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I get contacted by a lot of PR companies and I rarely try out a product because I really hate stuff. Even cool stuff. I have abandoned many a swag bag in a hotel room. I wish I could say it’s out of principle but really, I don’t want it cluttering my house. But once in a while, a product intrigues me (usually because its good for me and the earth) and I try it. Here’s some of my recent faves.

1. Water in a Carton: I discovered water in a box (instead of a bottle) at my yoga studio.  It’s called Glacia icebox and the water comes in a biodegradable box that’s easy to recycle.  So much better for the planet than all that plastic!

2. “Before You Were Here, Mi Amor: This is a sweet children’s story about a family preparing for a new baby. There are Spanish words sprinkled throughout the book. I believe it’s vital to teach children more than one language as early as possible and this book is a great place to start.

3. UV Skinz Rash Guard Shirts: I know summer is ending but you can get amazing deals right now on rash guard shirts. UV Skinz has super cute ones, in great colors and patterns. The owner of this company started UV Skinz after losing her 32-year-old husband to skin cancer, leaving her to raise their three young boys. She has turned a horrible tragedy into a mission to protect others from the sun.

4. Musselmans’ Apple Sauce: Musselman’s recently sent me some of their newest apple sauce (that comes in far more flavors than just apple).  They make apple, peach and strawberry (for kids, with no high fructose corn syrup) and raspberry acai, blueberry pomegranate and key lime (for adults, no sugar added). My kids didn’t really care for them but I loved them all. They are a yummy, low cal, healthy snack.

5. Something Good About Laundry: I absolutely adore Ecos Laundry Detergent (in Lemongrass). It’s good for the earth, totally affordable and smells freakin’ divine. What more do you want? Uh… no, it doesn’t fold your laundry.

6. Pretty, Eco-Friendly Paper: Paperspring makes gorgeous cards that are also eco-friendly. So the next time you are ordering holiday cards, birth announcements or invitations, make sure to make them green.

7. Go Paint!: If you have an artist in the family but prefer your white rugs stay white, this is a super cool product. With Go Paint, the colors only show up on Go Paint paper. It’s great for travel. Just don’t forget to let your kids get super messy with finger paint from time to time.

8. Cute Lounging Around Wear: Contributing mama Karen Palmer Bland sells adorable tees, hoodies, yoga pants and more.  For you and your kids. Check it out here.

9. Most Awesome Condiment: I’m totally crazy for Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayonnaise. My dad introduced me to this product. It’s so good that you should stop reading and go buy it now. Seriously.

10. Bagnesia: We all have trouble remembering our reusable totes when we hit the grocery store. My sister-in-law Pam told me about this site, Bagnesia, that sells very clever products to help you remember those bags.

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