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I was looking at this photo and thinking, oh how I love this little boy…

Cash 4 weeks

And many years from now, I will look at the same adorable photo and think…

“Which kid is that?”

Meanwhile, my birthday is coming up. I asked my dad for two gifts. A donation to Gabby Giffords organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions – a group that is fighting for common sense gun control like background checks.

And I also asked if he would fix the garden hose in my yard. Specifically, I wanted him to fix the water spraying out of the handle and help me untangle it so it rolls out nicely.

So in case you are wondering how old I’m turning – so old that I actually asked for a garden hose repair for my birthday.

School ended this week. I went to an end of the year celebration in Summer’s class. And of course, 5 week old Cash was starving. I decided to nurse him while the kids watched a short slide show. I tried to be very discreet because I could easily imagine some poor kindergarten boy saying, “I got to see Summer’s mom’s boob on the last day of school!”

That’s a kindergarten memory that lasts a lifetime.

On the last day of school my daughter Dylan asked me… “Do you know how to spell kindergarten now?”

She was referring to the fact that on the first day of school, I posted this on Facebook…


So then I had to post to post this…


“Of course, I now how to spell kindergarten,” I told Dylan. “It’s K-I-N-D-E-R-G-A-R…. hmmm. That’s where it gets tricky.”

Look, next year Summer and Dylan will be in first and third grade. I can spell both of those.


On Saturday night, Rick looked at 1-month-old Cash and said, “What is that?”

“It’s a baby. He’s new here,” I explained.

But Rick apparently already knew about the baby. Instead, he had noticed a protrusion on Cash that turned out to be an inguinal hernia. Which required surgery.  We consulted with a very reputable pediatric surgeon who looked about 107 years old.

He told us that prior to the surgery, Cash would have to go eight hours without breast milk.

“Great!” I said. “I’ll drop him at your house and you can explain to him for eight hours why he can’t eat.”

Turns out this surgeon was super conservative and old school (the 107 years of experience was apparently the tip off) because protocol for a newborn is four hours without breast milk before a surgery.  Our surgeon ok’d the shorter time.

Four hours we could handle. Cash was still super pissed off and Rick did his best to keep him calm.

Rick and Cash at hospital

I think Rick is promising to take him out for a Philly’s cheesesteak once the surgery is over.

Then it came time to take him to the operating room. And that’s when I decided I’d rather fix the hernia myself rather than give him over for an hour and a half to the 107 year old surgeon and his crew. But as you can imagine, as a writer, my medical training is enormously limited and I finally decided to let the professionals take care of him.  But handing him over left me very weepy and anxious.

Turns out Cash had a double hernia! Which is not as cool as a double salchow but still impressive. The doctor repaired both hernias and then I finally got to hold that sweet boy in my arms again.

cash after surgery

I was exhausted and emotionally drained and so enormously relieved.

mama bird notes:

Thank you to our friend Adam who provided much needed guidance during this ordeal and prevented me from having an epic nervous breakdown. I will repay you in unwanted parental advice. You’re welcome!

In other news, I had the chance to watch the new Lifetime original movie, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.   OMG. Jodi scares me!  Click here to read my take on this riveting case.


Happy Family badgeDid you wake up today and think, “I’d really like to see improv actors perform funny moments from Kelcey’s life?”

Oh, you woke thinking you’d like to see a bucket of money in your laundry basket instead of the same clothes you keep forgetting to throw in the washing machine? Hmm.. I don’t have any money for you but I do have that previously mentioned video!

Happy Family, a yummy organic food company, asked me to share some funny food stories and then these very talented performers acted them out right in front of me.

I shared a lot of things like how my daughter Dylan was convinced that the chicken she ate for dinner was completely different from those animals that live on farms. And how my kids went through a stage where everything they ate was frozen (which is actually a real time saver!)

Anyway, here’s what happens when a blogger goes to Brooklyn, divulges details about her family to a whole bunch of strangers who then use these stories for comedic material…

No, I’m not bloated. I’m pregnant people! I mean, not anymore. Now I look bloated.

You can even share your funny story about trying to feed your kids for a chance to win $20,000 towards college. See, there’s the money you were looking for! Just click here for more details on how to enter.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine (yes, the bloated one).


Happy Family badgeMany months ago, when I was still in that “sassy pregnant mama” stage and not yet in the “I feel like there is a bowling ball in my lady parts” soon to be followed by “I love my newborn but I wish he didn’t want to party together every day from 3 am to 7 am and I forgot that babies need to be fed and changed every 4 minutes” – I went to Brooklyn to participate in a very cool campaign for Happy Family, an organic food company.

Totally my kind of company with yummy products containing no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, no chemicals, no pesticides, no artificial ingredients, and no artificial preservatives.

Happy Family asked me to share some funny food stories about my family and then insanely talented improv performers acted them out.

Happy Family Improv Actors

I shared many stories, including one about my daughter Dylan who never wanted to order off the $5 children’s menu at restaurants but instead always requested the $18 moules-frites.  Pricey kid to have around.

One of the best things about participating in this campaign was that they did my hair and make up, leaving me wondering once again why I don’t have a makeup, hair and personal stylist entourage following me wherever I go. I mean if Ryan Lochte can have a Lochterage, surely I deserve something comparable.

Happy Family make up touch up

Although I did ask them to make me look “model thin” and they really did not succeed…

Happy Family Kelcey pregnant

I’ll post the short video on Monday and you’ll see these very funny impov folks acting out moments from my life. And let me just take a brief moment to apologize to my husband right now for mentioning his deep passion for 6 week old coffee.  It may have come up.

But at least they didn’t use the part where I also may have expressed my belief that my husband’s love of chicken is about the same as his love for me.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine (especially the part about my husband possibly being romantically linked to poultry).


So first there was the euphoria. “Yahoo! One baby is so much easier than twins. This is like taking care of a hamster. Or maybe even a chia pet. Man, I’ve so got this!”

And then I got really really tired.

So tired that the other day I said to Summer, “We will leave for the park as soon as I eat the baby.”

For the record, I did not eat the baby. I did however feed him.  Which is what I meant to say. And a far better parenting choice.

We did have a little scare over the weekend with Cash when we noticed that there was a protrusion just below his stomach.  We ended up taking him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with a hernia. In case you are keeping track, I also have a hernia. So keep your eye out for a mother son hernia repair Groupon.

We are consulting with a pediatric surgeon to see if he needs surgery. I will keep you posted on that situation and whether I once again attempt to eat the baby.

My favorite photo of the week:  Summer and Cash.

Summer and Cash

And this is my favorite video of the week. If you have one of those husbands who likes to fix things when all you really want him to do is listen, you will love this…

mama bird notes:

You can find me at Alpha Mom talking about playing with kids. Why is it so hard exactly?! Click here.

And on Lifetime Moms, I’m talking about Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak who is preggers with baby #5. Hey, that sounds familiar! Click here.

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