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Yes. Of course, I watched.

As if I wouldn’t tune in to the NEW “90210.”

Oh, you’re wondering about the Sarah Palin speech? Yup, I watched that too.

Let’s all take a breather for a moment and first address “90210”…

I guess it was kind of cool to see the updated Peach Pit and all that. And I realize I’m not a 16 year-old girl but it was all sort of terribly boring. Well.. except for their way adorable teacher Ryan Matthews.

I mean, wouldn’t you hand in your paper on time if THAT was your teacher (even with the slightly weird outfit shown here).

But overall, the 90210 writers could take more than few pointers from the very steamy, dreamy “Gossip Girl.” Now that’s my kind of CW show.

Now on to the Governor Sarah Palin…

I noticed something about Palin last night. No, not the hair. No, not the glasses. Oh, I know. She gives an awesome speech.

Wow. She really rocked it. Adore her or despise her (or somewhere in the middle), you have to admit that she got the party started last night. Although, I think she could have left some of that snarky sarcasm in Alaska.

And her husband is a world champion snow machine racer? Was I the only one who thought that was kind of hot? This is a power couple, for sure.

But man, how nervous did her future teenage son-in-law look?

You just know he was thinking, “Damn, I just wanted to get laid and play some hockey. What the F–k am I doing here? Crap. I don’t want to get married or have a kid. And I feel so dumb holding Bristol’s hand in front of all these people. When am I allowed to let go? I think the press guy said I had to hold her hand the entire night. Shit. I need a beer. Man, this sucks.”

Or something like that.

Last night, I realized that John McCain knew exactly who he was picking to be his VP. This was not a rash, reckless decision to try to woo Hillary Clinton supporters. This was brilliant politics by the Republicans. And Republicans have proven again and again that they know how to win an election.

Sarah Palin, a very conservative Republican, masterfully painted herself as an everyday woman – just an average hockey mom who signed up for the PTA and ended up on the Republican presidential ticket. As I watched, something occurred to me.  This woman, despite her extreme anti-everything-I-support views, is very very likable.

And you know who else is very likable? George W. Bush.  I believe he won a few elections.

If the Democrats want to win in November, they better take Sarah Palin very seriously. Because this lady knows how to deliver. And she plans on delivering the White House.

mama bird notes:

There were so many interesting, insightful, passionate comments on my last post. If you are as obsessed by politics as much as I am right now, check out the comments on my post, “in defense of sarah palin.”

Also, if you missed my addendum, read this ABC News piece, “Sarah Palin’s Parenting Choices Under Fire.” And yes, I’m quoted! So c’mon, click on it.


So last night, I was grilling up some breaded placenta for dinner (Don’t you hate how you ALWAYS end up cooking the same things every single week? I’ve got to start getting more creative), and I started thinking about Governor Sarah Palin.

You know the Republican candidate for vice president. Turns out her 17 year-old daughter is sort of knocked up. And not in a funny, Judd Apatow kind of way. But in a shotgun-wedding-because-holy-crap-my-mother-is- running-for-Vice-President kind of way.

Look, I definitely don’t dig the very conservative Sarah Palin. She’s anti-choice, opposes stem cell research, favors oil and gas interests over protecting the environment, believes in teaching creationism in schools, supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge… Ok, I can’t keep going. I’m having a panic attack. She doesn’t even want to protect polar bears for gosh sakes.

I have no problem with a woman who can bag a caribou while nursing a baby – just overall, she’s simply not my kind of gal.

That said, I just don’t think her teenager’s pregnancy has anything to do with Palin’s ability or inability to be vice president. Yes, it’s a juicy story. But to me, it’s just not relevant to her abilities to govern.  It’s a personal crisis in their family.

And some are also questioning whether Palin should even be running for vice president, given that she has five kids, including an infant with Down’s Syndrome. But I don’t really think that’s for anyone else to decide. Each mother and father must find the right balance for themselves between work and family. I refuse to judge this mother for now setting her sights on the vice presidency.

I know I couldn’t do it. Damn. I almost had a breakdown in the car today when both my kids were crying and whining at full crescendo as we hit loads of traffic. I’m definitely not cut out for the veep spot. But maybe she is.

