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I’m headed to San Francisco this week for BlogHer. I’m super excited to go to this awesome blogging conference except that I’m totally panicked. I just get very stressed about flying across the country and leaving my kids.

I don’t know why I am so freaked out on planes. Usually, a glass of wine can calm me a bit but my flight is at 10 am. See the problem? You can’t really order booze at 10 am without looking like some kind of desperate, pathetic lush. Or if you can, please tell me how.

And it just gives me anxiety to leave my children. I know I don’t control their destiny but I, at least, like to be around to make sure their faces are wiped and their snack box is filled. And you know, to check that their little bodies are inhaling and exhaling in deep slumber before I climb into bed myself.

Loving people more than yourself can be a real bitch.

Nobody told me this before I had a kid. I heard about the crying, the price of preschool and the stains on the furniture. But not one single person mentioned how amazingly hard it would be to let go – to trust my beautiful, crazy, lovable, insanely perfect daughters are ok, even when I’m not with them.

Plus, other things have been going on that I just can’t blog about. But the past week was tremendously difficult and it all gave me a truckload of stress. Yoga is one of the ways I re-center and snap myself out of a funk.

But it can’t be sleepy, meditative yoga. It needs to be high impact, athletic yoga.

So I tried a new yoga class at Equinox gym this weekend and the teacher was just maddening. He talked way too much and barely had us moving. After 40 minutes, he stopped us all together and said, “We are now going to partner up and learn how to breathe into our backs.”

Oh annoying yoga dude, are you friggin’ serious?!

Maybe I’ve lived in New York City too long but I definitely didn’t want to be touching anyone in that class (although I’m sure they are super nice people and I mean them no disrespect). And I absolutely didn’t want to spend any more of my limited gym time – LEARNING HOW TO BREATHE INTO MY BACK.

So I walked out of the class.

And headed for the Arc Trainer cardio machine.

In my flip flops. Cause that’s all I had.

And I didn’t give a crap.

I pounded away on that Arc Trainer for 30 minutes in flip flops, despite tripping and almost falling off twice. But that may have been partly due to my obsessive focus on “The E! True Hollywood Story of Heath Ledger.”

After I finished, I felt better. Not about the tragedy of Heath but you know, overall.

I may have even felt a little breathing in my back. Whatever that means exactly.


After a lovely, radish filled visit, I packed up my mom and sent her off to Memphis to stay with my sister for a few days. I don’t know why joint custody arrangements get such a bum rap.

Without my mom lovingly lurking around the apartment day and night, I was able to turn my focus to Ms. Kyra Sedgwick, the star of TNT’s, “The Closer.”

The ever-talented and energetic Beth Feldman of Beyond PR and Role Mommy, held a screening party for “The Closer” last night at a cool place in Chelsea called Ultra. I absolutely know it was a cool place because it was very very difficult to find the bathroom. The door blended in with the wall in that dark and sultry club kind of way.

If you like Kyra Sedgwick (and I’ll tell you why you really should) and you like cop shows, this one is awesome. And I’m not just saying this because Rick’s best friend Steve Kane is a writer for the show. Shameless, blatant plug for Steve Kane has now concluded.

I even bumped into some other fabulous bloggy gals like Kimberly of Mom in the City and Vanessa of Chefdruck Musings.

I’ve liked Kyra Sedgwick ever since the 1992 movie “Singles.” I can still remember those ridiculously perfect lines… What took you so long? I was stuck in traffic. And many years later, I got to see the actress in person.

As I’ve written before, Rick and I saw Kyra and her husband Kevin Bacon at a concert in New York (can you believe I wrote SIX whole paragraphs before mentioning the Footloose and free Ren McCormack – ok, they were short paragraphs.). After the concert James Taylor, if you’re wonderingended, we saw the celebrity duo again, this time going home on the subway. Kyra, Kevin, Kelcey and Rick hanging together on the 1 train.

