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There comes a time when a family needs more than city cement, incredible restaurants and burlesque shows to survive. That day has come.

So we decided to go family road tripping to the country. Bucks County, PA or bust or maybe a brief stop because Dylan has to poop.

Buck’s County is quaint and countryish (It is too a word! Or at least sort of a word.) and green and awesome.

We saw a “Duck’s Crossing” sign. No ducks but the sign itself was really enough of a thrill.

At one point, Rick and I had a conversation that went like this…

Me: That woman we just passed was doing some kind of interesting gesture with her hand. Did she want us to pull over or something?

Rick: I think it was a wave. I think everyone here just waves at each other.

Me: A wave? I love that.

And we picked berries! Lots and lots of berries.

Dylan loved it. And Summer…

Oh crap. Someone wake up Summer. She’s missing our country adventure! Just like her to nod off during the fabulous blueberry and raspberry picking. If she thinks she can just take a long snooze and then eat our hard earned berries without lifting one baby finger in the hot Pennsylvania sun – well, she’s probably right about that.

And then we ate ice cream! And pizza! The pizza tasted much more charming and far less greasy in the lovely surroundings.

I even had a hankering to peruse and purchase antiques, although I am not really into that sort of old, dusty furniture thing. If you adore antiques, please substitute, “beautifully preserved and crafted treasures” for “old, dusty furniture.”

Frankly, I was completely swept up in the fresh air euphoria until the trip back to Manhattan.

Since my dad came along and it gets very tight between the two car seats, one of us had to sit in the WAY back. And boy does it make your arse hurt to hang out back there for extended periods of time.

I kind of felt like the family dog or like Rick’s smuggling me across state lines. And no, my kids aren’t on drugs. They are just so very tired and watching the DVD player.

Apparently, we didn’t tucker my dad out enough because the next morning, he was willing to go to his first yoga class ever with me.

Here he is practicing his downward dogs before the class…

He was pretty damn good for an inexperienced 65 year-old yogi. Then he left to catch the Amtrak train back to his home in Cape Cod.

As the train pulled out of Penn Station, he texted me, “This downward dog has left the station.”

I wished him a peaceful, kid-free, zen ride home.

mama bird notes
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I don’t know how I am going to return to my actual life. I mean, am I expected to change diapers and listen to whining and wipe faces again? There must be some kind of horrible error.

The Graco and the LBi production team made me feel like a princess. You know, a working princess. I spent my second day in “the” ATL (thank you Allison T and Buffy for that because I’m getting cooler and younger by the minute with all my new groovy lingo) shooting footage for the Graco car seat campaign. It’s set to air on the web later this summer. Yes, future links promised.

First they made me look pretty…

Umm… who hired the sweet makeup artist, who clearly moonlights as a freakin’ super model?

Then I quickly learned that installing a car seat is actually a snap when a professional like Carol explains it to you.

Despite my initial nervousness, I ended up kicking the arse of those latches and tethers and seatbelt retractors. Once I had conquered the car seat challenge, they sat me down for an interview to glean all my parental wisdom.

Hey wait – is this a game show? I hope I win the Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat. That was the seat I installed during the demo and frankly we got very emotionally attached working together. You know how the sparks fly on these fancy production shoots.

During the interview, the production guys (and there were a lot of them)….

would say things to me like…

“You have a great smile.”


“You’re doing a great job.”

Wow. I think I’ll start expecting that kind of feedback from Rick and the girls each day. It’s the least they can do for all my efforts on the home front.

After the interview, another blogger, Victoria, and I hopped in a town car and jetted to the airport which makes me wonder (I’m channeling a little Carrie Bradshaw), am I really supposed to go back to life as usual, that constant state of toddler chaos that seems like a distant big apple memory?


Oh thank goodness because I can hardly wait. I miss those cute, little sticky faces.

mama bird notes

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Hey. You’re so awesome to follow me all the way to Hotlanta or A.T.L as apparently the youngsters call it (thanks Sandrine for the 4-1-1 on that).

I think the term Hotlanta is roughly equivalent to, “The Big Apple.” I never refer to NYC as the big apple and I can’t imagine there are large swaths of Atlantans who go around saying things like…

“Hotlanta is such a great place to raise kids.”

“But I do wish Hotlanta had less traffic.”

“So what part of Hotlanta do you live in?”

But I promise here and now, if I ever relocate to Atlanta, I am totally calling it that.

I’m here, along with three other bloggers… Sheila from Xiaolin Mama, Joe from Joeprah and Vicky from The Mummy Chronicles to film a Graco car seat campaign. I’m going to have the opportunity to share my parenting know how (must quickly think of brilliant, clever parenting tips) and demonstrate how to install a car seat (First step: Turn to your spouse and say, “Hey, can you please install the car seat this morning?).

The video will go up on the Graco website, as a resource for parents. I must say, so far, it’s a very good gig. I’ve been white wined, lobster tail dined and pink pedicured, all courtesy of the cool folks at Graco. Apparently, they are actually going to make me do some work tomorrow. Alright, alright. Seems like the least I can do.

I miss my little cupcakes Dylan and Summer dearly (I mean really, who wants to actually pee alone?) but it is so nice to have a little calm and quiet and –

Wait, is that a baby?

And another one? Oh mercy. Who invited the kiddos?!

Actually, those adorable twins belong to my awesome college friend, Lanie. I was thrilled to meet them. They are named Hot and Lanta which is a bit odd but I think they can pull it off.

Note to reader: Their parents may actually call them Fletcher and Alyssa but I’m not confirming that.

