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A lot has been written about how to handle the death of a pet in your family. Very little has been written on how to handle the death of a pet while on a playdate. More specifically, a hamster.

hamster (12)

I’m here to fill that void.

Last weekend, my kids were on a playdate at the house of a neighborhood friend. The friend is a lovely 3rd grader named Ava and my children were delighted to be at her house for the first time.

After exploring her toys which are the same as our toys but totally amazing and fun in a different house, they decided to play with the little girl’s hamster.

And that’s when there was the first inkling of foreshadowing that something might not be right when this little girl said to her mom, “Sami the hamster won’t wake up for everyone!”

Now because I am well versed in animals that don’t wake up…. due to the fact that I once had a “sleeping” raccoon in my yard, I knew we might be in trouble.

The mother went upstairs to investigate the sleepy hamster and quickly yelled down, “We have to cut short the playdate for today.” And then the little girl Ava came downstairs with tears running down her face.

“Children! It’s time to go!” I called out. “We’ll come back and play another day!! Thank you!” And I rushed them out the door.

But it a dramatic plot twist, the hamster was apparently still breathing. But very listless. So after we left, my friend put him on a heating pad because he seemed cold. Bless her sweet heart because that is a kind thing to do for your kid’s hamster. I’m not sure it’s medical protocol, but very nice indeed.

I offered to text my friend who is a vet in NYC but it was too late. The hamster died shortly after.

I explained to my 4 year old twins and 8 year old who were all at the playdate that Sami the hamster had passed away but he had lived a short but vibrant life.

They seemed okay with it and my 4 year old son updated the rest of our family… “We went on a playdate today and Ava’s hamster died but it’s okay because she has a lot of other pets.”

Alright then.

Ava has already gotten a new hamster… an adorable little rodent named Delilah who apparently poops in her wheel. I wish her a long, happy life.


When it comes to award shows, I love the red carpet. It’s fun to see the stars all dressed up and check out what they are wearing. I enjoy the commentary, especially from my daughters. 8 year old Summer had this to say about Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress…

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

“I love the dress. Just not the flower sticking out of her shoulder.”

Honey, I think that dress is pretty much all about the flower.

But what I can’t stand at these events is people’s amazement that anyone over 40 still looks good. Like 54 year old Julianne Moore…


Or 45 year old Jennifer Lopez…


Or 46 year old Jennifer Aniston…

Jennifer Anniston Oscar's 2015

There is just too much of… OMG she looks gorgeous. And she’s a million years old! Can you believe it? How could she be THAT old and still look good?

I don’t have to point out to you that no one says this about men. Ben Affleck is 42 and STILL looks handsome?! And I hear he’s still getting movie roles! (Yeah, that doesn’t happen).

And then I was reading a blog post by CNN’s Carol Costello called “I’m 53. I’ll Wear Short Shorts If I Want” and it was all about the ridiculousness of magazines and retail stores telling us what women should be wearing at specific ages. Here’s an example she showed from JCREW…

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.41.40 PM

I hope if you’re in your 40’s, you’re following “Ashley’s” guidance.

And watch out “Pia,” because once you’re 60 and above, they really don’t give a crap what you’re wearing. I guess it’s just a free for all of muumuus, polyester pants and hairnets!

Gwen Stefani, a rock star, fashion designer and overall super cool chick doesn’t follow anyone’s tips for what’s appropriate for any age.


And she’s 45 and somehow still gorgeous!  This is what she has to say…

“For me, fashion is not really about age as much as it is reflecting your personality,” she said. “Your personality is what it is. I don’t see that as I’ve grown and aged and matured in my life that I have much of a different personality, so I feel like there’s definitely an evolution of style….”

I don’t think I have an evolution of style and I’m not attending any award shows, but I know what works for me and what I feel good in style wise. And I don’t need retailers to put me in some kind of fashion age bracket.

Nor do I need media outlets flabbergasted that women can be beautiful and glamorous at any age. Because they can. (Oh god, please let me look like Helen Mirren some day.)


I recently wrote about my dad’s texts. The texts were so sweet! And so warm! And so redundant! I’ve been recovering from surgery so he did a daily check in. Here’s an example….

Dad's Texts

My reaction to these daily texts ranged from… “How nice he’s sending me healing vibes!” to “Who taught my dad how to text?!” to “Please stop or I’m blocking my number.”

Well, the rumor that he reads this blog is apparently true. Because after posting about my dad’s texting ritual, I started to get these…

dad text 1

Which just goes to show that in a tech savvy world, parents over 70 can still win.


