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A few weeks ago, I was asked to review this Kidijamz interactive music station by Vtech.  I first thought, well, it’s made of a lot of plastic so it doesn’t look particular fabulous for the environment. And I try to focus mostly on eco-friendly products but darn it, it certainly looked kid-friendly.  So I decided to let Dylan and Summer try it out.

4 year-old Dylan has pretty much been obsessed with the Kidijamz since it arrived and 22 month-old Summer has shown some definite interest. It’s designed for ages 4 to 7.

And it’s very cool.  Kids can mix their own music with digital voice effects, 10 different musical instrument sounds, 5 music stylings like rock, jazz and hip hop, 20 kid friendly tunes and a musical scratching disc. They can also record it all and play it back on a detachable music player.

The best part? Dylan is now working as a DJ at a local club downtown. Ok, that might not be quite true. But she does love this toy. It’s musically creative, engaging and oh yeah, a bit loud. But if Dylan turns out to be some kind of musical prodigy, it will all be worth it. And thankfully, there is a volume button. ($59)

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