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By Contributing Mama Jordana Bales

I live in Manhattan where Pinkberry frozen yogurt rules the streets. But the Soft Serve Fruit Company is hoping to lure those Pinkberry loyalists into its 3rd Avenue shop on the Upper East side.

Soft Serve Fruit Company touts itself as an alternative to frozen yogurt and ice cream and uses only fruit, water and organic cane sugar in its frozen treats. It’s dairy and gluten free too.

I was invited to a tasting with my daughter Ava who helped herself to THREE desserts. But they were so light and healthy that I convinced myself she was actually eating fruit.

I thought the pear and mango flavors were delicious but the strawberry was the best. I had a strawberry soft serve on a pretzel cone – the combination of salty and sweet was perfect.

But the coolest part of the whole experience was the scratch and sniff wall paper! There were bananas on the walls that you could smell. Thankfully, I did refrain from licking the wall.

For you all on the Upper East side, this place even delivers.  And soon it will be shipping nationwide.

One Response to the soft serve fruit company is sweetening up nyc

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    I see Ava’s lovely eyes, and I know it’s her. I would have liked to see her lovely face, just will have to wait for that in person.

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