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There’s a question that’s been sort of bothering me lately.


I mean, I know you just put the kids in cardboard boxes because a family recently sent me a cute little “We’ve Moved!” notice and all the children were happily sticking their heads out of boxes. So that part seems easy enough.

But I have not been able to wrap my head around the rest of it. I started to completely obsess over the food aspect of moving. Should I try to empty my freezer now? But then what do I feed my children? Do I pack my dry goods?  Do I pack spices form 1993?

Do I pack my extensive tea collection despite the fact that I haven’t had a hankering for tea since – well, ever. But what if with the new royal baby, I suddenly want to drink more tea. I mean, people are waiting to name their babies after the royal babe, the least I could do is partake is a cup of Earl Grey once the kid is born.

And then there are the Build A Bears. Do you have these things? We have a small village of them. The girls don’t play with them but if I chuck them all I am absolutely certain, we will arrive in Florida and they will immediately inquire about their whereabouts. And I’ll have to tell a story about the bears getting so liquored up at the Laguardia airport bar that Jet Blue wouldn’t let them get on the plane. And who wants to expose a 6 and 8-year-old to that kind of tawdry tale?!

So clearly the bears are coming.

And then what about these sculptures. The girls absolutely loved sculpture camp and brought home these…

scupture portrait

The one on the left is Dylan’s self portrait piece and the one on the right is Summer’s abstract piece and not a penguin as I originally thought. Are these pieces (big in creativity and size) supposed to make the trip?

One mother mentioned that she was tempted to just throw her child’s sculpture out the window on the last day of sculpture camp. That is some forward thinking right there.

Oh and Dylan did one more sculpture…

sculpture bomb

Yup. That’s a bomb. I don’t know what else to say about that. Definitely not coming.

Unless Dylan reads this post and then I’ll probably have to go shopping for a sculpture bomb display case for our new home.

mama bird notes:

So where else am I this week? Over at Alpha Mom, I’m talking about the top ten tips for staying sane when you are a new mom.

At at Lifetime Moms, I’m writing about my former cleaning man. Yes, I used to have a cleaning man.


Welcome to a new week! And to get you started, I have a little quiz. I know. I know. You probably didn’t study. Don’t worry. I’m grading on a curve. And there’s only one question. And it’s multiple choice. So let’s get started.

How does Rick spend his Saturday mornings?

Is it option A?

Or is it option B?

All answers are final.


On Saturday, I drove 3 hours. With 5 kids. By myself. In the middle of the day.

Normally I would only attempt such a drive at night when all the kids are sleeping but Rick was working and I wanted to get them down to the Jersey shore so they could hang with their cousins.

And this is sort of how it went….

That was 15 seconds of the trip.

(If you couldn’t watch it, just assume that it was all 6 of us happily singing, The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.)

One of the darkest moments was when one of the children said, “I have to poop” which meant pulling off the highway and bringing them into a rest stop. Of course by the time we managed to all squeeze into a handicapped stall, that previously mentioned child no longer had to poop.

But we finally arrived in New Jersey and my mother-in-law had a crab cake waiting for me as a reward. I would have preferred Brad Pitt from 1991′s Thelma & Louise but the crab cake was pretty good too.

Meanwhile, I’ve been on a Memphis royal baby watch waiting for my sister to go into labor.  And she finally did.

Here is the little boy…

Callum Joseph

His name is Callum (pronounced Kale-um) Joseph (pronounced Jo-seph). I love my new nephew. Since I named my 2 month-old son Cash, I was really hoping they would go with ATM but whatever. Everybody does their own thing.

mama bird notes:

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My husband Rick doesn’t notice much around the house. The same stuff could be sitting on the same counter for a really long time and he would never notice.

But for some reason, he has super powers when it comes to noticing these sparkly pink sequins that keep falling off Dylan’s shirt.

dylan sequins girl

He constantly picks them up off the floor and groans about it as if someday we are going to drown in a sea of glittery sequins. I think that’s actually how Liberace died.

So the other night, Rick had gone to bed and 7-week-old Cash was still sleeping in his car seat in our living room. Cash had been out partying with us at a fireworks party and we left him in there for a bit when we got home.

And as I reached down to take him out, I saw this…

cash sequins boy

Yes, Rick stuck one of the sequins to Cash’s head before he went to bed.

Because what’s the point of having children, if you can’t use them as a prop for comedic fun.

mama bird notes:

In general, I don’t accept free product because this isn’t a product review site and well, I don’t like stuff all that much. But I was contacted by Lyfe Kitchen which makes these frozen, healthy, low calorie meals in environmentally friendly packaging. And I agreed to try them – mostly because I was starving at the time and couldn’t figure out how to get to the grocery store. And as far as frozen meals go, they were good!  Chicken chile verde with polenta & black beans was my favorite. Now I wouldn’t serve these at a dinner party but for a quick yummy lunch, they were great.  (This is NOT a sponsored endorsement.)

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I’ve got some big news. And let me stop you right there because I am not pregnant. I love all 5 of my gorgeous children but I’m not looking to add to the bunch. I mean, look at the ones I’ve got….

moving - all 5

moving - 4 in a line

moving- Harlowe kissing cash

moving - dylan and self portrait

moving - kelcey and cash on beach

Did you see what I did there? I held you hostage with the promise of big news and then made you look at photos of my children.

So here’s the deal. We are moving. To the Miami area. I have lived in New York a long time and it’s hard to imagine myself as anything but a girl who lives in NY but now I’m going to be a girl who lives in FL.

Why are we moving?

Mostly because we want to wait in long voting lines and be swing voters. And eat dinner much earlier. Plus, my husband got a new job opportunity down there. Wrangling alligators I think.

I’m very sad to leave our friends but very happy to kick winter to the curb. My oldest daughter, a 3rd grader, is devastated. She says she’s not going. She says she is duct taping herself to her best friend. She says she’ll miss us but we can visit her in New York.  I have run out of words to try to make her feel better so now I just nod my head and say, “Okay Dylan. We will miss you too.What pattern duct tape are you using?”

Because I was very pregnant when we needed to buy a house, Rick flew down to Florida and bought one. Except for photos, I’ve never seen it. This is a man that I would prefer not grocery shop alone and he has purchased us a house. I’m trying not to stress out about it. I mean, I’m sure I’ll love the Chia Pet carpeting and Western themed mosaics.

So we are leaving.

But not leaving you.

Because you’ll always find me and my family right here.

mama bird notes:

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