This is Palin’s choice.

In November, it will my choice. And your choice. And your placenta’s choice.

I know. I’ll stop with the placenta thing. It’s grossing me out too.

Addendum: Check out this very interesting piece, “Sarah Palin’s Parenting Choices Under Fire” from ABC News. And yes, I’m quoted! So c’mon, click on it.

mama bird notes:

For you New York mama birds… my friend Jerielle, an actress, is working like crazy to raise money to fight breast cancer. She wants to encourage everyone to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on September 14th in Central Park or click here to donate to Jerielle Team Broadway Boobies.

Or for you gals who like to belt your heart out, Team Broadway Boobies is also holding a karaoke night to raise money to find a cure on September 9th, 6 – 10 pm, at the Watering Hole in New York City. Don’t be intimidated by all those actresses who probably have awesome voices. This is for a good cause! Only $5 admission. Email jerielle@gmail.com for more info.


I just simply refuse to put up with the traffic, the construction and the grit of New York City, unless I am also taking advantage of the perks… like the restaurants, the museums and live theater.

Which is how my husband and I ended up at the Soho Playhouse on Saturday night, to see, “Life in a Marital Institution (20 years of monogamy in one terrifying hour).” Yes. Actual title.

An off-broadway one man show – apparently about marriage and all its terror.

My husband Rick seemed a little apprehensive about the show, especially as we were directed to the front row. When you’re in a small, intimate theater, about to view something that could be just awful, it’s always better to NOT be in the first row. Because the front row means NO EXIT STRATEGY.

I was sort of expecting a humorous look at the institution of marriage and family life… you know, funny musings that would suddenly remind me that I’m not the only who once in a while wouldn’t mind skipping the 10 millionth trip to the playground and instead, being instantly transported to Rome where I tear around on my pink Vespa, only stopping to eat chocolate croissants and drink cappuccinos and charm the Italians who for some reason can’t stop complimenting me and my model-esque physique.

Turns out, there was no mention of Vespas or croissants.

But the playwright and star, James Braly, did talk about his wife, who made him crazy by breastfeeding their two sons until one was 6 years-old and the other 4-years-old. Now I’m a huge advocate of breastfeeding but that does sound a trifle long.

Braly’s wife also insisted on burying one of their son’s placenta – which at the time had been in their freezer for 3 years. Turns out she wasn’t so odd though, because the rest of their friends were grilling and eating their kids’ placentas.

Yup. We got to hear all about this from the the front row.

The thing about the first row is that you can see the actor constantly spitting as he passionately delivers his lines, which is sort of distracting.

Plus, I had to pee for the entire 70 minute show, which is entirely too short a production to get up and make a big production. I mean, wouldn’t they think I had a urinary tract infection or something? Who can’t sit through a 70 minute show?

So I just kind of sat there, laughing at the sharp writing, watching the saliva fly and waiting to pee.

Now you see why we stay in New York City.

On the way out, a pretty girl stopped Rick to ask, “Are you Rick Folbaum?”

Of course, she was an old camp friend because everyone and their stepmother went to Jewish overnight camp with Rick. For all I know, Rick and this camp girl are now planning a romantic excursion to Rome, to ride their matching Vespas, because while they chatted it up, I high tailed it to the ladies room – to finally pee.

mama bird notes:

If you haven’t had a chance, check out Contributing Mama Erin Butler’s post on when to take the leap from one baby to two. Click on contributing mamas to read more.


Spurred on by comments on my previous post from The Hip Mom’s Guide and Mommy to a Tatertot, today I really want to delve into the topic of abortion.

Oh, I’m so not that brave.

I’ll never be THAT brave.

I seriously want to thank all of you who did not lash out at me after my political post this week. Yes, a few of you were uncharacteristically silent but I respect that completely. And I appreciate all the amazing, insightful, supportive comments. Even those of you who see a different future for this country.

For those of you who wondered, Barack Obama did not actually leave a comment on my post. Just a man who looks very much like him.

So now that I’m on a political roll – or more accurately a political obsession with the presidential race – how about McCain’s choice for Vice President?

