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Hey everyone. It’s 2 year old Cash! I’m so exhausted from the weekend. Do you know how tiring it is to never stop moving for 12 hours a day?!

Plus arching my back and screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO” every time they put me in a carseat is quite taxing. Don’t believe me? Try it sometime. It will sap your energy like nobody’s business. Whatever the heck that means. I heard my mom say it once.

Anyway, I had the best day, proving once again I am the most fun out of the five kids around here.  I loved playing at the water park. Oh wait, you might call it a sink.

Cash at sink

I covered the whole floor with water. I’m plotting how I can turn the whole thing into an ice skating rink next time. Anyone knows where I can rent a zamboni? If you do, call my mom’s cell. But don’t tell her it’s for me.

We went grocery shopping too. Best part is of course throwing the stuff out of the cart as soon as my parents put it in. It causes my mom to do a lot of deep sighing and gets her completely distracted so my siblings can sneak in a double layer fudge cake. She doesn’t notice it until check out and then she just lets it slide.

Man, I could write a book about how to break your parents. I’ve got to find a good ghost writer.

This weekend, we also went to the race track where we got to see a lot of horses. Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention because I’m not really a gambler and I was busy collecting empty beer bottles from the bleachers. A toddler’s work is never done. I’m thinking of starting my own recycling business.

One exciting development is that I figured out how to get out of my stroller so now I can do this thing called, “Stand up in my stroller while it’s moving” which seems to make my mother very agitated.

And you wouldn’t believe it but they tried one of these out on me….

Cash leash monkey backpack

My big sister Dylan has wanted a dog FOREVER so I think they are secretly trying to turn me into one! They claim it’s to prevent me from running into traffic but I’m not gullible people!! I know what you are doing.

My foot is still healing from when I stepped on glass and had to have surgery. I’m probably going to have a little scar on my foot. I can’t wait to impress the ladies. They love a guy who’s rough and tumble like that.

Meanwhile, my parents keep referring to me as a “crazy maniac monkey” which I can only assume means “handsome toddler” although I’ve never googled it.

Alright, I’m off to turn the laundry bins upside down! I just can’t seem to get a moment of relaxation around here.


You know when you visit one site and they immediately try to get you to click on another site and you’re all like.. “Dude, I can’t. I’m exhausted. I already clicked once. Work with me here. I have to save some energy to follow the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner possible break-up.”


Look, I get it. In the name of journalistic research, I once had to look up 15 celebrities who are not aging well and I barely got to slide 5 before I gave up. Even thought #6 promised to make me cringe! Clicking is tiring and it’s almost the weekend.

Even so, I wanted to share where else I’ve been writing so if any sounded interesting or maybe cringe worthy, you could head on over there. No pressure. I mean, you might be too busy bidding on Michael Jackson’s 100 million dollar Neverland Estate. I don’t know what you do with your free time.

On Alpha Mom, I’m sharing 8 great graduation speeches. This is inspiring stuff. Even if you just read a few of the quotes, you’ll definitely be motivated at the very least to clean out your email inbox or something.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.37.33 AM

Also on Alpha Mom, is your kid sometimes a Debbie Downer?! Mine too! So what to do about it? (You know, other than yelling.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.41.03 AM

On Lifetime Moms, there are New York City wives getting wife bonuses!! Say what?! I deserve one of those!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.44.21 AM

And also on Lifetime, think you spent a lot on your kid’s last birthday party? Well, one couple spent $39,000 on their daughter’s 3rd birthday. Yes, she turned 3. Wait until you see what they spent it on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.47.51 AM

Have a great weekend. xo


Rick and I were recently at a party – talking to someone who is traveling through Europe this summer.

My husband Rick immediately began talking about the beauty of Amsterdam, the Van Gogh museum and a whole bunch of other stuff.


And I immediately thought to myself, “Hold on a minute. I want to go to Europe all summer. I’ve never been to Amsterdam and well, adulthood is lame.”

Because all this working and laundry and filling the dishwasher is nothing like Europe. There is not one 17th century archway or cobblestone street in my kitchen.

I do have this dream that one day, Rick and I, along with our 37 children, will fly to Europe, buy EuroRail passes and just travel. I know a couple who did it last summer. Yes, they only have two children but still. I think it’s possible. I’m offering it to the universe as a possibility in case the universe feels like giving it to me.

