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Parents can go a really long time without peeing.

That’s because there never seems to be a good time to go.

Like you don’t want to drag your kids into a public restroom because you’ll have to start yelling, “Don’t touch that! Or that! Oh my gosh. Get off the floor!!”

And there is no such thing as a quick trip to the bathroom because suddenly every kid has to pee (or even worse poop) and of course there is the washing of the hands afterwards and the whole ordeal takes 20 minutes. If you’re lucky.


Photo Courtesy of Parentdish

Or you can’t even figure out where the restroom is. Or there is a line. Or you just forget to go. Or whatever.

My point is – I came home the other day with 2 year old Cash and I hadn’t peed in like 4 hours. Was it really that long? I don’t know. But it was long enough.

I left my son in the playroom so I could pee for 30 seconds and maybe check Twitter and Facebook.

Right away, I knew it was way too QUIET.

Then I heard the chime the freezer makes when it has been left open too long. I hurried to the kitchen and was relieved to find that Cash had only unwrapped a stick of butter.

Cash with butter 1

And then I noticed something else…

Cash with butter 2

Oh mercy. How long was I checking Facebook? I guess for as long as it takes a 2 year old to unwrap a whole box of butter. Yes, he unwrapped each individual stick. He must be planning on doing a lot of cooking!

Cash with butter 3

No wait, correction.  According to Cash, they are blocks.


If you are looking to spend a lot of money without much satisfaction and lots of stress, take some young kids out to dinner.

I have optimistically been going out to dinner with children since 2004 and despite significant evidence that this is not a good use of time or money, I boldly keep doing it.

I’ve been at restaurants where I pretended not to notice that one of my children was eating packets of butter and just imagined that he was eating it on invisible bread.

I’ve had a child dump his head into a lovely restaurant fountain. Three times.


I’ve had a child remove her shoes and socks and then put her feet on the table which might not be 100% sanitary.

I’ve written a letter of apology to a restaurant after a particularly disastrous outing. (I still need to send that by the way. I wrote it in 2008.)

On the way to a restaurant, I’ve listened to one of my children plead… “I AM SO HUNGRY. I AM SO HUNGRY. I AM REALLY STARVING. I NEED TO EAT NOW. ARE WE AT THE RESTAURANT YET? I AM STARVING TO DEATH.”

And yet, when we got there, she hardly ate anything. But you know how filling restaurant air can be.

And yet, I keep going.

Last week was not an exception.

I took my 5 kids to dinner along with a friend and her children. Despite the fact, that 2 year old Cash colored on the table, and then drew on the menu and then spilled his apple juice all over the place – everything seemed to be going pretty okay.

Until he started coughing at one point (probably due to shoving a combination of fries, fish taco, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes in his mouth), and this coughing made him throw up. All over himself. The high chair. And the floor.

Luckily this was a very busy, loud sports bar so no one really noticed.

Except for absolutely everyone sitting around us.

So here is me, having just scrubbed a sports bar rug (which can not be all that clean anyway) and my friend took a photo…

Cash at restaurant

I look strangely euphoric over the whole incident but I think that’s because I’m trying not to cry. And I was also happy Cash didn’t throw up in my wine.

And by the way, my son Cash also left the restaurant with no pants. But whatever.

Of course, it won’t be long before I take them all out to dinner again. Because while some people might give up on their dreams. I will not.  And someday I’m sure I will have a calm, relaxing dinner with my children.

And even if not  –  no matter what happens in any restaurant – there is nothing like the feeling of arriving home to a clean kitchen and no dishes.



In life, I pretty much vacillate between thinking people spend way too much time looking at their phones to spending too much time looking at my own phone.

It’s sort of a yin and yang thing. (I know. There’s no “g” on yin. It’s a hard thing to accept.)

I try to put my cell phone away but then I just have to check Twitter and Facebook and my email and Instagram and some of the news sites so I know what the heck is going on in the world and well, I probably should check Twitter again because it’s been 4 minutes.

I make a serious effort to put it away when my kids are around but it’s not always easy.

There is something about being deluged with constant requests and endless talking from little children, that makes me want to disappear into the online world so I can look at other people’s cute kids who must never make these kinds of demands on their parents.

Or I just want to laugh. Like when I read this Tweet…

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.15.10 AM

I mean, seriously. What were we all staring at before we had cell phones? The countertops? Out the window? Lovingly into each other’s eyes. I don’t know.

But then I saw this photo and it’s the perfect reminder of why we must put our phones away. As often as possible. Take a look at the one woman in the front who seems to be truly present at this event.


This was taken at a movie premiere.

Okay, she probably left her cell in the car and is thinking, “Dammit, I wish I had my phone. I would be lighting Twitter on fire right now with my hilarious tweets. Hashtag Grannie Knows How To Trend Worldwide.”

But instead I’m going to believe that she didn’t need or want her phone. Because sometimes if you’re trying to record it all, you miss it all.

So let’s all look up now and then.


Yay! We love having 2 year old Cash at the table. He’s so cute and fun! He mimics everyone like a parrot.

Holy crap, he can reach everything.

He’s throwing plates and cups and silverware off the table.

Now the table has to be set like this…


That’s better! Sure, four of the kids are completely crowded on one end but at least everyone can eat in peace.

Uh oh. Cash thinks the table is a lazy susan. Now he just spins the table around to get what he wants. How is he so strong? Does he work out at the gym?

We are forced to immediately pull his chair away from the table to minimize the destruction.

But wait, what is he doing now? He is wiggling his body in such a way that it actually moves his seat back to the table all on his own. Honestly, this kid must work with a personal trainer. The core strength alone! Does he do pilates?

Okay, he is back at the table, once again spinning it around. I make a mental note to buy a heavier table. But in the meantime, Cash must be relocated.

He has now been moved to a seat at our bar.

Cash at bar

And yes, he sits alone but he is happy.

And yes, he is still throwing his plate but now it sometimes makes it into the kitchen sink.

Order has temporarily been restored.


In the spirit of #FlashbackFriday (that’s a thing, right?), I’m posting something I shared a couple years ago.


Every night before I go to bed, I check on my kids. You know, just to make sure they aren’t still up working on their PhD dissertations.

I recently opened up the door to the room of my 3-year-old twins and here’s what I found…..

chase and harlowe passed out

Fast asleep.

There was no Jack Daniels in the room. I checked.

kelcey kintner