As a woman, I’m extremely proud.

As a political junkie, I love an unexpected, interesting choice that brings frenzied excitement to a close presidential race.

As a now-professed Obama supporter, I’m not sure whether this move helps or hurts the Democrats’ campaign. It will be fascinating to watch.  I told you. I’m obsessed.

As a native Alaskan, I am – oh wait, that’s not me.

My husband thinks Governor Sarah Palin is a hottie.  But he wants to see her minus the bobby pins, with her hair down and her glasses off. I do think the 44 year-old could look A LOT hipper and more stylish.

Of course, probably also the case for 65 year-old Senator Joe Biden.

Still, I just want to be on record as saying, a cute cut, sassy blow-out and chic outfit never hurt anyone. Yeah Biden, I’m talking to you too.

By the way, after my apparently misguided assertion that “there is more to life than Starbucks,” a Starbucks representative invited me to a Better Breakfast Hour in New York City – “an opportunity to chat with other bloggers about breakfast trends and the importance of starting off your morning with a healthy routine.”

Wouldn’t kicking my caffeine addiction be a really super healthy way to start off my morning?

The Starbucks rep sweetened the offer by promising free Wi-Fi service on the day of the event. Ok. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but I thought Starbucks had finally started offering free Wi-Fi in all its coffee shops.

I’m not a PR whiz, but how about a free $15 coffee card?  Now that’s change I can believe in.

I think I may have just gotten uninvited.

mama bird notes:

Contributor Karen Palmer Bland is trying to figure out how to keep her kids grounded in this age of so much stuff. So throw on a pair of designer jeans, grab an overpriced coffee and click on contributing mamas to read more.

Now I have one more reason to adore Mommy Poppins. She has been working with Seneca Houses, an organization that provides temporary housing for homeless families in NYC. There are 100 children living in their apartments who desperately need school supplies for this coming year.

She has created an Amazon Wish List where you can order and ship the supplies directly to Seneca Houses. Or visit Mommy Poppins for more info. She and I are so grateful for your help!


So I was going to write a really glib post about this guy I overheard at Starbucks. He ordered (and this is verbatim because I actually took out a pen and wrote it down) a venti, half caf, skinny, no foam, vanilla latte at 130 degrees. Yes. Seriously.

Even the seasoned Starbucks barista looked up at him like… Are you insane man?

But this is America. And the customer got his perfectly crafted coffee. At 130 degrees. If not, I’m sure he returned it for one the right temperature. Because who out there can honestly drink a coffee at 131 degrees?  Don’t even get me started on 129 degrees.

And I actually have a lot more dumb crap to say about Starbucks, all of which I’m sure would add a lot of value to your day. But there is just something bigger on my mind.

I purposely stay away from politics on this blog because I don’t really care if you are a Republican, Democrat or Ralph Nader’s lover as long as you think I’m funny. At least some of the time. And I don’t really want to piss off or alienate any of you, my cherished readers. And I do absolutely cherish everyone who takes a few minutes out of their very hectic, full lives to read this site.

But then I watched Michelle Obama.

And Ted Kennedy.

And Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And Bill Clinton.

And Joe Biden.

And I felt something that hasn’t really stirred in my soul since I was a newbie out of college and I hit the campaign trail in favor of my favorite candidate. My 1992 self (with the big super bleached hair and even bigger dreams) used to get down on my knees and pray that my candidate would win and lift the dark cloud over our country.

And this week, 16 years later, I feel it again… Passion. Hope. The real chance for authentic change.

I think turnover in Washington is an incredible thing. When any political party gets too comfortable, they just seem to lose their focus, their drive, the reason they came to Washington in the first place.

And boy, do we need change again. I want our environment protected. I want everyone to have access to quality schools and health care. I want choice protected. I want our troops respected. I want our veterans taken care of. And I want to bring our troops in Iraq home. Now.

I want to live in an America that is respected, not hated by other countries.

I want to live in an America that is revered for bringing peace to the world, not criticized for being on an endless war path.

I want to live in an America that feels more like me. And everything I believe in.

I’m overheating with political hope. 130 degrees and rising.

kelcey kintner