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Every Wednesday morning, Dylan and I leave baby Summer at home and go on our own adventure. That Summer can really take care of herself. O.K., I hire a sitter. This week, we went to Books of Wonder (18th between 5th & 6th). It’s an amazing children’s bookstore. We picked out books, sat down at a small table and just read. She insisted we read, “The Adventures of Biscuit” about 8 times. I curse my mother for introducing Dylan to these Biscuit books. All the dog says is, “Woof. Woof.” Nothing else. I know it’s a dog. But lots of other literary dogs speak.

cupcake-cafe-2.jpgNot only is Books of Wonder a delightful store, but the Cupcake Cafe is just a few steps away. Yum. Yum. And if you need more than a cupcake (although rarely the case), the City Bakery is right across the street. It’s a perfect week or weekend outing. Books of Wonder also offers a children’s storytime on Sundays at noon.

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