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My husband and I don’t always agree on art.

Like Rick loves this Van Gogh reproduction we once bought.

monet up close

I don’t love it. I don’t know why I agreed to it. I can only imagine that I was tired of looking for art for our first apartment and said something like, “Fine. Buy the Van Gogh floral thingy. I don’t care anymore. I’m dehydrated. I’m starving. I feel weak. Just buy it!”

I have never had the highest of artistic standards. In my 20’s, my bestfriend and I stapled a cheetah print cloth from a Halloween costume to our wall and called it art. But now I’m just a wee bit older than 24 and I only want to hang things I truly love.

Since I won’t hang the Van Gogh and Rick won’t get rid of it, it’s just propped up on this dresser.

bedroom with art

A floral reminder that marriage is all about standoffs. I mean, compromise.

But I just learned about a much easier way for Rick and I to pick art for our new home.  Art that we both love. It’s called ARTtwo50 and it’s ridiculously easy and brilliant.

You download the free app on your iPad and take a photo of the wall space where you hope to hang some amazing piece of art. I took a photo of my bedroom and first chose the size of the artwork…

art size

Then I was able to shop by artist or just swipe through their recommendations. And you get to see every piece as if it was hanging in your home. Look…

Art 1

art 2

art 3

Isn’t that cool? Then I can email any of these images to a friend or post on Facebook before I buy and get feedback. That’s right. Your ex-boyfriend from 5th grade can weigh in on artwork for your current home. I love this world.

All the artwork is $250 so you don’t have to worry about falling in love with a $5,000 painting, plus free shipping and returns. Plus, it’s all original artwork so it’s a great way to support artists.

Because it would be cruel to tell you about this amazing app and then not offer you a chance to win some sort of gift certificate, the good people at ARTtwo50 are offering two $100 gift certificates. Yay!

To enter, just leave a comment mentioning the word art. And please also remember to like ARTtwo50 and The Mama Bird Diaries on Facebook so that you are officially entered. Good luck.

This is a sponsored post. All ideas are my own.



Rick sent his wife Kelcey this email…

One day I envision getting a bigger flat screen TV for our living room.

Kelcey wrote this in response….

One day I envision a world where my children don’t argue and my 3-year-old doesn’t stay up until 10 pm and dishes are magically washed and everyone wears clothes without making them dirty so they can just put them right back in their dressers.

And Rick responded…

One day I envision that on our giant new television, you will stop recording shows on non-HD channels.

And Kelcey wrote…

Yeah maybe. And I envision you sitting down with me to watch “Sweet Home Alabama” so we can appreciate the magical chemistry of Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon and recite our favorite lines. Here I’ll go first. “What do you want to marry me for anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” Your turn.


And Rick wrote…

I envision a world where I know what the hell you are talking about.


And Kelcey wrote…

Or here’s another one… “Look at you, you have a baby… In a bar.” Your turn.


And Rick wrote…

I envision a world in which you stop doing this.


And Kelcey wrote…

“I can’t control her, any more than I can control the weather.” Your turn again.


And Rick wrote…

Seriously, if you stop, I won’t bring up that HD thing again.


And Kelcey wrote…

You’re not that good at this game. I envision a world where I try to appreciate HD more if you appreciate the artistic talents of Josh Lucas more.


And Rick wrote…

That’s not going to happen. I envision a world in which we watch the next Superbowl on our new giant TV.


And Kelcey wrote…

I envision us watching the next Superbowl on our current TV as long as Coach Taylor is coaching and Tim Riggins is playing.


And Rick wrote…

They aren’t coaching or playing. Mostly because those people don’t actually exist. They are characters on “Friday Night Lights.” I’ve explained this before.


And Kelcey wrote…

This is why I have trouble getting into football. Do you wish “Party of Five” was still on the air?


Rick wrote…

No, I don’t.


Kelcey wrote…

What about “Wings?” That was a great show. Do you miss “Wings?”


Rick wrote…

No, I don’t.

I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.


Kelcey wrote…

Love you too. But spend some time thinking about “Wings.”


Rick wrote…

Absolutely. Spend some time thinking about that new TV.


Kelcey wrote…



I know some of you will soon be heading to Florida to escape the freezing temperatures and while you’re here, you might be inclined to take an exercise class.

Now you may think you can just grab a water bottle, throw on a pair of sneakers and show up. Oh no. Getting ready for the gym Florida style is sort of like getting ready to attend the Oscar’s but instead of walking the red carpet, some woman will yell at you to do 100 squats and then scream, “Do you feel it?!!”  At which point, you are required to shout back, “Woohoo!!!”

I’d hate for you to stick out like a tourist so here are a few tips if you want to blend in with the South Florida natives.

1. Show up to the gym in high heels. Begrudgingly put on sneakers just before class begins. Know in your heart that you could spin in Christian Louboutin shoes.

2. Be born with fabulous boobs or get a boob job prior to class.

3. Arrive at your cardio class with a blowout and full makeup. How much makeup? Think one of the Kardashians. Not Rob. The other ones. Don’t even bother putting your hair in a ponytail. Just wear it down and pretend like it’s not driving you completely bat crazy.

4. As for apparel, a lot of women go for these one piece jumpsuits as a way to show off their sick (that’s a good thing) bodies.



(I wear one and then layer a muumuu over it.)

