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Mama’s Day is quickly approaching. No, wait… don’t check your calendar. I’ve got it right here. Sunday, May 11th. Now please don’t tell me this day is just a dumb, manufactured Hallmark holiday. Because commercial or not, I love having a day that’s dedicated to me and all my hard work wiping stinky bums and runny noses the rest of year.

But no need to start trashing the planet in holiday excess. Here are some green ideas that will pamper the moms in your life and the planet.

1. Organic Flowers. In New York City, Gardenia Organic only sells flowers that have been grown using environmentally and socially conscious practices. At no extra cost to you. Not in New York City? No problem. Organic Bouquet will send gorgeous eco flowers wherever your mom calls home.

2. 100% organic, handmade chocolates. Check out the ones from nunu chocolates. The salted caramels will make your mum cry with happiness. Let’s face it. The world is just a better place with chocolate in it.

3. Gee, ma, you smell nice. Treat your mother to an organic Lavender and Eucalyptus Bath Spa Kit ($80) from Organic Style and then leave her the heck alone. The spa kit combines the aromatherapy benefits of relaxing and soothing lavender with rejuvenating and refreshing eucalyptus.

4. Recycled Jewelry. Visit eco-artware for cool gifts made from recycled, reused and natural materials. One of my favorites is the 7 City Transit Token Charm Bracelet ($95). There is something so quaint, cool and fun about a charm bracelet. And eco-friendly? Even better.

5. Don’t give her more stuff that she doesn’t really need. Make a donation to the charity of her choice. Want to make sure you’re donating to a charity that uses your money wisely? Check out The American Institute of Philanthropy.

6. What tastes better in the morning than some free trade, organic coffee? The caffeine buzz without the guilt. Buy your mama coffee of the month and let her taste flavors from all over the world. Available at Grounds for Change.

7. While I’m thinking about beverages, at the end of the day, treat your mom to a glass of eco vino. Parducci Wine Cellars is committed to sustainable wine growing practices that protect the environment and support local farmers.

8. Did you think I would get through a whole green gift list and not mention one single, reusable tote? Come on’! Nothing feels better than saying, “No, thanks I don’t need a plastic bag. I’ve got my own.” But no need to make your mom schlep around some generic, ugly one. The recycled cotton tote ($29) from joy by mel lim is just super gorgeous.

9. A Bamboo Fleece/Organic Cotton robe from Toby + Rei ($127). These cozy, ultra luxurious robes will make any tired, crabby mama feel pampered and pretty and green.

10. How about a gift certificate (on recycled paper of course) for some chores around the house or maybe even a whine-free day? Now that’s a gift any mother will love.

Thank you to Notes on a Party who inspired some of these green ideas. To find out more about eco-chic entertaining, visit Notes on a Party.

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