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Thousands of years from now, archeologists will be digging up remnants of our civilization and I can already hear them saying, “These are selfie sticks. For reasons still unknown, people carried them around constantly.”

NEW YORK, NY December 12, 2014. Features. Founders of selfieonastick.com, Dominic and Jackie. Brooklyn Bridge, NY, NY. Photo By Zandy Mangold.

Photo by Zandy Mangold, Courtesy of The New York Post.

In New York City, some museums have banned selfie sticks because they are distracting and irritating to other museum goers.

Plus, it ain’t cool to damage artwork with a big narcissistic stick.

Some sports and music stadiums have followed suit. But you can still find selfie sticks everywhere. Especially in big tourist destinations.

On a recent trip to New York City, they were all over the place.

(By the way, in case you think you need a really long arm to snap a photo with a selfie stick – you either use the camera timer or fancier ones come with Bluetooth remotes or handle buttons.)

The selfie stick is really just another way to not talk to people. Because remember when we all asked strangers to take our photo? It was usually a nice, awkward moment – strangers helping strangers get the best vacation photos.

And if their photography skills sucked? Not a problem in the digital age. Let them walk away, delete the photo and ask someone new.

In fact, while I was hanging out on The High Line in NYC, some guys from London (who did not own a selfie stick) went retro and asked me to take their photo.

So I did.


Wouldn’t it have been sad if these guys just took a photo on their own?

You know, that boy in the middle looks a little small. These guys may have been photobombed by some kid with a backpack and blue chips.

In full disclosure, our family does own a selfie stick (it was a gift – I swear) and my kids have a lot of fun with it. But I just can’t imagine taking it on vacation with me.

Perhaps I’m just not seeing the genius in it yet. I mean at one time I did think cell phones were some kind of silly, passing fad. Because seriously, who needs to have a cell phone in their back pocket at all times?!

Umm… I do.


For the first time in many years, I was unusually silent on 9-11. Normally, I have plenty to say.

Part of the reason was because I was flying that day and the idea of flying on September 11th – even 14 years after the World Trade Center attacks – made me a little nervous. Although judging from the presence of security everywhere I turned, it did seem like an incredibly safe day to travel.

I actually went to NYC for the weekend. I was missing the city and the people in it. And given that it was 9-11, it seemed like the right place to be.

As my fellow reporter Rob Stewart (who I was working with on that terrible day) put on Facebook, “My prayer is that we live our lives in a way of actively honoring those we lost with good deeds.”

It’s a beautiful sentiment. One I think about a lot.

As I said last year about the lives lost on September 11th… “In their memory, do something kind for someone else. Someone you know. Or someone you don’t. It doesn’t really matter. And if possible, involve your children in this act of kindness. So they watch and they learn.

Because if we all embrace the good, hate really doesn’t stand a chance.”

Hate does seem to surround us. While terrorist attacks are in the back of our minds, gun violence is in the front.

My friend just went camping. “Were you scared of bears?” I asked. “Because they sell bear mace.”  (That’s the kind of super helpful things you learn when you spend a year as a general assignment reporter in Montana.)

Nope, she wasn’t. Not scared of bears or sleeping on the ground or not getting a hot shower. She was nervous about the fact that anyone at the camp ground could have taken a gun and started shooting. And she would have been completely unprotected.

That is life in 2015.

Want a kinder, gentler world? Be kinder. Be more gentle. Fight for what you believe in and treat people with love and understanding. It’s not always easy. But we need to wake up each morning and try again.

It’s just one small way we can honor the people who died that day. And the ones who lost their lives inhaling toxic fumes at ground zero. And the ones who died fighting overseas. Just one small way.

World Trade Center



(This is a sponsored post. But hey, don’t go anywhere. I poured my funny soul into this post. And there is some info here that will be more valuable than therapy if your kid gets lice.) 

You know how some experiences stick with you? Like your first love. Your first car. Your first experience with lice. Yup. That lice thing really stays with you.

I remember when I first got the call. It was my daughter’s school. And I’m like… Wow, they must want to put her in the gifted Kindergarten math program or something.

Then the nurse says, “Your daughter has lice. Come pick her up immediately.”

LICE?! Maybe that’s an acronym for a gifted math program?

Uh… no.

That’s when I got a quick tutorial in combing through hair, picking out nits, vacuuming every inch of my house, bagging up stuffed animals and feeling super itchy all the time.

This was one of my daughter’s getting treated…


That was five years ago and I still have lice paranoia. And now I as write this, my head itches.

I have never and will never consider putting any kind of pesticide products on my children (or myself) – even to treat something as super icky as lice. Because the natural, pesticide free products are just as effective without exposing my family to unhealthy chemicals.

And I just learned about a new one called Vamousse. I know – it sounds french and fancy, right? But it’s actually quite simple.


Vamousse Lice Treatment is a pesticide-free mousse that gets rid of lice and eggs with a single 15-minute application. It kills the lice by dehydration, which is good since many strains of lice have developed resistance to the pesticides anyway.

They also have a pesticide-free daily shampoo (Vamousse Lice Defense) that also kills lice. This defends against an infestation after risk of exposure. You know, when your kid comes home from school and says to you, “I’m so jealous. Ava got to leave school early today because she had lice. She’s so lucky!”

So while you start to hyperventilate, you can be pushing your kid into the shower at the same time!

If you see the first dreaded Signs of Lice (and OMG I hope you don’t), try out Vamousse and tell me what you think.

And in the meantime, remember to keep shouting hysterically to your children as they leave for school… “Don’t try on anyone’s headband! Stop putting on hats you find in the Lost & Found bin! Don’t rub you head on that hairy Chewbacca backpack!!”

Because you know that parental hysteria is a real problem solver. By the way, anyone feel itchy right now?

This post is sponsored by Vamousse. All ideas are my own.


I love late night TV. I love Jimmy. I love the other Jimmy. I love Conan. I didn’t love Jay Leno. I have a friend who loved Jay Leno. I almost had to end the friendship. We somehow weathered it.

Now comes Steven Colbert. I don’t know what to expect from Steven Colbert as he fills David Letterman’s seat but I’m intrigued.  His new show actually debuts tonight. Luckily, my husband flew up to New York to find out what he’s all about.

Yes, while I was driving our 5 children from Connecticut to Florida, he was hobnobbing with comedy royalty.


Now Rick takes comedy seriously. I think he was more nervous to interview Steven Colbert than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Colbert actually recognized Rick from his years as a cable news anchor. (Colbert is a former Daily Show correspondent and those guys watch a lot of cable news.)


See what I mean?

Anyway, Folbaum and Colbert started a bromance that seems to trump the Affleck/Damon love affair.  Rick brought a few gifts for his new BFF. They shot hilarious promos. And they even sang the news together…

By the way, Rick is still trying to convince his news director that “singing the news” is the future direction of television.


I don’t know why we waste our time texting friends. We should be accidentally texting strangers. This is what happened when a dad accidentally texted the wrong number about the color of his daughter’s room. (Sorry for the profanity below but when discussing room decor, things can get HEATED.)


And then because sometimes life is really awesome, he actually sends him a color swatch….


So at this point, I’m thinking… DUDE, YOU CAN NOT PAINT A WHOLE ROOM THAT DARK. And guess what? So is the stranger!


Woven together = wicker.


It’s like he has hired a decorator! And he’s good!


If only we could see an “after” shot of baby girl’s room. You know it’s so tight! Anyway, the next time, I’m looking for decorating advice, I’m just randomly texting numbers. So everyone out there should be prepared to discuss carrara marble.

(This text exchange was originally posted anonymously on Imgur.com. Images from Somecards.com)

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