5. If a spandex bodysuit is too much material for you, here is another popular alternative….


6. During class, it’s important to check your phone constantly. Just because you’re in the middle of a workout, doesn’t mean you can’t take a break and play Candy Crush during the hard parts. Plus this cuts down on that sweating thing which can threaten the bounce of your blowout.

7. Never finish a class. At some point, during the abs or stretching, collect your things and leave because you’ve got stuff to do. Like maybe drop by the cafe. Or the salon.

8. After exercising, shower and put on jeans and a light sweater because with a low of 83 degrees, you don’t want to risk feeling chilled.

9. If possible, try to work out at a gated community that caters to the 65 plus. That way you get to hear the sweetest question there is… “Are you still in college?” Hug the 85 year-old woman who just said this to you.

Good luck out there and happy Florida fitness!


Hey, it’s 3 1/2 year old Chase! Sorry I haven’t been blogging but if you ask me, blogs are so OVER. Don’t tell my mom though because she’s obsessed with it.

I had a great weekend. I mean, not as good as my dad because he was in Miami at The Fontainebleau. Whatever. I’d be partying at hotspot Liv too if my bedtime wasn’t 7:30 pm.

Anyway, I had been complaining to my mom about an earache for days. Honestly, it didn’t hurt at all but my little brother Cash had gotten this pink medicine for his and well, I obviously wanted a piece of that action.

By Saturday, my mom looked truly worried and dragged all 5 of us to the pediatrician so I could see a doctor. I pulled on my ear a few times just to keep the whole story legit.

Then we had to wait an hour and a half. I thought my mom’s head was going to explode. I wasn’t bored at all. They had a whole box of those doctors’ gloves and that can pretty much keep me entertained for about 3 days.

Finally, the doctor came in and instead of confirming my story, the lady tells my mom, “He’s perfectly healthy!”

WTF lady doctor?! She totally denied me my pink medicine and my mom turned to me and said, “Chase – does your ear REALLY hurt?”

“No,” I admitted because the whole charade was pointless if I wasn’t getting the goods.

There was a big sigh from my mom who started ranting about how I was going to pay her back the $25 co-pay.  You know mom, it’s illegal for preschoolers to work.

Then we headed to Boca to hang out with my grandparents for the day. By the time we got home, my mom seemed a little exhausted and edgy.

She tucked all of us kids into bed and that’s when she realized she didn’t have any wine in the house.

Gasp! (My mom told me to write that. In fact, I’m letting her take over this blog post because at this point in the evening I went to sleep and I don’t care about wine anyway. Now if this was about pumpkin muffins, I’d be all over it. Okay, mom tell the sad, sad story….)


So I tucked all the kids into bed and that’s when I realized there was no wine in the house.


How can a house have 3 jars of capers and not one bottle of wine?!

I texted a neighbor… “Are you home?”

“On a bus coming back from Tampa. What’s wrong?” she responded.

“Nothing except I just took care of 5 kids all day and there is no wine in the house.”

She immediately understood the gravity of the situation. She gave me her garage code and told me there was wine in her fridge.

Except I couldn’t go in there.

Because a day or so before, she had found two baby snakes hiding out in her garage.

And when it comes to things I dislike, snakes are way way way at the top of the list. I texted my sister about the dilemma.

She wrote back…

“Man up. Put on your rain boots and make a lot of noise and turn on the lights. The snakes will stay clear if they are even in there. It’s worth it.”

I did not man up. Not at all. My fear of snakes overpowered any desire for a glass of wine. But the next day, my neighbor delivered this…

wine 1

Just so you understand the size of this thing, let me show it to you next to a normal size bottle of wine.

wine 2

It seems more like a weapon than a beverage.

But now I’m prepared in case of any future emergencies.


One of my neighbors mentioned to Rick recently that she really needed to clean out her house. He responded, “Invite my wife over. She’ll have the place practically empty by noon. And she’ll enjoy it.”

He’s right. It’s sort of half sickness half hobby. I’m practically euphoric on bulk pick-up day. I scour the house for items to toss, recycle or give away.

Still, I’m not the ultimate queen of anti-clutter. That title belongs to my friend Rmonica (name has been changed) in New York who gets rid of toys BEFORE her kids grow into them. And she has a coy, genius way of convincing you that you need her used stuff.  One time I drove off with some ridiculous big wooden train of hers and was half way home when I realized I had been outwitted by the queen.

So when the company ToyTainer contacted me, I was intrigued. Because ToyTainer creates toys that are also storage solutions. For example, this firetruck has storage space inside to store all those Matchbox cars or Legos you keep stepping on….

ToyTainer Firetruck

And there is an ice cream truck too…

ToyTainer Ice Cream Truck

They have other fun play/clean-up solutions like this one below…

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 11.37.14 AM

It’s a playmat and when your child is finished he/she can pull a toggle and all the toys get immediately scooped up into the bag. Then it can easily be hung up.


I also really liked this fold up basketball net.

This is open…

ToyTrainer Basketball boy

This is closed…

ToyTainer Basketball Net

Isn’t that so neat and organized?!

Or look at this shoebox pop up castle that not only folds up but has storage for toys too.



You can check out their toys at Target. They are geared towards boys and girls, ages 2 to 8.

And a giveaway!! (THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.)

One lucky reader will receive $100 worth of ToyTainer toys! And the toys will be geared toward the gender and ages of your children.

To enter, simply leave a comment with your best tip for keeping toys organized and also make sure you have liked The Mama Bird Diaries on Facebook. Good luck.

This is a sponsored post. All ideas are my own.

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