You know, we had such a nice night with them. I wonder why we don’t hear from them anymore. I guess, they just got busy. You know how life can get in the way of close friendships.

So I was thrilled to see Kyra again at last night’s screening. She did a Q and A with the audience and she was just so authentic, honest and funny. She does not shy away from the F word which frankly I find refreshing and only made me like her more, despite her being pretty and skinny and talented.

And I was quite relieved to hear that she, too, has suffered from mom guilt. She admits that she used to feel guilty when her kids were young and she was working. But as she put it, “Unless you’ve killed someone, guilt is a useless emotion.” See, you can learn important stuff from cop shows (I mean, other than how to outsmart the police and keep them off your trail).

Sedgwick also confesses that she used to be a bit obsessive about exercising and talked honestly to her 16 year-old daughter about this. Yes, they have teenagers.

In fact, Kyra and Kevin are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. And Kevin Bacon is now 50. I know, it seems like just a couple years ago he was fighting for the right to take his sweet Ariel to the prom.

And Sedgwick (who plays a super smart, Southern, fast talking LAPD Deputy Police Chief on the show) says she doesn’t really unwind during the 6 months of filming. In fact, she listens to her lines nonstop on a tape recorder – even when she’s on the toilet.

Yeah, I told you she’s honest.

mama bird notes

Contributing mama Daphne Biener is a girl that just looks good in green. But she’s finding that it’s not always easy to be an eco mama. Kermit could have told you that. Click on contributing mamas to read more.

And Daphne has also just launched her new website, A Greener Biener, dedicated to her family’s efforts to live and eat green. See, that name would have totally not worked if she kept her maiden name “Slade.” Go Bieners! So swing by and check out her new planet friendly blog.

Speaking of our efforts to save the earth, Maggie is the winner of the two reusable bags from eco-artware.com. Email me your address to collect your winnings girl!

And I want to thank the very kind Madge for this super cool award…

I am so enormously grateful. Go check out her awesome, entertaining blog, It’s a Mad Madge World.


So my mom just wrapped up her first semester at Smith College and is home for Summer break. See, here she is…

I’ve only had her home one day and I’m just sick and tired of doing her laundry, picking up after her and listening to here whine, “I’m bored. I have nothing to do.”

No, she’s actually been a perfect house guest. After an insanely stressful first semester (she’s earning her Masters in Social Work), she just wants to relax. And I can’t think of a better place than my apartment, with the always calm and zen 3 1/2 year-old Dylan and the meditative and self contemplating 19 month-old Summer.

It’s a wonder I don’t open up a Buddhist monastery over here in my West Village apartment.

My mom is actually very much a Buddhist and I’m very much not, so we’ll have conversations like this one:

“Wow. What a magnificent looking salad!” she exclaims last night.

“What? Where? What salad?” I reply very confused. I’m suddenly thinking, gosh darn it, did Dylan cut up an entire salad when I wasn’t looking? I’ve really GOT to keep better tabs on that girl.

“Over there on the counter,” my mom says as she points to this:

“Mom, that’s just a bunch of radishes that need to be washed and cut.”

“Oh, they look so magnificent.”

Really? Well, ok.

And later in the evening, she describes Dylan’s musical princess book as “remarkable” because it’s a book AND also plays music.

Remarkable? Do you mean remarkably irritating? Because oh yes, I’m on board with that one, sista. Those little, repetitive tunes could make somebody – what? Oh, you just mean remarkable. Well, I guess so. I mean, if it was 1902, that technology would really knock your petticoat off.

But I have to admit – my mother really does know how to appreciate the little things. Only one semester under her belt and she’s already teaching me a few things about noticing and celebrating the details of life.

Those parents. They grow up so damn fast.


Sometimes a moment just feels so completely and comfortably perfect. Like holding Dylan in my lap during the 4th of July fireworks on the beach. She insisted I hold my hands tightly over her ears to muffle the sound of the fireworks.