Note to husband: Yes, I miss you too. I will confirm that.

mama bird notes

Don’t forget to enter this week’s baby giveaway package. Two pairs of super cool Robeez shoes for boys (sizes 18 – 24 months and 20 – 24 months), an organic cotton and hemp burp cloth (amazingly stylish and practical) and the Melissa Errico “Lullabies and Wildflowers” CD. And all these goodies come in a fabulous recycled cotton tote from Joy by Mellim. Just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries this week and you are entered to win.


So, of course, two days after I write all about the the quirky behavior of my lovely, beautiful Dylan, she has the nerve to go to bed in long sleeve pajamas…

plus a princess nightgown…

plus a winter hat with attached scarf combo. Dylan, I already wrote the, “Is My Kid Weird” post. Jeesh.

So do you think we have the air conditioning on too high or something?

Meanwhile my friend Julie recently dropped her cell phone in the water at the playground. She immediately asked for my expertise on the situation because of my long history of damaging technical gadgets.

I leaped into action, instructing her to immediately douse her cell phone in salt. The salt would suck out all the water and could bring her phone back to life, I explained. A friend suggested this brilliance on the mama bird diaries after my own phone dropped in a public toilet. Umm.. yeah. Still gross.

So Julie, believing that I am a trained tech professional, followed my instructions.

Except at some point, when her phone was buried deep in salt, Julie started having doubts about my yoda master skills and had the smarts to actually look up this advice. She quickly found out, it’s RICE that works like magic. Not friggin salt.

Oh. Did I say SALT? Rice. Uh, that’s what I meant.

Julie’s phone is a bit salty but hopefully working.

So yeah, today’s my birthday. How did you know? Oh, the heading of the post? So flashy, don’t you think?

Did I sit back and cry old tears on my 38th birthday? No. I. Did. Not.

I grabbed life by the handle bars and went biking with the crew.

Ok, so we all look kind of, incredibly dorky with our helmets (not a hint of Giselle or Leo). But safety first people. I’m not as sharp on the ole bike trail as I used to be.

Despite the fact that we were an hour late to pick up the bikes…

And then it took an additional 45 minutes to gear up.

And then it started raining.

And then Summer started crying.

And then full on tantruming.

This birthday family biking extravaganza all kind of worked out in the end and rocked.

And really tuckered us out.

This 38 year-old is headed down south to HOTlanta this week, courtesy of Graco. More later. Gotta keep you coming back.

mama bird notes

Mama bird Daphne Biener won the beautiful notecards by the 10 year-old artist Alexa Maizes. Congrats Daphne! No special treatment for Miss Contributor. Randomly picked. Mama’s promise.

This week we have a baby giveaway package for you. Two pairs of super cool Robeez shoes for boys (sizes 18 – 24 months and 20 – 24 months), an organic cotton and hemp burp cloth (amazingly stylish and practical) and the Melissa Errico “Lullabies and Wildflowers” CD. And all these goodies come in a fabulous recycled cotton tote from Joy by Mellim. Just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries this week and you are entered to win.


This week I took Summer for her 18 month-old check-up. I still dread those vaccination visits. I don’t mind the crying. Although the first time Rick and I took Dylan as a baby, all three of us were pathetically sobbing. Note to new parents out there: Hysterical moms and dads don’t really calm newborns.

No, I don’t cry anymore. I just worry. And frankly, I’m far more talented and experienced at worrying than crying anyway.

It’s the whole could-there-possibly-be-a-connection-to-autism-thing that just makes me queesy. But on the flip side, I’d sort of definitely prefer my kids not get polio or the mumps or the measles. Because that sounds like a major bummer. So I buried my angst and headed to the doctor’s office.

At which point I learned that I never brought Summer in for her 15 month check-up.

Or her 12 month check-up.

In fact, Summer hadn’t had any of her shots for 9 months. I know my friend Adam (the pediatric ER doc – aka the red headed George Clooney) is just shaking his head right now in disapproval. Oh, Adam. I’m not perfect.

Summer has been to the pediatrician 12 zillion times for chest congestion, coughs and colds. But apparently, I had forgotten all about those nifty “wellness” visits.

It’s kind of out character for me because I’m pretty insanely organized. So maybe the fears in my subconscious took over my appointment calendar. Anyway, we’ll will be catching up on her shots over the next month which is good old fashion summer in the city fun.

Meanwhile, 38 is roaring towards me like an Amtrak Acela train (without all the delays). I don’t even know why I give a crap about 38. It’s really her step sister 40 that I am truly afraid of.

I know, all of you out there who are already 40 are thinking, “Com’on Kelcey, don’t be such a friggin’ wimp. 40 is nothing.” And I’m sure I’ll feel that way on the day after my 40th birthday. Or at least, I will absolutely feel that way about 40 on my 60th birthday.

It just all goes so darn fast.

I still keep thinking that I’m going to wake up and be 24, sitting in a cafe with some friends, listening to Blues Traveler and not stressing about child immunizations or 40th birthdays.

Totally hasn’t happened yet. Strange, right?

Instead I will celebrate what 38 years has brought me. Things I dreamed of but could not have ever imagined at 24…

Oh wait. Scratch that. I mean, he was fun. But not that guy. I meant this guy and his girlie sidekicks.

mama bird notes
I really am ashamed of myself. WEEKS ago, the very funny site GoodMom/BadMom featured one of my stories on their Sunday Blog wrap up. You know that story I wrote about my atheist dad. Anyway, I never properly thanked them for the awesome honor. It’s embarrassing really. So please head on over and check out their site and I will rest easier tonight. Thanks to Jennifer H. for unintentionally setting me straight.

And check out our new mama bird poll. How would you feel about your husband going to a strip club?

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