to.

I’m hoping we still have another 60 days to try this one out but I’m too nervous to call the store and actually find out the exchange policy on the SECOND mattress.

Finally today, I want to share a video of baby Cash with you…

Let’s just say, I don’t think it’s too late to change his name. (No, we aren’t planning on it.)


So I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to my baby about staying a baby.

“Cash – you’re 9 months now. And I love your face. And your smile. And your chubby legs. And well, everything about you. And I would like you to stay a baby. Given everything I’ve done for you and I won’t go into details but I will mention that every time I played tennis when I was pregnant, I felt like there was a head digging into my lady parts and let’s just say it didn’t feel great and my tennis game certainly suffered. So given that and a whole bunch of other things too, I would just appreciate if you could stay all sweet and babyish and not do that growing up into a crazy toddler thing.”

And Cash looked at me with those sweet brown eyes and I swear he mumbled, “I’m off to chew on an electrical outlet.”

Damn it. It’s over.

I know because I was wearing him in the Baby Bjorn the other day and I glanced in the mirror and it looked like I had Mini-Me from Austin Powers strapped to my chest.


I’m not good at letting my babies go. No, not good at all.

And despite my pleas and strong negotiating skills, it looks like he’s just going to keep growing.

Just go ahead and do it Cash. Get big on me. Your babyhood will become a sweet, fuzzy memory.

I’d say you’ll become something amazing but you have to understand, you are already amazing.

Love you baby.

Cash Feb 2014

mama bird notes:

I’m working with TNT, checking out their new unscripted show (that’s fancy for reality TV), “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.” The premier episode  takes place during CMA Fest. And within a few moments of watching, I am already craving BBQ, a pool shaped like a guitar and a pink bedazzled Vespa.

The show revolves around 6 women (all pretty and done up Kardashian style) who I had a little trouble keeping straight. Of course one is a former Hooters’ girl. There were two Cuban twins (Betty & Ann) who fight a lot about a dead pig and made me renew my commitment to turkey bacon.

Since, I’m not really into reality cat fighting, I was a whole lot more interested in Sarah Davidson who is trying to make it as a singer in Nashville. She is married to Dallas Davidson (who not only has the best name ever but is also a hit songwriter).  She’s quite sweet and I found myself rooting for her and wondering why her husband can’t just write her a kick ass song. More next week. Mondays on TNT 10 pm/ 9 C.

This is a sponsored recap of Nashville Wives. All ideas are my own. 

kelcey kintner


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