In the meantime, (while we are working, doing laundry and filling the dishwasher), Rick and I decided to make a Get Happy list.

Not to say that we are unhappy because we aren’t. But with 5 kids (ages 2 to 10), our days are intense. And adjusting to South Florida has been more challenging than we anticipated. Our oldest daughter continues to struggle with the move and our youngest son continues to be the most adorable “let me see if I can climb on the stove while it’s on so my mom has a heart attack” 2 year old maniac ever.

The key to the Get Happy list is that we can put anything on it. Small or big. Even if it feels completely unattainable. The point is – we are putting it out there as an intention. We’re saying, this is important to us. This will happen. Some day. Because all of us waste a lot of hours of our lives on things that would never pop up on the Get Happy list.

Rick immediately rattled off a few things on his list… Get bikes for us so we can take family bike rides, go dancing and more family time on the weekends (instead of the “I’ll take this kid to a birthday party while you take these kids to the grocery store” kind of thing).

We are already in the process of getting bikes and we recently pulled out some dance moves  at a temple fundraiser. Apparently, you don’t have to be at Liv night club to bust a move.

At first, I couldn’t think of anything for my Get Happy list, beyond the obvious please put Friday Night Lights back on the air and my grand EuroRail pass idea. But then I finally came up with a few things…

A content and happy 10 year old daughter

Meeting and spending time with friends that are funny and real

More time in the late afternoon at the beach

Cleaning less, being still with my kids more.

Sweet Home Alabama 2 movie (because let’s face it – nothing says happiness like a Reese Witherspoon/Josh Lucas reunion movie)

I think there is a certain power in declaring what you need – what makes you content and fulfilled. It’s the first step in taking action toward a more authentic, happy self.


There’s this photo I never took. I can still picture it perfectly in my mind. A 3 year old Dylan sleeping perpendicular in her crib, with her legs and feet sticking out through the bars. She often slept that way, despite that it looked completely uncomfortable.

I remember a new sitter trying to convince her of this. “Children don’t sleep like that. You need to keep your legs inside the crib,” the sitter insisted but like a lot of conventional ideas, Dylan didn’t care at all.

Even though I never got that photo, I did take this one….


After we would tuck Dylan in at night, she’d dig out the winter accessories and layer herself with outerwear. Why? I still do not know.

You see, those are the photos that mean the most to me. Not the family portraits. Or the school pictures. Or the family vacation snapshots. Those are, of course, nice to have. But the photographs that I truly love are the ones that completely capture a unique, wonderful trait of one of my children.

Which is why on the eve of my daughter Harlowe’s 5th birthday (and Chase too), I had to take a photo of this…

Harlowe sleeping

When I check on my children before I go to sleep, I always find Harlowe like this – with so much hair in her face, I can barely find her in the pile of goldilocks.

How does she sleep like that every night? Isn’t it itchy? How can she breathe? I do not know.

But it’s quirky and perfect. And some day, when she is all grown up and driving me to the beauty parlor to get my hair done, I will pull out my iPhone43 and look at this photo. And I will remember exactly what it felt like to be right here, right now.


If you’re looking for the perfect parent, you won’t find it here.

There is actually no just thing, despite all those beautiful crafted photos of family bliss you see on social media. We love our kids. We are trying to remember to sign and return all those papers that come home from school. We try to yell as little as possible. And forgive ourselves when we do.

But despite our best efforts, there is no perfection. I’m very sure of this because over the last few weeks, I had the following things said to me (by family, friends or complete strangers)…

“Your child is eating something off the floor.”

He was. It looked like a cracker. In fact, it looked pretty good.

“You have a chin hair.”

I did. I think it’s gone now. 

“You left your car door open.”

I did. But can you just shut it? Why do you have to get me involved?

“Your son is standing on the kitchen counter.”

He was. He’s off now. He’ll be back. He really likes it up there. 

“Your son just pulled tampons out of your purse.”

He did. That kid is fun! 

“Is that sweat on your back or is that from your hair being wet?”

It was water from my hair being washed. With all these children, I didn’t have time to dry it. Obviously, I’ll make the time in the future. OMG. 

“There is a lollipop stuck to your son’s back.”

There was. 

Cash with lollipop on back

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