I would have a way too adorable picture of this if I hadn’t forgotten to charge my camera. What the heck was I thinking? I must have been living in the moment or something. Jeesh.

And Summer adored the fireworks too. At bedtime, she absolutely refused to let go of the glow in the dark necklace she got from her Bubbie (Yiddish for “grandmother who buys super cool stuff for the 4th of July”).

After celebrating our country’s independence, naturally it was time to play the Feud….

Yup, that’s Rick family. I must give credit to Rick’s brother Stevie who thought it would be fun to pose like the Family Feud. The kissing bandit (aka Richard Dawson) was sadly no where to be found.

We are all gussied up here to celebrate my sister-in-law Pam’s birthday. So we head to the Pool Bar at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City.

For a born and bred Connecticut girl, I sure know how to party like a Jersey rock star.

Or at least I thought I did until I realized we were all completely, insanely overdressed.

Umm…. this is apparently what the girls like to wear in A.C..

Holy crap. I could not believe the outfits on these ladies. Hundreds and hundreds of girls dressed in tiny, microscopic barbie doll clothes. And the guys did a lot of this…

Yes, he’s actually winking at the camera. So Rick’s brother Stevie thought he’d give the look a shot…

He just needs to add the wink and he’s there.

And Rick’s cousin Adam posed with some of the bikini clad waitresses…

Someone should tell those gals that if they want to make tips, they actually have to walk around and take drink orders from patrons.

I really like to think of myself as young and groovy but the techno music started to give me a serious headache and we just got so ridiculously tired that Rick and I headed home around 1 am.

But the birthday girl stayed out til 3 am (even without the short shorts or the micro mini).

But in my defense, Pam is a little younger than me. Ok, only two weeks younger but as you can imagine, it really makes a difference.

By the way, there was no sighting in Jersey of the super tan, Marilyn Monroe impersonator I told you about. Last I heard, he’s hiding out in Maine. Apparently, he’s there with his wife, some friends and maybe even Richard Dawson. That’s the word on the shore anyway.

Note to reader: I’m fearing that my blog might be spiraling into seedy territory lately, with all the shots of male abs, banana hammocks and bikini wearing cocktail waitresses. So next post, things are going to get a lot more classy and sophisticated around here. Really fancy. So before you log on, you might want to wear something nice.


Hey, happy 4th of July everyone! I totally dig freedom. Because if you want to wax your back and dress up like Marilyn Monroe to celebrate 60 years of awesome livin’, gosh darn it, you can do it.

You know… like this dude. Recognize him? Unless you are tight with my in-laws, you probably don’t. Yes, they associate with this shy guy.

Trust me, you would want to hang with him too. He’s way funny, super tan and enjoys a cocktail or two. Those are pretty much the qualities I enjoy in a friend.

Freedom also rocks because if you happen to be 3 1/2 and just feel like your split ends are making you crazy, well, you don’t have to wait for your busy bee parents to take you to the salon for a trim. No, no, no. While Daddy is making dinner and Mommy is taking a little power nap and your sister is playing with that has been baby doll, you can just grab your kid scissors and do it all by yourself.

Although the tuft of hair was a bit startling to look at, the damage to Dylan’s do seems to be very minimal. Will confirm in the daylight. Since it took Dylan about 2 years to even GROW hair, I’m feeling ridiculously relieved.

And freedom also kicks arse because if you want to put on a pair of fairy wings, throw your hair in piggie tails, don some princess heels and relax in the sunshine, well… then go ahead.

Because it’s just that kind of country.

So thank you to all who made freedom ring. Because if the Brits were still in charge, we’d all be eating bangers and mash and drinking warm beer this weekend and well, that would totally suck.

But, of course, we would all have those sassy accents and we’d be totally cutting edge with our smart, natty fashion – so maybe that would be pretty brilliant after all.

Alright, alright… go kiss a Brit this 4th of July. Just nothing open mouth because the hubbys get their knickers in a bunch over that.

mama bird notes
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