I’m STILL recovering from surgery. I know, this post surgery thing is really glamorous! For the past four weeks, my dad has sent me the same text almost every day. It goes like this…

“You are one day closer to full recovery. xo” Here’s an example…

Dad's Texts

(He wasn’t really in Australia). But see what I mean?

So here is the 4 week evolution of my reaction to this daily text…

  • Aww… that’s so sweet. My dad is awesome.
  • How nice that he keeps checking in. I’m healing papa!
  • A little redundant but the sentiment is so loving.
  • Wow, same text. Is this a senior thing?
  • Okay, he’s messing with me.
  • The emotional distress from receiving the same text every day is hampering the healing process. (I think. I’m not a doctor.)
  • On the upside, he definitely knows how to cut and paste!
  • How do I make him stop?!
  • By saying the same thing to me every day, is he doing an impersonation of my 4 year old son Chase?
  • Please make him stop. I’ll just tell him I’m healed.
  • Okay, I’m changing my number.

In other news, all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was to get the light dimmer in our bathroom to stop humming. Obviously, it’s not world peace but it’s something.

My husband Rick sent the electrician this blog post to motivate him to get to our house and actually install a new dimmer. And like they say, the third dimmer was…

the one that hummed the loudest! (I think that’s the saying.)

Next year, I’m asking for world peace.

Although Rick also sent me gorgeous flowers and left his nail clippings in the sink so I can’t really say the fake holiday was a loss.

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A certain award show is coming up on Sunday and I am so excited that Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting! Wait, what? It’s Doogie Howser?  I’ll miss the comedy wonder twins but it’s always good to have a doctor in the house.

I was looking over the award categories and I just see a few that are missing. I mean, best actor and best actress are important for sure but where are the parenting awards? Surely we deserve a few awards for all we do, right?


Here are some of the missing categories…

Best Footwear goes to the parent who arrived at her destination with all the kids actually wearing shoes.

Best Supporting Footwear goes to the parent who arrived with one kid not wearing shoes but quickly built temporary footwear out of Goldfish bags, the binding of an old Elmo book and crayon wrappers.


Best Use of a Hat goes to the parent who was actually able to keep their toddler’s hat on in 15 degree weather.

Best Supporting Use of a Hat goes to the parent who couldn’t keep the hat on but when scolded by strangers for not keeping their child warm, resisted the urge to yell at them about minding their own business and instead muttered it under their breath.


Best at Not Losing Their Mind goes to the parent whose kid asked the same question 17 times in a 4 minute period and answered the question all 17 times.

Best Supporting at Not Losing Their Mind goes to the parent who answered 15 times before finally shouting, “STOP ASKING ME THE SAME QUESTION. I’M GOING TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!!!”


Best Use of TV goes to the parent who felt no guilt when letting their toddler (under two) watch TV so they could take a shower in peace.

Best Supporting Use of TV goes to the parent got a kid who had no interest in TV to finally sit down and watch 22 minutes of children’s programming so they could take a shower in peace.


Best Prepared goes to the parent who remembered the diaper bag.

Best Supporting Prepared goes to the parent who remembered the diaper bag, even though it contained no diapers. But at least it had a pair of broken sunglasses, a snow globe and a pair of fuzzy dice.


Best Embarasser goes to the parent who danced wildly to a 90’s pop hit while their horrified teen and her friends looked on at a family party.

Best Supporting Embarasser goes to the parent who sang loudly at every traffic light with the windows down while their teen sat in the passenger seat.


Best at Ignoring Rude Behavior goes to the parent who pretended not to notice their teen’s constant eye rolling.

Best Supporting at Ignoring Rude Behavior goes to the parent who ignored it for awhile and then finally said, “Stop rolling your eyes or else they will get stuck like that. It’s true. Look it up on that fancy Internet you like so much.”


Best Obsessor goes to the parent who worried about their kid’s pacifier addiction for an entire year.

Best Supporting Obsessor goes to the parent who obsessed over the thread count of their kid’s crib sheets for 3 months.


Best Clean Kid Award goes to the parent who got their toddler into the bath after a 15 minute tantrum by promising he could eat a piece of chocolate cake in the tub.

Best Supporting Clean Kid Award goes to the parent who finally got their tween boy to shower after 3 days of soccer games with the promise he wouldn’t have to shower for another 3 days.


I’m not the only one coming up with parenting awards today! Check out Ann’s Rants and Robin’s Chicks. This is all part of a sponsored post for the fabulous Luvs’ diapers. And we are also hosting a Twitter party next Monday night, 9 pm EST where we are giving away up to $500 in gift cards and diapers. Yahoo!! Thanks Luvs! So put it on your calendar and you can tell us what parenting award you deserve!

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